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Found 39 results

  1. I'm looking to changing the substrate for my African tank. Is it ok to just take the old and put the new one straight in (after thorough cleaning of course) or better to take half out and wait a week for BB to build up etc... Cheers
  2. Howdy plant peeps, I'm using a bba treatment in my tank and I can't waterchange for at least two weeks which got me thinking. Are waterchanges really necessary in a planted tank? The main reasons for waterchanges is to remove nitrates and replace minerals that have been depleted, so if the plants consume nitrates and minerals are dosed would that negate the need for them? I don't think the water would go stagnant as there is flow and by injecting c02 the plants release oxygen back into the system, would that be a correct assumption? What are peoples thoughts on this subject? Cheers mick
  3. Hi All, I am thinking of changing my tank to cichlids,so far the one of main interest is the Electric Yellow ( that's what I been it googling under). I can find most information on the net,type of scape,water parameters,behavior etc. Before I get to the stage of yes I want to do this,I need some advice please. My tank is a community one. It is 240 ltrs,one external 1000lph filter,one under the hood type 1000 ltrs per hr( though the top filter def has lot less flow) Substrate is swimming pool sand, plants are Java Fern, anubias and a fair bit of mosses on rocks/driftwood, I also have small pots covered in moss. The tank has been running well for last 18mths,no major problems. I was wondering if I would be able to keep the moss/plants/rocks/pots and the same substrate in the tank still. I have also become some what attached to a breeding pair of BN 70mm long, plus a mix of bronze and pepper corydora ( 6) plus one clown loach 90mm. Would I have problems keeping all or any of those? A few things I have read suggests that to keep my fish they really need to be bigger,so I do not want to think because they are not small ( by comparison to my other community fish ) they would be okay. Only to see them stressed. Many thanks.
  4. I am planning on changing my substrate in an already established tank. It's a 48x18x15 inch tank and ha an ehim 2217 and an internal 1200Lph filter. When I bought the tank the substrate already had calcium cabonate in it. Being very new to the hobby I didnt take it out. So, I plan to change the substrate. I just would like so help/ sugguestions as to how to go about removing it. and keeping water etc
  5. My other australomussa are taking on the soft red and white colouration, they were both one colour all over. What the others seem to be doing is taking on pink then some of the pink goes white then the rest goes back to the sort of weak red! During its pink stage it starts to encrust/spreading out quickly as if that's a sign that it has settled in and colours are ready to change? I am assuming that this coral drops its red where the lighting is to strong for it and takes a more reflective pink/white! This one has completed its start at colouration changes and is full bodied from a small frag spreading out into the low lighting behind it. This one is expanding/encrusting out wards very quickly and has now begun its colour change in the stronger lighting areas. This one came in those colours, as it was when I collected it.
  6. Hey, Ok so please tell me if this is dumb. I currently have a 91cmx x 46cm x 45cm tank which is approx 188L. I was thinking about changing the filter over to the aqua one 2700uvc. I know it is more filtration than necessary but would it be too much and cause any problems? I like the idea of the built in uv steriliser and that I could possibly upgrade tank size in future. I know there are some things you can do to decrease the current, could you suggest what you think I should do? Thanks heaps and please don't think I am too much of a noob Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  7. I bought a couple of hongi juvies during the week and just noticed the larger one has lightened up and has more prominant bars when he gets near the other then when its away from the other one colours/ bars go away . Is this a young male showing off in the rare chance i got a pair .they are both a bit over 5 cm
  8. So I have black gravel substrate and what used to be a heavily planted tank but I have cut back to a few crypts and drift wood Anubis and amazon swords cause I'm kind of over the plants these days... Had discus for around 2 years now and if you walk in the room they spaz out bounce off everything in the tank and hide ... Real sick of this and they should start paying for electricity and water cause I never get the privilege of seeing them...l water parameters haven't changed tank is spotless ... I spoke to a guy at AOA and he backed me on my future changes to a sandy bottom with nice drift wood and low light.... They used to have white gravel and that looked great as the blue diamons and Altum floras brought out their blues a lot better ..... He reckons this is more of their natural habitat ... Do I just stick it out and wait for them to chill the f*** out... Or sell them and get the red festae or green terrors I've always wanted ... All are beautiful fish and if I sit and wait they all come out ...but I hate a quiet tank
  9. hey guys im after a type of fish what can / dose change its colour fairly good ( saltwater) he must be pretty to look at as well i was thinking the foxface rabbitfish but im having 2nd thoughts is their any others ?
  10. As the title says I'm going to change our planted tank over to LED lights around Christmas. For the lower power usage, lower heat, potentially better growth, consistent light output and probably one of the most important; not having to buy replacement bulbs every year! At this stage I don't really want to find myself in another year looking at redoing a job because I did a less than ideal job the second time. At this stage I have narrowed my options down to: a) Building a DIY light fixture with heaps of bells and whistles (Built in Electronic Timers, Moon Lights) using LED flood lights as the emitters Plus - Cheaper - I know the Flood I am thinking about using work well (plants like them, at least when new) Con - Not guaranteed to last (light output/spectrum) - High Light Spread from light (not focused into the tank) Buying a nice setup that works well for other people with warranties and etc Plus - Almost guaranteed to work - If properly selected and researched - Light Focused well into the tank Con - More expensive I am looking for opinions, experience (especially as how LED flood lights last over a year or more) and recommendations as to what works for people.
  11. Just wondering if I could get some opinions on how long people leave carbon in a filter for? I have a 5x2x2 and about 2-3kg of carbon in a canister filter. I'm around the 8 week mark for the carbon I have in there. I have the time period of '6 weeks' in my head from somewhere... Just wondering what people do themselves and what they'd recommend. Cheers! Sara
  12. Hey guys, Ive just done my first recharge of 600g of macropore, and since then ive had a huge swing in PH.... Its usually around 7.2 and within 3 days its raised it to ~8. Im not too sure if its the culprit or not, trying to rule it out or not as I have literally made no other changes to the tank. Anyways, its in a 4x2x2 with GH and KH usually being 5.5 and 8.5 (respectively)
  13. Yo guys, Check out this jade oranda of mine that seems to be developing some black colouration. It was originally purchased with two faint black lines on the margins on its dorsal however the black colour has seemed to have popped up and darkened on other parts of its fins, wen, cheeks and body. Here's a progression pic: 6 weeks ago Today with black markings marked Interestingly, I found a thread online in which a chinese oranda like mine developed black colouration as well. Similarly, the black colouration began on the margin of the dorsals Color Changing oranda - Site for Goldfish Keepers Thoughts guys?
  14. I've heard around the place now and again of some fish changing there sex when paired with partners of the same sex, and recently my lombardoi have been really surprising me. I purchased two females about 4 months ago at juvy size (correct me if mistaken but lombardoi are relatively sexable nearly from the get-go?) who have slowly grown since then. Except, in recent weeks one of them has faded in colour rapidly, grown significantly larger than the other, begun to exhibit more masculine behaviour, and is even started to look yellowish? (male colouring). Is it likely that it is changing sex from female to male? Or was I jumping the gun this whole time in concluding that its always been female. Or do all lombardoi females fade like this? I would just put it down to dominance if it were the smaller of the pair that were exhibiting faded/weaker colours, but the smaller one is well coloured...
  15. hey:-) guys i have decided to change my 6x2x2.5 into a communty tank with tetras dwarf americans and maybe a pair of discuss was wondering what species of dwarf s can i put to gether that will get along well?
  16. So im thinking I might change my stocking around From the below; 3 elec yellows, 1 elec blue 1 jd 5 demonasi 2 brazellansis To I dnot no anyone have ideas Couple of nice big display fish ?? 2000plh canister on tank black gravel 3drock latex background also has bulk heads installed on tank but I don't no if if can sump it as Missus might be unhappy about it Ideas?? Cheers
  17. Hey guys i have a 3x1.5x2 ft tank which i am planning on changing to africans And im thinking of tangs as ive had malawi before and just looking for something new So if anyone could throw me some names of some tangs that would love a 3ft tank haha so i can google and i might think about selling the stuff thats in there The only fish ill be keeping if i change will be my 2 cuckoo catfish
  18. As I am moving into shellies now I want to change the layout of the tanks that I have. From what I have read with these guys as they are bottom dwellers the foot print is the most important part with their homes rather than depth. In saying so I was thinking of going to a 4ft L 2.5 W and 1ft high. As they are not a high tank would I still get away with using 6mm glass or would I have to go to 8mm due to the width and the volume of water that they would hold. The reason I am thinking of this size tank is I can have a 3 tier setup and the overall height is still quite low and will allow easy cleaning and plenty of area for territory. Does anyone have a opinion or experience with this size tank as to its construction etc. Thanks Jeff
  19. Hi All Newbie here, I currently have in my 3ft tank (approx 140 Litres) a TankMaid pro 1500 filter (recommended by the LFS when we bought the set-up) I have recently bought a Fluval U3 600lph and wanting to change it over as the TankMaid seems a little violent for the tank. The TankMaid is battering the plants and the Guppies don't seem to use the middle of the tank as they get flung about. How do I go about changing the filter over without distressing the fish too much and loosing any good bacteria in the current filter?:confused: I believe the tank is still in cycle Thanks Emma
  20. im changing the gravel in my 5ft tomorrow from the ugly white mixed gravel to a black sand and im after some advice or tips on how to go about it. thanks
  21. What is the best and safest way to change my gravel(silica) to black sand without disturbing the water conditions or stressing out the fish to much.
  22. Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on cleanining your external cannister filter. Ive done it before but have more valuable fish now. So want to know the BEST way. Im still learning and ive heard things like.. - your bacteria can die after 30mins of being switched off.. a bit worrying as I could have done that quite easily in the past chatting or even my rescaping can take a while! - ext filters can get to a point where it starts leeching bad stuff back into the tank. So I suppose I want to know WHAT the detrimental stuff to becareful of is.. and HOW to avoid it, do it.. etc I heard that when outlets down to a dribble your ready to do a clean... mine is, so I figure its time? This time I also wanted to replace the sponges in there. Its got big blocks of foam u cant squeeze out? Was going to replace with foam mat cut to size. Should i have different grades eg. from med to fine? Was thinking 2 do it slowly over few weeks with some new & some old foam in there so not to wipe out bacteria? Also with the matrix bio rock stuff.. its not in a bag atm.. is it better off in those media bags? And when cleaning it do you touch it as little as possible.. Or is it good to give it a good wash / blast with some tank water? (heard the live bacteria builds on the dead?) Sorry lots of questions asked.. But I really want to learn how to do it right! Cheers
  23. Just wondering how often people change the bulbs in thier aquarium lights ??
  24. Hi all, I'm thinking about taking my sailfin pleco out of my cichlid community tank and putting him in my wifes tropical tank for a bit of a clean up/feast. Any pro or cons I should know about. Obviously will have to take some time getting him used to lower ph but is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks
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