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Found 11 results

  1. Looks like another great store is closing down. R&J Aquatics in Lismore is closing today at 5.00 pm. If you are in the area duck in and grab some bargains and help them out. Address is 91 Magellan St Lismore. John and Rheia ran a fantastic store and were pure hobbyists, running a rescue service for fish from there store. They walked the walk in terms of the ethic of fish keeping, and are always happy to advise the new hobbyist or the experienced. We certainly wish them the best as John, Rheia and the kids work towards the next steps in life. Give them a hug from QLDAF.
  2. Hey guys, apologies for late heads up but looks like an early close is in order tomorrow to get the new crew to the trade show. Normal service will resume on Friday
  3. Why are fishrooms closing down and why does it seem like the hobby is slowing? Im young into this hobby and well my bugs starting but i have noticed lots of things well Dry goods for sale lately people just packing it in? I was wondering why? I am interested to know or if this is normal and just part of the cycle?
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  5. some of you may be aware allready i'm guessing but maryanne's aquarium browns plains is closing at the end of november. to the best of my knowledge all of the store stock tanks have been sold (i got a few) but i'm lead to believe dennison will be doing some "specials" on remaining stock till closing. maybe able to pick up a few bits n bobs at a decent price ? he's a great mate and it's sad to see but it's a strange and uncertain economic climate and some adaption is required. he will still be making tanks at a great price but wont be trading as a fuctioning aquarium store unfortunately
  6. no worrys... mods please delete. i found the answer
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  8. Some awesome deals. I went in today and got some great fish at low prices. There are deals on tanks, filters, substrate etc. Neuman Road Capalaba.
  9. Got this email and this is on there site? It is with great sadness that we have to make the following announcement. Due to unforseen circumstances and the general economic climate, we are sad to announce that Prestige Aquatics Foods & Aquatic Goods will be closing business very soon. This will also include the Prestige Aquatics Discussion Boards. We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANKS to all those who have supported Prestige Aquatics by way of purchases or active membership here on site. This site will be closed down on or before 31/08/10 and will also be placed in parking for possible future use. This will mean that only the Site Team will have access to this site for general upkeep. In light of this we have now got the AFF [Australian Fish Friends] site up to the point where it is ready to be promoted in order to get things happening. So why not copy and paste the following www into your computer's favs: The AUSTRALIAN FISH FRIENDS - Preserving the Piscatorial Passion
  10. Hi all, just letting everyone know that Andrew at Beenleigh Aquarium is shutting shop at the end of August & everything is up for sale at up to %40 off, most items are for sale for what he paid for them. Sale includes fish, food, filters, heaters, etc etc, just mention you heard about the sale & go & get a bargain, Cheers: Jeff !!!
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