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Found 74 results

  1. Just wondering how often i should be cleaning my eheim canister for my tropheus tank and what part to clean and what parts not to ? I do water change of 1 bucket of 11litres every day and on saturday a good vacum and 20litres (100litre tank) Iam running the eheim 800 lph and also an internal 600 lph. I usually clean the internal foam on saturdays. Obviously the fish are only juvies around 12 at 3cm and will be getting a bigger tank as soon as we move end of month. Thanks in advance ben
  2. Anyone got any tips on how to clean out the inside tubing on a Hailea chiller. The flow rate has dropped dramaticly so i am assuming there is some restriction occuring.
  3. Hi everyone, just found a creek only 100meters from my back door completely swamped with gambusia. Since they are a pest I don't mind doing my part for the environment 😉 so got them home, about 50% are pregnant females, popped them in a two footer with some gravel, plants and filter....what should I do/use to "clean" them before giving to my fronts? They all look healthy and strong to the eye but one can never be too cautious. Any advice would be helpful. I have fungonex on hand but am hesitating treating them since the most likely disease they would carry would be internal...??
  4. Hi people I have decided to connect 2 systems together for less maintenance as have other things to do I have a 8 footer on one side of the wall and a 12 tank system on the other side of the wall. I wish to run both off the one sump or does someone have something better in mind. I have a nexus already running another system and was hoping for something along those lines to run these tanks but am restricted in height so a nexus wouldn't fit. Is there anything with a backwash function that I can run this system off Any help appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  5. Hey guys. First port on this forum. We have recently set up a 300l freshwater aquarium which after a full cycle we would like to put 5 or 6 discus in. For tank mates we have 11 rummy nose tetras, a pair of Blue Rams and a couple of Pictus Catfish. We were just wondering if you guys could recommend or suggest some algae eaters that will get on alright with everyone else. Any help would be great! Seth & Manuela
  6. Pretty much a question around the title but first up a disclaimer that I don't recommend this or anything like that and I run three filters in my tank which makes it a little more robust. Background is this tank has been running for a few years so well established, has two canister filters and one internal for mechanical filtration / powerhead. When cleaning a canister filter (say one every 3 months), I use the hose (town water) to spray out the filter wool (or just replace), the sponges and the ceramic ring biomedia. Ceramic biomedia always stays wet and gets more of a quick rinse. I use the API FW master test kit and have for a long time never had a mini-cycle doing this. I know the test works as I've had ammonia readings testing DIY substrate ferts in a bucket and on an unrelated mini-cycle. So it's bugging me on why I'm not killing off my bacteria population with a filter clean to some degree. Tank is well stocked. I'm assuming that most bacteria in the filter are in the biomedia and are protected as I only give it a quick spray. Also perhaps tap water treatment isn't strong enough to kill off bacteria with only short exposure? And that the bacteria in the other filter plus in tank gravel,etc pick up the slack before I can notice it. Is that possible?? I mean I find it great I can give the filters a really good clean but .... Wondered what others do for cleaning filters?
  7. Anyone able to recommend a proven tool for removing algae and grime from the glass inside the tank? There's so many different products, I'd like to cut to the chase and save some time and money and just get something that works straight off the bat. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm looking to better clean my 3' x 2' x 2' native tank. It currently contains one 25cm+ jade perch, 4 rainbows, 1 gudgeon and 1 tandanis. This is set up in a aquaponic system, with the filter pumping up into about 15 litres of expanded clay, before siphoning back into the tank, so I truly think my fish (and the val) is quite healthy. Never had any problems with signs of sickness, and the fish are always hungry every feed time. I think my main issue is I used river pebbles on the bottom, which allows lots of gunk to accumulate. These solids are simply too heavy for the Eheim Classic 250 filter to move, drawn in and/or pick up. It's not totally filthy or anything, but when doing the regular water change, I use a manual siphon to remove these solids. This is becoming tedious, as the solids are removed, but so is the water. This makes removing and topping up a laborious job. I bought a cheapo aquarium vacuum, but honestly it's crap. it hardly picks up anything at all. A few questions: Would changing the bottom to river sand help? Would a bigger filter with better suction remove these solids (i personally doubt it) Are there any good vacuums on the market that I could use to remove the solids, but return the water back to the tank as I go? (naturally, I'd still be doing regular water changes) Thanks in advance.
  9. So like everybody here at its come up against some really bad hard water lime scale build up on tanks and have struggled and failed to completely remove it despite following the general advice. So I stepped it up a notch. Just ordinary concentrated hydrochloric acid from the pool shop. When using this stuff make sure to wear nitrile gloves and have bicarb on hand to deal with any spills. Here's the tank. It has been left out in the sun for weeks. So it gone really hard and was difficult to scrape with a razor. Basically all I did was pour a small amount in the tank. Using a cheap scouring pad soak up the acid and scrub away all lime. Repeated until I thought it's all gone. Carefully rinsed the walls of by tank down. Importantly I added bicarb to the acid solution in the tank untill it stopped fizzing. It you don't do this its bad for the environment and the sewage systems. Then I tipped it out and called it a day. Easy as. Just a quick after shot after drying a portion of the glass. Just thought I'd tack on some safety information: Conectrated Hydrochloric acid is dangerous! This stuff here is 33% (or 9M to the chemicaly inclined) Concentrated HCl will do a nice job at dissolving any metals it comes in contact with producing hydrogen gas. (as will vinegar, just slower as its less concentrated) Always use nitrile or chemical resistant gloves when the is the possibilty of skin contact. Always have bicarb on hand to neutralise any spills - but when adding bicarb to a spill be careful as the reaction is vigorous and produces alot of heat! Always neturalise the solution with bicarb before disposing of. The fumes are dangerous and hurt like hell, don't breathe them. If you do move away and take many deep breaths to clear the gas out completely! This looks scary when you look at the list... Its really not that bad to deal with, you just need to be careful and keep these things in mind!
  10. Hi Just wondering how do you know your filters need cleaning do you go by the flow slowing down or looking with a torch at your filter wool looking a bit brown . How dirty can you leave the filter wool before changing light brown or very dark brown before in effects the water. It's been 3 weeks since I cleaned my filters flow still strong the wool just got a light brown look to it should I clean them . Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I bought a secondhand 6ft tank, well I should say my hubby did!! Oh boy, is it a mess, lots of calcium build up and grime, I shudder to think that someone had fish in it. My question is , how do I get the calcium off? I've tried CLR, and vinegar , but it isn't budging. I don't want to put oxalic acid on it if I can avoid it, not sure that would work anyway. So, I am open to suggestions. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. There is no more room for these acans in my bottom tank. The morphs and Rhodactis splitting are covering every thing! These spares get chopped up for the other club members at the next meeting; tank and tubs clean out time! What ever I put in the tubs the sea stars dive on them, real slowely,lol, and clean everything off leaving very pretty acan polyps.
  13. Was helping a mate get an old second hand eheim back in as new condition, and came across this video. Made getting the top off nice and easy. Not a bad skill to know when you have a filter out of order and need a quick fix. Or want to check on the condition of internals.
  14. Get guys anyone got a good way of cleaning Tanks up, removing the calcium build up or Is elbow grease the best way, some one suggested small steam cleaner? Thx in advance
  15. I have a 1000 litre IBC and it has been holding a chemical called kamicryl. I'm not sure what it is, tried to google it and see if its safe to clean out and use for fish but didn't find nothing. Does anyone know if it will be ok and how do I clean it?
  16. Hey guys so i have had an old 4ft bow front tank i got of my little bros mother in law (mouthful haha) but it was used as a marine tank i think there is alot of either salt or calcium. so i was just going to use a gernie (high pressure hose) to wash it off or thinking of using CLR. i am getting a cabinet made up and a hood so wont be used for a while. just looking for tips or anything that could help me will.
  17. Just wondering if anyone here has a specific way they clean silk plants? Mine are starting to get a bit discoloured. I was thinking of a very mild bleach/water mix but thought this may dissolve the silk.
  18. Hey guys anyone have a secret way to clean a tank got a 2nd hand 6x2x2 but wasn't well looked after has a white chalky residue on it . Any one have a special way that i can clean this off with . Thanks guys mitch
  19. Hey Guys The tank I just bought (second hand) has a lot of calcium build up or something on the glass at the top of the tank. How do I get rid of this and make it all pretty again?
  20. This is the algae on one of the tanks spray bars Uncleaned. The combo of biscuits,lawnmowers,a phyllidiid nudi and ourabundant local peps,there is some serious cleaning going on,lol. Getting into the work set out for the nudi cleaning thespray bar.
  21. Hey All, I was looking over my tank and sump and noticed that the sump is a little dirty along the bottoms. What would you use to clean it with, it looks like it is just dirt,gunk and stuff. I have been told that it is a Racetrack Style Sump. Currently only has Coral in 1 section, with 3 Reactors with media. Any help is always appreciated Regards C
  22. hey just wonering what u use to clean the piece of pipe that hangs over the side of the tank as ive tried using the pipe cleaner but it wont turn the right angle
  23. hi, i have a 4f tank with mixed africans ranging between 4-8cm. What kind of cleaning/cattie or sucker fish would be ok for what i have? also what size should i buy? thanks
  24. hey guys ive got some good pieces of coral that i want to use but ive had then outside for some time and they are a bit grotty. what the best way to clean then,my smaller pieces i just leave in the sun and they are fine,nice and white.but the larger peaces are blackish. any thoughts cheers marty
  25. whats the best way to clean paint of the back of tanks? I have a heap of tanks i bought and they all have 3 sides painted and i would like them clear any help is appreciated
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