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Found 4 results

  1. Well I'm planning on going back down the pressurised route again Except this time I would like more control over the stuff in my water and purchasing an r/o Which is gunna be the water used to fill tank and also for water changes and the like I'm gunna be running a 4 bulb unit with 6500k 54w and 2 planted bulbs Also il be pressurised as said using a verges style reactor plumbed in through my return line But the thing I would like to know is feet regime's I would like to keep it more simple then I did last time and I think that's where I went wrong last time So I will be starting with r/o water now what would be a good direction to go down from here(tank holds 450ish litres without sump)
  2. thought i would post this up as a helpful guide WATER CHEMISTRY may come in handy to some one.
  3. im doing a science assignment at school and i decided that it had do help me with my aquarium hobby so i decided on finding out how can i naturally change the chemistry of water. the reason ive put this topic in cichlid disscussion is because cichlids are the main fish that need there chemistry right. thanks you in advance and i will happily post finish assignment to help any new enthusiast. all types of water quality like PH, GH, KH and what ever else u can think of. if u could suggest a materials and what it does to the water chemistry, it would be greatly appreiciated. thank you
  4. Hi just wondering what the best pH would be for a community of: Platies, Mollies, Guppies..... best pH 7.5 and C.Sterbai and Bristlenose about pH 6.8 Can they all be kept together in a range of pH 7.0 ? Every advice much appreciated. Thanks
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