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Found 13 results

  1. Just in red dragon an hung has bout 10 jacks for sale 8-10 cms. $250 each
  2. Hi I am chasing some Java Moss, preferably in Brisbane's southern suburbs. I am happy to pick up from either Sherwood area (or Moorooka, annerley, Rocklea) or the Forest Lake area. I need it for breeding my Rainbows.
  3. I am chasing a couple of good quality Sajica Females to buy. Show me what you got.
  4. After african display males.. Any thing except blue.. will pay top dollar for good fish close to redcliffe as I dont have licence
  5. Hi there, So I've been into fishkeeping for 15 years or so since I caught the 'bug' off my father in my mid teens. After I first got married (at 20) I felt my tank/stand wasn't nice enough to keep inside (thinking of my new bride's aesthetic tastes) and I didn't have anywhere outside to really keep it. So my dad made me a nice 3foot tank for my 21st birthday. After 9 years, it was starting to show a little age.. The lighting hood which had 3 staggered 2ft fluros became badly rusted, and the estapol'd ply doors needed sprucing up... So I decommissioned it and never seemed to to get back to it.. However after some prompting from my my wife of almost 10 years I'm getting it up and going again.. This is how it looks today.. I've always used under-gravel filters , cause that's what I knew/was taught. (N.b. In my late teens dad and I switched from air stones to running power heads through them with improved results..) However I've always wanted to grow plants but have had mixed/poor results.. (I tended to grow great roots, but not much in the way of actual plants).. So now I am moving to a sump filter and diy substrate, which I have already planned and have relatively sorted out.. But now I need to decide on lighting! I've removed the 3 2ft fluoros and the inner hood as it was badly corroded. I'm wondering what to replace it with.. I've got a maximum budget of $200 and as you can see the hood isn't hugely high.. I've thought about trying out a led fixture but I seem to read mixed reports on the cheaper ones when it comes to plants.. Can anyone make me any suggestions.. I suppose I'm not looking for huge light and I have no plans for co2 just yet. But would like to create a nice green forrest.. In regards to plants: I'm loving peoples tanks with HC ground cover.. but I know that's a high light plant, maybe there's alternatives that look similar.. Anyway I've gone on long enough.. Appreciate feedback and any suggestions on cost effective plant sustaining lighting. Plant suggestions are appreciated too as I don't know a whole lot.. Thanks. P.S. this is sort of a trial run, as I have a 6ft tank in storage waiting for me to decide what to do with it.
  6. I bought some wild caught Aphyosemion Poliaki killifish at the auction last night and cant remember the location that was associated with them .thought it may be important as i read this morning that they are on an endangered list and theres variations according to location the sellers number on the bag was m22 dont know if that will help track the seller down any info would be greatly appreciated especially if they are endangered and i can get them to breed
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone's seen any gpgs (5cm) mark any ware been hunting around for a while and can only find red tails
  8. Hi, I have a lampeye that is chasing my Rasbora around the tank and looks like he is nipping at their tails. I previously had more lampeyes and it did the same to those fish as well Is this something i should be concerned about or is this "FUN" I did not think they were this territorial? Should i be separating the lampeye from the others? Thanks
  9. Can anyone point me in the right direction, I'm after some black perspex to cover my weir. Thanks
  10. hey people seen people after peacock bass and jardinis at darra aquariums beyond have baby peacock bass for $35 approx 4cm and jardini for $200 from 6-12cm.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a 2213 at a good price? Redlands curretlly out and will not have any for a few weeks? Any ideas? Thanks
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