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Found 90 results

  1. does anyone have different coloured cherry shrimp for sale?
  2. I am trying to chase some bright blue cherry shrimp does any one have any for sale cheers
  3. Red Cherry Shrimp Disappearing Hi everyone I need help with this one. I purchased 200 shrimp to start out. All was fine they were in with some ember tetras. But no babies. I could see berried up females, but no babies. Hmm got me thinking, maybe the embers were eating all the babies. Out go the embers. Now I see plenty of babies but the adults seem to be getting less and less. there are plenty of blood worms or what ever they are in the substrate. Maybe they are eating all the shrimp. Anyone got any ideas.
  4. What is the likelihood of baby shrimp being sucked into a filter?
  5. Is it safe to keep glass with cherrys? Also how how many should I keep max in a 2.5ftx1x1
  6. Are wafers suitable for cherry shrimp as I wouldn't have a clue about shrimp.
  7. Hi, I am new to this site and having an aquarium. I started my tank 280l 5 weeks ago and everything was going fine, however over the last week I have lost 3 barbs, I chose these as they are hardy and thought they would be fine as I have 6 harlequins which are surviving very well. I added more plants thinking this may help with the ammonia spikes, but sadly 1 died this morning. Any advice is appreciated
  8. Sorry about the bad quality. Still practising with my d5200. L002 Tiger Plecos and Cherry Shrimps feeding:
  9. I was moving some of my common RCS today & in a bucket of a hundred or so I spied a little fully blue tiny one. How can this happen? Some of the other larger shrimp seem to have blue tinges too. See photos. The shrimp next to the blue one in picture4 has some blue grey in the tail
  10. If i was to ser up a breeding tank fir shrimp, would it be ok to do bare bottom or substrate, will put something like java moss or similar to hide in Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  11. I bought some last night at the auction and noticed the colour ranges from red through to a very pale colour.im not complaining at all as they were bought to see how they go before trying some more costly variants of shrimp ,what i am wondering is due to the colour variation and they do vary in size from lge berried females down to littlies do they colour up more as they get older or is the colour due to indiscriminate breeding and not breeding for colour? Tjey look cool anyway
  12. Hi Have around 17 yellow cherries I purchased about a month ago, was pretty happy a few days ago when one berried up. Just noticed now I have a young one that has black inside it's head, don't think it's a little saddle, pretty sure it is its internals. So has anybody else ever had this? Is it a bad sign? Cheers
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi all. I bred a few of these and was after peoples thoughts. Does anyone have anything similar and would you buy them. Cheers mick
  15. Hi guys don't know much about shrimp so thought I'd ask the experts I have an IBC outside with top cut off. Gets the sun so water is green Has ATM sunken driftwood and minimal floating plants (they just die) No aeration but it gets rainwater when it rains I dropped in some glass shrimp before last winter and forgot about them Emptied the water the other day not expecting to find anything but was Presently surprised to find 1000s of shrimp alive and breeding So my question is would cherry shrimp coexist with them and would they handle Outside temps in summer ( there just for food) or just stick with glass shrimp FJ
  16. will cherry shrimp be eaten by indian glass fish and corydoars pygmaeus?
  17. I am wanting to know if cherry shrimp will look after angelfish eggs when i take them away from the parents
  18. Is there anything that any of you professionals out there would recommend to feed my shrimps while I am away for 7 days
  19. Hi guys I have heaps of cherry shrimp in my tanks and wanting to sell some. What's the best way to catch them
  20. hi all new to keeping shrimps so don't give me a hard time lol I've just started a tank just for the cherry shrimps ive put 12 in there atm,temp set to 25 but yesterday set it to 27 thinking it might be too cold,checked the water and all is good, loads of filtration,live plants etc, when i first put them in they were all over the place having a good look around but for the past few days there just sitting around doing nothing and hardly moving is this normal? any info for a newbie would be a great help thanks mick
  21. Reading different threads I keep coming across TDS. What is the correct TDS for the shrimp mentioned in the title please? Cheers Lisa
  22. Woke up this morning to find another dead cherry shrimp in my little shrimp tank, the second in about a week. It was particularly bad because it was a female with some eggs on board, and I didn't get a chance to save them... I know some people probably wouldn't care because they're "only" cherrys, but I started with a colony of 10 and they're all pretty cool, you know how it is. I tested my water parameters and the pH was around 7.6 (stupid Brisbane water...), Ammonia was 0 but maybe 0.25ppm at a stretch, Nitrites were 0 and my Nitrates were 5ppm. I had intended to do a water change today anyway, so that's obviously my first port of call for rectifying the situation, but what else could be killing them? They're fed daily, have no fish with them, the tank is heated to 22degrees. There is plenty of surface agitation from the in-built concealed filter return bar, it disturbs enough water (I assume) for now 6 adult shrimp and a bunch of fry. I am worried I will lose the lot! Cheers in advance guys. Edit: Just saw there was a pretty large exoskeleton in the moss that I don't remember seeing there last night, is it possible they aren't surviving their moults for some reason?
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