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Found 74 results

  1. Just thought I'd share a photo of my fronnie tank after today's water change.. Thanks to dean from AOA for selling me some of his personal lava rock the fish are loving the extra hidy holes.. The fish are all in hiding lol
  2. With the current influx of water into our dams it is standard practise for treatment plants to increase the levels of chlorine into our water supply. Went to fill a bucket with tap water tonight and smelt like a pool as it was coming out. So I would just like to put a reminder out to all that plan on doing a water.change from the tap to double, triple or quadruple their dose of dechlorinator. Its only a small cost to play it safe, I dont want to see posts about ammonia spikes etc all because you forgot about this known fact. Hope this helps some lives of fishes Ron
  3. Just thought I'd share a photo of my fronnie tank after today's water change.. Thanks to dean from AOA for selling me some of his personal lava rock the fish are loving the extra busy holes..
  4. I have used a couple of old ehiem U-pipes with strainers and taps, and a link to the garden hose for the last few years, and broke them both in one weekend. I feel the need to reinvent the system. Criteria, must attach to a garden hose to go out to the garden and in again. Wonder if I can do two tanks at the same time? If they had a common system would hydrostatic pressure equalise the depths? Any ideas welcome.
  5. Hey Guys So I have trialed different methods of doing my water changes over the years and I am still tweaking the way/s of doing them. I have tried finding other posts on here related to water changes but haven't come across anything about methods. so I thought I would see what other people do when it comes to their water changes. I run a 6 x 2hx1.5w tank with a sump roughly 100 ltr sump underneath. My current method of water change is as follows. 1. Turn off the power to the tank with just the lights left running. the water drains from the tank and fills the sump as high as the drains in the tank allow it. usually it gets close to full. 2. I use a small pump to pump the water from the sump out to the garden. 3. I don't have a rainwater tank so I then use the hose from the tap on the house to fill the sump back up to just above where the water stopped when the tanks was drained. (before the sump is filled I let the hose run for about 1 minute before it goes into the sump) 4. I use Prime in the sump water, and using the small pump I used to drain the tank I circulate the water through my sump for about 20 minutes. The heater is running at this stage so the water is usually heated up before it gets pumped back up into the main tank. 5. After the water has cycled the sump for about 20 to 30 minutes I put the power back on and pump it back up into the main tank, add stability and wait for it to settle again that night. I'm just wondering what other peoples methods are when it comes to changing there tank water. Post how you do your water changes, both town water and rainwater methods. that way we can all use each others ways and maybe end up finding a better way. Cheers
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. We have undergone some changes, and during the night there will be a integration of the new web site. Everything going according to plan there should be no interruptions and should go seamlessly. For those with Tablets and Phones you should find the site a lot easier to navigate. The next time you see the site it will be all different looking - it will have the same great products at the same great prices just a little easier to work with. Hope you like it.
  8. I am completely over people taking culls or low grade that are handed around and selling at a profit elsewhere. This practice is far too common and people praise Facebook and Gumtree when people buy culls from here and sell on those places. These people are not good for the hobby. I have two possible rule changes: 1. Anyone found buying culls or low quality fry from here and selling elsewhere will be banned from trader. 2. Anyone found buying and selling fry to make a profit from members will be banned. At the moment I do not concern myself with the going's on elsewhere, but I am starting to feel that it makes the forum complacent in allowing trading of low quality fish to the ignorant masses on Facebook and Gumtree. I think I prefer option 1 as it is clear a misrepresentation, and there are times members want to clear a tank for various reasons..... I do not want to make things difficult for the volume quality breeders who want to move bulk fish, but am tired of the ongoing misrepresentation by various sellers on Facebook and Gumtree on selling poor quality fish from here.
  9. So in theroy yeah it is possible isn't it.? I mean all I'd have to do is just add back the minerals to the waster water. I just moved in with some mates so trying to keep costs down on lots of things, so when I'm using the ro unit for top ups on my reef can I use the waste water as water change for my 8fter fresh if I'm just adding back the minerals ?
  10. To reflect the changing needs of the board we have changed the moderation team. Firstly we have changed the Webmasters role over to that of the webmaster. He will have some announcements in the near future for us, exciting stuff coming. Secondly we have reduced the size of the moderation team. Ray will now be free to express his unique sense of humour without being judged and people looking for hidden meaning in everything he says. I look forward to his continued involvement and thank him for his efforts as moderator. Steve
  11. Hi Everyone, I've been planning on moving the fish from my 50ltr tank to a 75ltr for a while now, just haven't found the time/energy as the 75ltr was used by a friend and ended up infested by MTS so it had to be soaked/scrubbed before use. Anyway, discovered yesterday that my 50ltr is infested with MTS now, I'd seen a few in there a while ago but now they've exploded! There were none in this tank until I put the fish from my friends tank into it, I'm guessing there were eggs in the water. No plants or ornaments were added, just fish. My question is, how do I move the fish from the infested tank to the now clean (soaked in condies crystals) 75ltr without accidentally getting MTS eggs. Is it even possible? This is my "rescue" tank (fish from friends/family that are no longer wanted). So it's a mix, a few mollies, serpae tetras, albino bristlenose plecos, Khuli loaches and a handful of RCS. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
  12. Kamoer - F05X Wireless Dosing And Water Change System arriving this friday only $599.00 !!!. Great time to buy now for delivery next week as their is the 15% off QLDAF sale which ends this Sunday .. With the discount this brings the unit down to $509.15 which is crazy value for money considering what you can do with this system !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Kamoer-F05X Wireless Dosing and water change system Ben
  13. So I decided to to do a quick 200L water change in my 6x2x2 Tanganyikan tank tonight. Nice and easy, then I noticed I hadn't used all the MarinePure I have brought so thought I'd do a filter clean as well. Before anyone asks yes tank water! So I opened my trusty Fluval 406 and took water out the tank and started my mechanism of filter cleaning involving three variously sized buckets etc. no problem so far, added the MarinePure to the third basket as you unload them (the first and second from the top were already converted to the new media) and took the filter wool out, no replacement but that's ok, I'll buy some filter wool later. Anyway, all went well after I reconstructed the filter until... So after a few minutes I noticed water in the bucket I placed under the filter (A permanent fixture) on closer inspection there was water leaking out the left hand side, opened while running and skilfully closed the clasps, bam water from the other side. So closed the inlet, turned off, reset the lid in everyday, water constantly leaking from one side or the other FML. So then I remembered the "technique" I usually respond to other "my Fluval 40x is leaking" threads. Bam I am a genius! So then I went into the laundry, flooded! Bloody water pipe I use which has a join leaked everywhere! Could have been worse I suppose!
  14. Just changed the tank around sold the Africans and just having frontosa now.
  15. Is there any way I can change my location from Norman Gardens to Rockhampton? Everyone knows where Rockhampton is because it is the centre of the universe but Norman Gardens sounds like it could be anywhere from Tasmania to the North Pole. Promotion today, egg to fry - loving it - one small step for man etc. Vic
  16. I went on holiday, left my neighbor to feed my fish and the filter died, and so did most of my fish ..... So I am looking and stocking the tank again with friendly fish, to live happily with my Silver dollars, loaches, angel fish, and a contingent of smaller unnamed fish. Any suggestions?
  17. Hi I have a 3 ft tank with a lot of plants and drift wood in it. Seams like I can never keep the ph down. It is constantly around 7.6- 78 and I do understand that it is not that bad but would like to lower it for my apisto. I have almond leaves in the tank as well as using peat moss. I changed the fine gravel to a ph neutral one and also put a layer of shrimp nanno soil in that is set to 6.5-70 ph under the gravel. My question is ... I also have a fair few pond pebbles from bunnings in the tank is it possible that they may be raising the ph? They are black and white as well as a few brown ones. I am totally stuff as to why it stays high. Even before I changed the gravel it would stay around 8. My only other thought is that it may be the pebbles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. At the QFAS meeting held last Wednesday night a new Auction rule was proposed and accepted. All Sellers MUST be on stage assisting while there items are being auctioned. There are a number of advantages with this new rule not just for the organizers but also for the buyers and sellers, here are just a few; Advantage number one - one less volunteer needed for the auction. Advantage number two - if a seller needs to lower the reserve then there is no need to go looking for them. Advantage number three - the auctioneer can tell the owner what problems there are with fish first hand ( sick, too small etc) Advantage number four - buyers can see who the seller / breeder is. Advantage number five - sellers can see if auctioneers are missing bid and point them out to the auctioneer. Advantage number six - the seller knows exactly what fish are passed in and can collect their boxes immediately. This rule will be introduced at the next QFAS Auction in November. At present QAH, QCG and GCAS have not discussed if they will introduce it for their auctions. As soon as I hear anything I will post it. Graeme
  19. Hi all I currently have a 3 tier 4ft tank rack which I am using for breeding. The filtration is all over the place with a large canister, sponges and internal filters everywhere so I want to convert the bottom tank to a sump. The top 2 tanks already have a 25mm hole drilled in them (one in each at opposite ends) as I was running a 700gph canister on the top two. I was wondering If when I turn the bottom tank into a sump if these pipes would be adequate for overflow and for the pump and what size pump you would recommend?
  20. Hey guys, I was reading the below thread on Perth Cichlid Society Forums : Perth Cichlid Society Forums It seems Qantas Freight have had a change of policy as posted by a Perth lfs Morley Aquariums: "Just a heads up, qantas have just changed their policy on transport. Fish are usually sent by perishable consignment, but they will no longer do this. They now insist on being sent by "Q go" as livestock. We were sent away with a box of fish last week, normally we get charged around $70 - $90, the new cost for this batch to karratha was $238! & this was not just a one off confusion. I was called out of the blue earlier this week by a qantas rep who said that they have obviously not worked this out well & upset some people. They are now looking into an alternative for fish, but this is not in place as yet. For now do not send fish by qantas as you will pay dearly.The only other choice i am aware if is virgin, but they use toll ipec & an account us required.My advice, hold off for a few weeks until qantas have sorted themselves out. I will post the details of new option to use when they let me know. " I haven't shipped any fish myself for a few weeks, has anybody else heard anything about this? Cheers, Doug
  21. Hey not sure if i just got the worst luck last night but i did a water change in 2 of my tanks last night and now have lost 95% of the fish in there i havent got to testing the water but just jumping on here to see if this has happened to anyone else i have had african cichlids for over 4yrs now and not lost any during a water change i have been using Supa chlor and always use a tiny bit more than necessary. Anyway the tanks smell of chlorine not strong but there is a whiff of it Not happy jan after having to leave work to find hundreds of dollars of display fish and peacocks and electric yellows breeding colonies dead
  22. OK so i'm tossing up an idea of drastically changing my current 6x2x2 display tank. It's currently a south american setup up with planted driftwood, sand etc etc I'm getting the flowerhorn itch bad and am thinking about emptying the whole tank going bare bottom with one or two fresh water rays (my son is obsessed with stringrays), 1-3 flowerhorn and 1 arowana. My concerns with the flowerhorn is that i might be better with just one so that none get harrassed. also will the fh pick on the fresh water rays? if i went say 3 fh would that be enough to share the agro if i get them all young? i would get males only as well I guess i would get everything juvenile so that they all grow up together and hopefully get along. it's just a thought at the moment but i'm very seriously considering it your thoughts? ideas? Suggestions thanks
  23. How many days does a DIY mix need to be renewed?
  24. After 15 years of all that can be done with varied algae’s import/export capacities and life styles, now I am back to the trendy ways I used in the eighties for reef keeping, well in some ways. Doing a water change has not been a regular thing for me for near 15 years, now all my tubs and tanks are on one system and NWMS is no where near big enough to cope with all that phosphate! So its back to my reactor, a simple skimmer and water changes added to my NWMS. It was more so for the dogs I must admit, they love what we call the “boat ramp beach” when I take them as an outing once most of the boats are out and gone. Lots to sniff and lift a leg around the boat ramps, lol! This was the sunset at Cleve point late today as I grabbed three 20 litre buckets as a minor water change.
  25. Well fish went this arvo so thought it was time to change it. So this morning it had gravel and sand stone rocks, peacock bass driftwood and plants. Tonight it looks like this. Because I used vinyl it was easy as to change the back of the tank. Tank will have some fronnies my ob colony and some cuckoos from time to time. Just need to sort the air pump in the morning then fish time.
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