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  1. Got nothing else going on tonight so thought i would share my build, has been going for 2 months or so now. Went with Pine for whole build and yet to make the hood just trying to get it filled. Started with 140x19 pine used a biscuit joiner to make them into the front and side panels The frame is 70x70 posts and rails are 70x35 ply for the top and bottom. Rails are checked into posts bit more tidy and stronger . Glued and screwed panels from behind onto frame, cut fronts with 45 degree angle. I think it gives a better look
  2. So after much deliberation and persuasion (Fiancé) I have managed to agree on a new display tank. I originally wanted to get a custom tank made L 3ft x W 3ft x H 2ft sadly I was struggling to get a cabinet maker to make a cabinet. My DIY skills and lack of time also hindered my ability to build a quality ADA styled cabinet and I estimated that a DIY cabinet would cost a minimum of $500 in materials. So I opted for the below. Concept Art: The basics: 4ft Aqua Serene 340L Tank and Cabinet in White includes filter - $1169 Black Vinyl Self-adhesive Wrap for Background - $20 3 x 20kg Bunnings play sand - $23 Approx. 30Kg of Texas Holey Rock - $210 White Egg Grate - $18 Otto PF2000N filter - $45 Approx. 20 Tonna Tesselata Shells - $16 Filter media for supplied Aqua One Nautilus 1400: 125ml Purigen – 250ml bought for swapping during recharging - $28 Purigen the bag - $15 Coral rubble 10mm 2kg - $8 Filter mesh bag - $7 Standard filter media including sponges and ceramic rings inc. in filter – bio balls replaced with coral rubble. Estimated total cost (excluding delivery costs, additional stock and plants): $ 1559 Stock: 8 x Paracyprichromis nigripinnis + (Dependant on successful breeding) 2 x Synodontis Perticola 3 x Neolamprologus caudopunctatus (to be replaced by the Neolamprologus Leleupi as I suspect the caudos have a year left of their life) 10 x Cyprichromis Leptosoma or equivalent (need to buy) 2 x Black Calvus (need to buy an additional Calvus) 4 x Neolamprologus Leleupi (need to buy) Breeding Colony of Shelldweller (need to buy) Rock Style: Loosely based on Iwagumi – http://aquascapinglove.com/basics/introduction-iwagumi-layout/ Plants: Vallis – Limited use behind large rocks Anubias – Mid / Foreground of Rockwork Example rockwork and shells purchased to date: Comments to date: The tank is sadly out of stock at the distributor and will take 3-4 weeks to be delivered expected mid-July. On a positive note it does leave time for the bacteria on the filter media to grow. Spare ceramic rings and coral rubble are sitting in my filter in my other tank since 16/06/2016 to enable growth of beneficial bacteria to aid with cycling. I will be transferring the Paracyprichromis nigripinnis at a later date, I have a few females who are holding and would like to grow a small colony – sadly the fry are being eaten by either my Calvus or the Synodontis catfish in my old tank. The black vinyl wrap is 900cm long by 60cm high, I only need 120cm and a further 100cm for my other tank. Maybe available for sale after i have set up. Shout outs and thanks to: The TechDen – For offering an extremely easy and professional service. Nothing was too much trouble even when I phoned and asked for specific sized pieces of Texas holey rock. They sent MMS to me of different rocks and I bought the rocks I wanted over the phone 20 minutes later. Exceptional service. Collecting and buying additional rocks from them this weekend. Petcity – For providing an unbeatable price on the tank. @Shon982 – For providing advice and quality Paracyprichromis nigripinnis who have been rock solid and started breeding. J Other QLDAF community members from posts: Sand: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130001 I will update this with more pictures and steps once I get the tank.
  3. Anyone able to tell what type of fish this is? It came with a tank I got on the weekend and it was an unwanted extra which I'd like to get rid of. He's currently in a tank with africans, I know it's not ideal but I guess it's better then him sitting in a bucket where he was.
  4. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  5. Hello all, I have a breeding colony red fin Kadango ad my femae is holding. I have not bred cichlids before and need some advice. I have set up another small tank and need to know if I should isolate the female or strip her into this tank? She has been holding for 2 days, how long do I wait to do either option? Cheers
  6. Anyone know where i can find some on the gold coast/south brissy. Thanks
  7. I have a planted semi SA biotope (corays, Rummynose, Discus, Blue rams, and an angel) the tank is approx 300liters, would i be able to add a couple of the more docile african peacocks (males)? water quality shouldnt be an issue (40% water changes every 2 days) the nitrate is always <5ppm.
  8. my malawi cichlid tank is completely covered in algae, i maintain my water parameters at ph8.0. is this normal, and is there any way to get rid of this (i.e. fish, treatment)?
  9. Saturday OCTOBER 10th Queensland Cichlid Group FISH-ONLY AUCTION Virginia State School Hall 1678 Sandgate Rd, Virginia QLD 4012 It is just south of where Toombul Road joins Sandgate Road and near Virginia railway station. There is traffic lights on the corner of Sandgate road and Jeffers Street and a fish drop off area inside the school grounds. Fish in from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Auction starts at 5.00 p.m. and finishes when all items have either been sold or passed in. No Smoking on School Grounds (including the Carpark) & No Alcohol on School Grounds (including the Carpark). Queensland Cichlid Group Commission 10% for members and 20% for non-members. Cash Only QCG Auction Form: http://www.qcichlid.org/QCG2014AFORM.pdf QCG Auction Guidelines: http://www.qcichlid.org/QCG2014AG.pdf
  10. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qldaf-events-calendar-announcements-38/queensland-cichlid-group-fish-only-auction-saturday-october-10th-124939/#post831649
  11. Just wondering if any one has changed over to the new Algae Max instead of the normal Cichlid Formula or Thera A pellets for there Mbuna African Cichlids and what changes have you noticed
  12. Check out more photos of the Killifish here: https://www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt/posts/10153217009051843 Visit our Facebook page to see the other cool fish we are constantly getting in: www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt
  13. Hey, Yeah I'm new to the forum. I am still extremely new to aquariums. Still trying to get my 4ft aquarium running smoothly. I took these photos before I clean the tank, so I'm a little ashamed about the cleanliness of my tank. I currently have 6 African Cichlids and 1 pleco. I want to get into breeding for hobby but I need to work on getting my tank balance good. Definitely would love advise from some experts
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Crap photo I know - But I thought a few of you might get a laugh out of this. P.S African won... (Moral of the story - don't get in the way of a breeding male when his girls are around!)
  16. Hi, just wondering if there are any known cichlid breeders in the Toowoomba area.
  17. hey guys im just wondering who sells umbee's on here or who on here breeds them? really want one they are hands down my favourite fish. cheers
  18. Hi Guys, I have been doing a lot of research on how to look after my Tropheus in the last 2 weeks... Just thought to start a new thread where we can share any good information relating to websites, books etc. I will start with the following, What to feed your Tropheus and how to treat bloat. Malawi Bloat | dreaded Cichlid disease Keep them coming ... Thanks guys..
  19. Hi Guys, Ive been researching alot for good colour in a cichlid tank and compatibility for 55g/4feet/230l tank and this is what i came up with. if you could tell me what you think and if they will fight for any reason. 5 x Red Zebra 5 x Pseudotropheus Salousi 5 x Rusty Cichlid 5 x Cynotilapia Afra Cobwe [h=1][/h]My only worry is the Afra and Soulousi, they might be too similar and fight?. Ill be swapping males for females once the get older and can easily be sexed. The tank will have a 2200LP/H filter so no problems in overstocking Thanks Francois
  20. I have a 4ft x 15 x18 mixed african tank and has been great for a couple of years...no real problems....until today i moved some rocks around during the normal weekly water change added ezylife and gave them all a feed....a couple of hours later found my 6inch protomelas steveni behind a block of wood..lost colour and breathing heavy...everyone else doing fine.......looks like he has clubbed himself on a rock as bruising above right eye....he moves a bit with assistance ...swims likes he dont know where he is ..then sits on floor of tank.... Any thoughts...could he pull through????????
  21. here is my set up for a small colony of electric yellows , its a 165lt i have tried to make it as natural habitat as i can .Texas holy rock a must for cichlids they absolutely love it .
  22. Program for Friday night is Spawning's, Losses and Acquisitions, followed by the Fish of the Month which is Vieja fenestratus both straight and Marbled. We will have some photo’s of the Group trip to Yamba. International Conference on March 14th 2015. Please remember to buy your ticket at the meeting Friday, this is your last chance to book so you don't miss out on the meals !!! Everyone is Welcome. Also our New Web site is up and running http://www.cichlid.org.au/
  23. Evening all. I'm looking for some advice from the forum elders. I have been lucky enough to have had a colony of African Haps sold me to me this week & the were transported via fastaways and arrived today. The owner of these fish has been in the game a long time & transported many fish over the years & they were double bagged correctly males separate, largest female separate & 2 bags with 2 females each with black plastic bits in the bag as well, so he has done an excellent job of packaging them for me. However, some have traveled better than others. Males which were transported separately are in excelent form, striking fish. The large girl by herself looks great. But I have 2 out if the 4 smaller girls who traveled in pairs have extremely swollen bellies, I haven't seen anything like it before. Yes I am aware & am read up on Malawi bloat. So, because I had planned to quarantine them in 1 tank as a colony I decided to split the group, the boys are in separate tanks & all 5 girls are in together. The fish are all swimming fine together no real lethargy in any of the fish. I gave them some deshelled peas just to see if the would eat & they were taken with no complaints from all fish. I inspected the underside of the larger of the 2 fish with the swollen belly & the anus appears normal & vent seems a bit stretched but deffinatly not protruding. They are in a single tank with 2 sponge filters, I have used prime & double dose of tech dens easy start cichlid salt (I use double in my system all day everyday, works for me) as this was the only 'salt' available to me after work this arvo. No food will be offered in the morning. I have just checked the fish, after lights out & they are fine, breathing fine, staying upright, just have massive beer guts. Any advice on where to go now with treatment would be appreciated. Is it worth isolating the 2 fish with the issue from the others? Has anybody encountered this happening after transport? Thanks for your help, Craigo.
  24. Has anyone else experienced wasting disease. At first I thought my problem was parasites with my Cichlids, now I am starting to think it's much more. The more I read on the net the more concerned I am. Now that my fish have grown they seem to be dieing at a very fast rate. Within a day or so of showing signs of huge weight loss and also curving spins they are dead. All my fish were fine until I bought some Electric Yellows from a LFS which died within days of bringing them home, so I suspect they were carriers of something. Love to hear other peoples thoughts on what I should do or if anyone else has experienced this.
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