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Found 32 results

  1. Just wondering how many ppl use a chiller in brisbane on there freshwater tank? Setting up a 4x2 tank for my tropheus wondering if i really need a chiller,i dont have air con in the house and we r at work most of day so cant ad ice when required. Thanks in advance ben
  2. Just picked up a used chiller got it home turned it on and when I went to turn it off by the units switch I got a rather nice electric zap. What should I do???
  3. Needing to chill two small tanks 18" x 9 x9 with one chiller tanks are undrilled and don't really want to drill them, I want this to be cost effective. Chiller is a 250amp hailea.
  4. Brutal. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/20/asia/great-barrier-reef-coral-bleaching/index.html
  5. Anyone got any tips on how to clean out the inside tubing on a Hailea chiller. The flow rate has dropped dramaticly so i am assuming there is some restriction occuring.
  6. Hey guys, I currently have a cheap 2000l/h sunsun canister running the chiller on my tank but after a scare this afternoon involving many h2o's coming from the seal on the canister (Managed to turn it off and clean and reseal it before damage was done). I got to thinking about replacing the filter with something more reliable. Can anyone recommend a good filter to run my chiller? Preferably around 2000l/h. I also have an fx5 running on the tank so the second filter is just to run the chiller, any extra filtration is just a bonus. So yeah, what would/do you guys recommend for supplying water to the chiller? Cheers
  7. Hi boys & girls, Does anybody know where could I buy an exhaust fan which is slim and very quiet? I want to build it into a cabinet to move the air around the chiller. I have already checked the Bunnings but those ones are minimum 12cm deep and noisy. Is there any thinner than the 12cm? I am thinking about computer fans as well but I reckon a larger one could be more efficient compared to them. Do you have any recommendation/idea/experience? Thanks, Jani
  8. Hi all, i just bought a second hand Resun CL-280 chiller and there was no manual for it. I have tried to find one on google but no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction for one or let me know how to adjust temps and switching on temps etc. I have had a play with it but I don't understand what each function does it has F1, F2, F3 and F4 with parameters that you can adjust. It would also be good if someone could let me know on what each setting is suppose to be on. Thanks
  9. Hi all, i just bought a second hand Resun CL-280 chiller and there was no manual for it. I have tried to find one on google but no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction for one or let me know how to adjust temps and switching on temps etc. I have had a play with it but I don't understand what each function does it has F1, F2, F3 and F4 with parameters that you can adjust. It would also be good if someone could let me know on what each setting is suppose to be on. Thanks
  10. Hey all, I just bought a chiller, it is only about 12 months old but it's not too consistent with maintaining temp. Might need a service. Anyone know where on the Northside of Brisbane who service aquarium chillers?
  11. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a second-hand Boyu MH-400 46 litre reef tank which came with live rock, coral (quite poor quality from previous owners not maintaining them) and 2 brittle starfish. When bought the tank it had an algae bloom so I put in 2 types of snails to clean it up. 2 of the corals are coming back to life and all the creatures seem fine but I've noticed the water temperature getting a lot higher than it should be sitting at. Last night it went up to 30 degrees! The tank already comes with a protein skimmer, heater, carbon, sponges, return pump, and 2 t5 18w lights. The person I bought it off also put in an AquaOne wavemaker of 3500lph. Last night I left the lid off overnight and it brought the temperature down to 26-27 degrees but now I've had to put it back on and turn on the lights because of the coral. What would be the best and cheapest way to go to keep the water temperature stable? Being new to marine I bought a second-hand Hailea Chiller for $100 but didn't realise they couldn't be attached to nano tanks. I'm really not wanting to spend over $100 on another method of cooling the water. All nano chillers seem to be really expensive and I haven't found any cheap second-hand ones around. Maybe cooling fans? Also if anyone knows where to get the fans/chiller cheap for this particular type of nano tank that would be great Sorry for the lengthy message.
  12. I have a relatively small tank it's 150lt including the sump which i built in & runs along the back of the tank. The sump is divided into 3 parts, the outlet from the tank section, the refugum & the inlet pump back to the tank. In what section should I put the pump that connects to the chiller & then the pipe that sends the water back to the tank? Also does anyone know where I can get very small filter socks? They would need to fit through a hole that is approx 4cm because I'm finding all the rubbish from the tank is running straight into the refugium. Cheers
  13. Hey guys & gals, I am currently in design for new reef tank and thinking of setting up chiller direct to display tank via dry pump setup and bulkheads from tank. One benefit i can see is if the main sump pump screws up the main tank temps shouldnt change as cooling will be done via separate lines. Has anyone else done this? Good or bad idea? Thanks in advance
  14. G'day guys! Just wondering if you would have any recommendations on a reasonable quality chiller + reasonable price for a 3x2x2 tank, which will have three juvie axolotls in it? I know nothing about chillers but want to do the right thing by the little dudes Temp is sitting between 18-20' at the moment but will need to get a chiller soon is all. Also where is a reasonably priced place to buy them in brissie? Thanks muchly in advance
  15. Hi, just setting up a marine tank for the third time, just wondering what piping people use for their chillers, I have always used clear flexible PVC piping from Bunnings, but it kinks really easily and I'd like to try something else
  16. I thought I'd ask the question just so I'm sure it's ok which I can't see a problem with it. Iv tapped my chiller intake line into my return line from my sump. Iv got a ball valve on the return line from sump to main tank and also put a ball valve on the intake line to the chiller. Iv slowed the water going through the chiller down as I reckon the slower the water going through the chiller the better the water will be getting chilled. The return line from the chiller is pumping back to the sump. What does everyone think
  17. I bought a second hand chiller and its not chilling the water it dose'nt even feel cold coming out of the out the outlet. its a aqua one arctic chiller 1/4 hp 450L 1000-3600/hr with a 1200/hr pump on it thought it might need regasing. any other sugestions. p.s. the tank is only 60L, already got a new pump wich was 400/hr. any help is apreciated.
  18. I've got an old TECO RA-680 chiller over the weekend. I have the manual and hook it up with a pump that is 2000lph. All function seems to light up. I'm having problem with setting the temp as I set it to 20 degrees but overnight it stayed in the room temp of 26 degrees. I tried also researching it on other forums, but not getting enough info. Got this on as is condition and sitting on storage for years. Is there anything I can do?
  19. Hey guys, I am after some advice on buying a chiller; size, litre capacity, should I buy it new or second hand, where to get the best price and anything else I should know. I currently have a 4 foot setup (approx 250L). Thanks
  20. Does anyone know where on the Gold Coast I can get my Haliea 1000a looked at? Started tripping the safety switch this morning. Cheers Shane
  21. Link, Age of Aquariums - Resun CL85 Nano Chiller Ben
  22. Ok so as some of you may remember I'm in the progress of doing a nano marine tank using a skimz ibox nano marine. The tank itself has a skimmer and filter inbuilt but it does not come with an incorporated chiller. I did some shopping around and the cheapest I could find was a 1/15 hp chiller that was going to cost over $300 so I set about making my own. The best way I found to do it was using pretty much the same principles and components for water cooling a computer. The parts I used/ordered: - 1 bi-metal cooling plate - 1 water block - 1 large CPU heat sync and fan - A variable flow 100 - 200lph submersible pump - A dc power converter - And last but not least a thermostat control chip with a probe so the chiller will work of a set temperature Everything but the bi metal plate arrived today so I have mounted the fan on the heat sync, wired the fan, chip and power and mounted the chip to the heat sync housing. So far the only problem I'm having is getting the thermostat to run properly so that will require further tinkering once the probe has finished water proofing. Can't wait to get it all running and test the limits of it's cooling power More progress reports and pics to come
  23. Hi Their, Here are a few links, Age of Aquariums - TECO SeaChill TR10 & Age of Aquariums - Hydor Performer Skimmer 450 We can help you with the complete setup from start to finish. What filtration are you going to run in the sump ?
  24. Hey guys I purchased a second hand marine setup a while ago and it has come to the point of setting it up. Got it all going good than started up the chiller and it made no difference in water, found compressor to be running very hot and I didn't think it was working. So I have started to do some Tests and would like to know how fast your chillers pull down your tanks. Firstly it is a hailea 150a rates up to 400L the tank is was trying to run is 250L total but that doesn't matter as such yet. The test I have been doing is in a 10L bucket The temp when I started was 34 degrees and it took 60 mins to get the bucket today to 10.7 degrees, which I believe is way to long. When had it on the tank it was Not doing a thing. Would like to know if your chiller pulls down this slow?? Thank you
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