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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I have an abundance of Ramshorn snails. 5mm diameter - 50cents each or $10 for as many as your heart desires they are great Loach food and tank cleaners Pickup is Redbank Plains, 4301.
  2. Hey guys. First port on this forum. We have recently set up a 300l freshwater aquarium which after a full cycle we would like to put 5 or 6 discus in. For tank mates we have 11 rummy nose tetras, a pair of Blue Rams and a couple of Pictus Catfish. We were just wondering if you guys could recommend or suggest some algae eaters that will get on alright with everyone else. Any help would be great! Seth & Manuela
  3. I need a big very strong one for a big tank that wont get knocked off all the time can anyone help?
  4. There is absocluetly no better cleaner of any kind or a more harmless reef adition, then these local shrimp. Hard to find and I have never seen one in the shops, but well worth collecting. This is one of several I got that I have had since early last year. Any of the guys that have had any, rave about them.
  5. The leadrites cytorhynchus is the only true cleaner shrimp. Until the other night when one or two of our club members were raving on about these, now that a couple of them were shown where to get them, I never really said much on them except to other club members. One of the guys has had some now for some months and he can’t believe how amazing they are, as he says. They are the only cleaner that will pop the white spot blisters, no other cleaner fish or shrimp will do that, due to these being quite toxic. Most people think cleaner s help with white spot, they don’t, they just handle other parasites and clean up they dead skin around where the blister was. I first started using these as cleaners by accidentally finding they did this when I caught some from Kirra reef back in 81, when there was a Kirra reef! I have never seen them for sale, not that it doesn’t mean they aren’t, just if you ever see any, get some, the fish wont hurt them generally and they will properly clean your fish of everything, more or less. Just be warry, both lysmata shrimp, the pep and red line species will try to kill them. In tank. They are in this thread as well. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/t1219-shrimpcrustaceans-and-pods
  6. For the last month or so I've been seeing in forums (mostly American) talking about using a Python Gravel Vacuum for doing water changes on their large tanks and how much easier it makes it for them. Naturally having a 300L tank changing 40L weekly it's a bit off putting to carry all that water around and pour it back in and being a DIY type of person I though I'd just try and make one my self. Here's how I went. For reference in case you don't know what the Python is: Here is a link. I found a good method on the internet on how to make one using hose connectors and fittings, and another link to a waterbed drain and fill kit which happens to be exactly what the python system appears to be based off. The waterbed kit also came with an attachment for connecting to the waterbed which I figure would work well for breaking up the flow of water when filling the tank. (So as to not disturb substrate and plants.) I found one on ebay for cheap and just bought it. It cost me about $8, unfortunately postage was about $15 on it. :\ I went to my local bunnings and grabbed 10M of 13mm clear food safe vinyl tubing and three hose connectors. Using my old gravel vacuum I constructed everything as per the Python system. The filler attachment I made works well for filling the tank as it breaks the flow into 4 sprays, doesn't disturb a thing in the tank. Overall the system works quite well, makes the water change easier and quicker to. My only complaint is that while sucking the water out of the tank I had to turn the tap up a fair bit which I feel is a bit of a waste of water. So I think that im just going to run the tube out to the garden next time and then use the whole lot for refiling from the tap. I spent about 45 bucks on it which I feel is okay seeing as the comparable product is $75 at the LFS.
  7. Hi, though I can do wc every day or 2, but I dont like cleaning the glasses, is there anything catfish can survive an unheated tank? Of course, if the temp goes too low in winter in Bris, I can turn a heater on at night... Cheers
  8. Just arrived the new Vertex Triplex cleaning mag. An elegant way to clean the algae from the glass on tanks that are made from glass up to 15mm thickness. Smooth white satin fabric is attached onto the outside piece to stop any possible sc ratching of your aquarium. Coarse white fabric is attached onto the inside piece to clean the glass. Outside Piece Dimensions: 10cm x 2.7cm x 1.5cm Inside Piece Dimensions: 10cm x 2.7cm x 1cm Link, Age of Aquariums - Vertex Triplex Cleaner - Mag Priced at $79.95 Ben
  9. Hey everyone just curious on what people use to clean there glass..
  10. Just chasing some advice on the best gravel cleaner for cleaning my sand in my 4x2x2 tank?
  11. i want something that can clean my 3ft tank eg. glass and gravel surface all ideas are much appreciated! would love something under the $30 mark thank you so much
  12. Anyone use a battery operated vacuum/water pump to clean their tanks? Any good? Adrian
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Just thought I would post this to let you know about a great glass cleaner I have just discovered. The Chux magic eraser - Bathroom. they are chemical and detergent free and basically just a tight sponge. I had a tank with a lot of those small green spots on it that are hard to get off. Well I took to it with this sponge and it did a fantastic job, the glass has never looked cleaner. I recommend them to everyone. Hope that helps someone Kjw
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