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Found 41 results

  1. Hi Guys im after some advice as i just purchased a used tank and any area that has been exposed to air, eg rims and top 2" of the tank has that white calcium type coating on the glass I have tried vinegar and acetone and nothing removes it, any tips to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question in regard to a canister filter I bought from a guy yesterday, an FX6. He had been using it on a marine tank and I'm going to be using it on a tropical. I would like to thoroughly clean the canister internals and sponges of the residual growth of calcium,,,looks like worm tubes,,,from the internal filter walls and baskets, the growth isn't particularly heavy and most was removable with a brush but the residue and a lot of stubborn bits remain, especially in the bottom near the pump. I have considered using a dilute solution of white vinegar and recirculating it for a period of time, then flushing the whole shebang. Anyone got and ideas (home remedies) which have the same or similar results? Pat.
  3. Have been cleaning some tanks the past days as I have a SNAIL infestation on some tanks. I was thinking of buying a chemical (snail rid) from the shops and was wondering if its worthwhile to treat it with this (if ALL snails will die). Any alternative and proven products? I have trumpet snails, normal round looking snails. The tanks doesn't have fish but still have some wood and plants as well as the filter running. Would I need to take everything out or just add the chemical and bomb it. I'll need to lower the tank water as well otherwise i'll need a LOT of the chem for this exercise. When done, what do you do? do a major water change and rinse before adding fish or the chem will just dilute itself overtime? Any suggestions and tips? what to avoid/watch out?
  4. Driving to work this morning. Decided to avoid Ipswich rd, cut through Darra. I found this on the side of the road. Will make a superb Rainbow breeding pond for this spring. Me very happy.
  5. Hi just wondering if someone could tell me the different types of aquatic life that keep the tank clean, I need my workers!
  6. Hi Guys, New here, I was hoping for some advice on what people have had success with keeping substrate clean. I have an extremely fine gravel so cannot vacuum easily and find a fair bit of fish excrement is settling on the bottom. i have looked into creating an under gravel jet system to eliminate dead spots and significantly increase flow, advice from local pet store was to just add an internal filter. the tank is 250L 4foot with a cannister filter, I'm hoping to upgrade to a 660L in the coming months. If I go an internal filter what would be the highest lph flow rate I could push in the 250 without it being too much flow, yet strong enough for a 660L? Thanks in advance
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Can't pm you says your inbox is full.
  9. A cautionary tale worth heeding. World Beautiful colours......... natures way of saying I will eat your face off.
  10. Last weekend three of us went for a free dive for nothing much really, but the other guys got a few nice things and I was just there for my love of the ocean of course and cardio exercise, but also for foods for spot, who sadly passed away yesterday from the heat. These are some of the cute urchins that were seen of the 7 species I found and all were less then an inch in size.
  11. I have a 6x2x2 divided in half. One side has a large flower horn, a red Texas, a coatzacoalus, Siamese algae eater and 2 clown loaches. They are all squashed up because my 2 red devils had babies. They are on the other side of the divider. I'm doing regular water changes and the side with the big fish is so clean. However, the other 3 ft has 2 adult red devils and 100's of fry and its filthy. There is algae growing on the glass. The substrate is dirty, in places disgusting. How can I clean the glass or gravel without being bitten or hurting the fry, they're only a week old.
  12. Hey guys, I've got a whole load of black gravel for my 5x2, and I'm wondering everyone's preferred methods to clean it. I've cleaned probably around 100kg between my setups and from experience I'm not looking forward to cleaning this. So, i'm hoping someone can make my life easier and swing some tips? cheeeeeers
  13. I have straddie white sand in the bottom of my tank and I cleaned the crap out of it before putting it in. But now there is like fish poo and little bits of stuff on the surface of my sand (just normal fish waste nothing special here) and I wanted to use a gravel cleaner but apparently sometimes they are too strong and kick up the sand etc. Can anyone recommend a good sand cleaner for me or a rock cleaner that is weak that wont pick up sand?
  14. These damn messy eating fish and best ways to go about keeping there tanks clean....my group of salvini seem to turn every meal into a woodchippers work and yep leave a nice layer of pellet "bits" all over the bottom of the tank....how do people deal with these fish with great culinary skills.....I imagine a few Oscar owners can help as I have heard these guys have similar dining habits... Don't know why but reminds me of a bunch of underwater cookie monsters...bits of cookie seem to go everywhere except...in the mouth...
  15. Just bought a tank which has water stains all over it. Trying to find out what is the best way to get it off and back clean and clear
  16. I do my substrate weekly but have very high nitrates constantly. Varying from 40ppm to100ppm an over in all my tanks. I also do15-20% water changes weekly too. I do not over feed and tanks are definitely not over stocked. Filters are keep in good condition, never have issues with Ammonia or Nitrite (touch wood) - Canisters, standard Sponge and Otto (not all in the one tank) So why the high nitrate. How often do you do your tank maintenance. Do sumps help with keeping nitrates down. Nicole
  17. Hi all, i have a 4x2x2.5 tank with 2 big oscars. It has indirect sun light and then some red black algae on the glass near the light, is there any pleco or snail can help me with this. I am ok to change % and vacuum weekly, but my oscars are really spook and lost color when i clean the glass. I also have magnet cleaner but cant reach the back of the tank, not mention 70cm is quite high to clean all glasses... Please help, cheers.
  18. Hey guys, I have a quick question, I have a 4ft tank with a baby barra and baby bass plus 3 bristle nose, I've been doing weekly water changes and cleaning the gravel at the same time, do I need to clean the gravel every week or should I be just doing water changes and cleaning the gravel every 2nd or 3rd time? Also any suggestions on what other fish would look great with what I've got would be greatly appreciated, obviously ill have to get em soon so they can grow up with my barra and bass! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I purchased a tier set up the other day which came with a lot of Coffs Harbour gravel which had been left in buckets for a while (not sure how long but it had small weeds growing in it). Besides washing the gravel out through a sieve what else should I do to it to make it safe? Cheers
  22. Hi all i have a three tier set up with alot of pvc plumbing.just wanted to know if anyone with a similar setup regularly cleans out the pipes or replaces them? If so how often? Thanks josh.
  23. What is the best method to keep bare-bottom tanks clean when system is running a sump? A few wave makers to push particulates into water column then into weir/bulkheads? Additional canisters to pick up waste? And of course the usual vac/WC. Any suggestion/ advice is greatly appreciated:)
  24. hi i have a 6ft tank which has white sand in it i have just put some driftwood in it and now there is alot of bark and stuff on the sand just wanted to know the fastest way to clean the sand??
  25. My tank is in hard place to clean the inside back. I have one bristlenose common in there. Any ideas on having it auto clean by certain sukerfish or more bristlenose? I have 6x2x2. Cheers
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