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Found 30 results

  1. Another month or so has past since the last thread to promote our Brisbane marine aquarium club and as usual we have had some wonderful low tide walks and free dive collection trips for our marine aquarium pets. The aandtsociety.org.au has had some top adventures over the years with in the clubs organised field trips and has been doing these fields trips for both freshwater species and reef life since 1927 from when the club was first formed. As most know we are only marine/reef keepers these days, though a few of us keep fresh water as well and over recent years the trips have become totally directed at enjoying the marine diversity that is achieved by the rare convergence of both tropical and temperate marine life forms here allowing us to get our own, sometimes a little unique marine life for the hobby of reef keeping. This is a little more of what we do on organised club trips. The south east sites we go to normally have some friendly stone fish to greet us on trips. One of the many varied zoanthids seen and collected,some of the guys like to keep them in the display tanks. This year will be called a year of copper bands-chelmon rostratus, they seem to be everywhere from this breeding season. Of course the global warming temps these days around the south east are contributing to the enormity of marine aquarium life over recent years,unlike the past From low tide rock pool club trips and some times at free dive trips, there are always heaps of lawn mower blennies-istiblennius meleagris around to choose that particular one or three for the tank to help with clean up, they are good workers!
  2. Meeting starts 7.30pm Annerley Arcade 478 Ipswich Road Annerley, QLD 4103 This month's meeting will feature a talk on Wild Bettas of Thailand and a brief discussion on the up-coming National Show. Light supper provided. All welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/225809091111818/
  3. On tonight! Betta Australis table show and March meeting. Doors open 7pm, Meeting starts 7.30pm. Bring along your solid coloured Siamese Fighter for the table show. Bought or own bred, all welcome. Members' draw, lucky door prize, supper provided. Tonight's discussion is on the much threatened wild Bettas. Come along see some of these beautiful fish "in the fin"! Cheers, Jodi-Lea
  4. Meeting was put back a week due to the conference and show. Club members watched a slide show of the winning fish and scenes from around the show, then Mr Steve Baines presented an interesting talk on making artificial tank backgrounds. Next meeting October 20th 2015. Held at Ace Comics and Games Magic Room. Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley QLD 4103. Contact bettaaustralis@outlook.com to join the club or for more details.
  5. Meeting starts 7.30pm Under the W.D. Williamson Pavilion Caboolture Show Grounds Beerburrum Road Caboolture This month's meeting will have the regular, Spawning’s, Losses and Acquisitions. and Fish of the Month. We also have guest in Nathan Busbridge, who will be giving a presentation on how to fix that broken or leaking tank. We will also be putting together an Equipment Register for all the club owned equipment. If you have anything that belongs to the club at home please bring it along to this meeting.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Next Q.A.H. Inc. Meeting FRIDAY 24t APRIL 2015 Meeting starts 7.30pm Under the W.D. Williamson Pavilion Caboolture Show Grounds Beerburrum Road Caboolture This month's meeting will have the regular, Spawning’s, Losses and Acquisitions. and Fish of the Month. We also have special guest speaker of Bill Smith. Bill will be doing a talk on his favorite cichlid. Also as both Judges for this years' Caboolture Show will be attending this meeting, we will also have a session on what the judges will be looking for. Anyone considering entering fish in this years' show should attend. And to top off a very busy night we hope Greg will have some photos of the recent International Cichlid Conference. Last of all we will be planning out the last working bees to get everything ready for the show. See you all there. Graeme
  8. QAH Club Meeting 27th of March @ Williamson Building at Caboolture Showgrounds starts at 7:30.
  9. This izzz my high tech state of the art non breeding party underwater night club ...380 litres 5 footer aquarium has 8 timer Controllers/7 colour spot lights/3 ft red led bubbler/volcano bubbler/fine bubble bubbler/17 plugs/8 designer lights 2 of which run on a remote and you can choose any colour you want)/2 mega waver makers with seconds controlled/2 300 watt heaters/15 ceramic disc mist maker/2 eheim canister filter able to run 1200 litres.. + a pre filter and what all the fish got camera shy!!!
  10. .....Please Note: Auction dates and venues are tentative and still need to be confirmed, unless the word "CONFIRMED" appears beside the date in GREEN. NOTE CHANGED DATE DUE TO ELECTION Saturday FEBRUARY 14th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Saturday 14th MARCH For more details attend a QCG Inc meeting or check out their website. Queensland Cichlid Group Inc Homepage Saturday APRIL 18th Q.F.A.S. MARKET DAY Set up from 9.00am open to public 10.00am finishes 1.00pm. Springwood Road Primary School Springwood Road Springwood index Saturday MAY 9th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction QAH CABOOLTURE SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITIONCONFIRMED Setup Saturday 30th MAY Show Friday 5th JUNE to Sunday 7th JUNE Entries and schedules - contact QAH. Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Saturday JULY 18th CANCELLED DUE TO NOT ENOUGH TIME TO ORGANISE. QFAS GREAT TREASURE HUNT QFAS ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITIONCONFIRMED Setup Saturday 1st AUGUST Show open Friday 7th AUGUST to Sunday 16th AUGUST. Entries and schedules will be available from the EKKA website early in MAY 2015 Saturday SEPTEMBER 5th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists No date set as of yet. GOLD COAST AQUARIUM SOCIETY AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM NERANG COMMINITY HALL 34 PRICE STREET NERANG, 4211 Saturday OCTOBER 10th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction Sunday 29th November QFAS CABOOLTURE MARKET DAY SHOW & BETTA AUSTRALUS 10th Anniversary Show CONFIRMED Show setup From Wednesday 25th November Judging Saturday 28th November Show open to public Sunday 29th NOVEMBER from 6.00am closes at 1.00pm Entry information and show schedules now available Saturday NOVEMBER 21st CONFIRMED Q.F.A.S. SUPER AUCTION Fish in at 2.00pm TO 5.00pm. Auction starts 4.00pm NUDGEE Junior School Kate Street Indooroopilly index If you have any information that you would like to add to the above please send me a pm with it and I will include it above. Graeme
  11. There have more trips by the club into our wonderful marine environment to get our own marine/reef aquarium species since the last club info thread, as usual. The aandtsociety has been doing field trips for both marine and freshwater aquarium species since the late 1920s. The club doesn’t promote the freshwater side of things anymore, the name associated with us now is (marine/reef aquarium society) we are still the domian name aandtsociety.org.au,it's just we have been mainly marine keepers for a long time now and its time to only show what we know best, keeping marine fish and inverts,plus have attained a wealth of knowledge in the collection of our marine pets. We are lucky in that we do not have to rely on how good or how bad pro collectors have handled their catch that they sell to the shops, or the way the fish have been imported into auz,than you have to take what is available there, using careful catching and transporting ways, we get our own! The club has only been on the net for a few years, so there isn’t much pictorial history of the vast experiences we have had the pleasure of partaking in over the years, but if you want to see our many trips beyond the few pics on our threads here, than follow this link, its where all trips are, since we started taking photos of the trips. Marine fish and invert collecting. These peppermint shrimp were from a low tide rock pool trip, lots around at the moment, hundreds seen, also there were millions of boxer shrimp, some blennies and gobies around, these weren’t kept, still interesting to see the different varieties though, it makes for a good day. The day provided some quality caulerpa amongst many brilliant marine life forms to try and remember their latern names. A Lemon peel angel, one of a few special fish collected for Marks massive tank, in particular. A beautiful and surprisingly friendly mature pair of latezonatus amphiprions, with a young perideraion, some young akindynos and as usual a few young trimaculatus,all living with the latz. This is one of the few anemone fish that will tolerate and live with other damsel family variaties happily,of which all clownish are a part as well. Non of these were touched, this was on a photo trip only, but they do make for a nice group photo,lol. One of the three sharks hanging around on the photo only day. One of the guys insisted it was a young grey nurse, but some one else has said it isn’t, the two others checking us out that day were grey nurse though. Personaly,it was to sleek and quick for a grey nurse, plus I am not interested in sharks, they are seen regularly by us on certain trips, not organised club trips, just members, but as long as they keep at a distance, the aquarium species are far more interesting. Sharks are not an issue really, most are cowards, even the whites we see rarely, but this spot is renowned for sharks, there are no club collecting trips to these types of spots, this was for the ones keen for photos only.
  12. ok whos interested in joining a club ,having monthly meetings ,first couple maybe informal bbqs at a park ,open to input after interest have sponsors ready to go ,hands up if no interest fair enough but would like to try .
  13. SUNSHINE COAST AQUARIUM CLUB Aquaholics Aquarium Products Meetings on the first Wednesday night of the month. Start time is 7:15 100 Sixth Avenue, Maroochydore (QLD health building)
  14. I'm a member of QCG Queensland Cichlid Group Because I keep Cichlids. But there's clubs out there for all types of fish And I thought I knew a lot about fish but I've learned so much since joining Made some amazing friends who can talk fish all night Been to some great places including interstate and soon even overseas Get to be a part of a great club and learn About how auctions work. Fish judging. Enter fish in completions ( win cash ) Have talks on filters fish rooms making tanks diseases etc We have club sponsors who give discounts on shop sales You can sell your fish @ the auctions It's all first hand experience without the BS. and it's face to face Anyone can read the internet. Anyone can post on the internet. Right or wrong There's no filter for wrong answers or misguided information Half the stuff I read on any forum. FB. or google page is not how I would do things And normally you only get one choice The clubs members have been there and done that and could give heaps of different ways to answer a question you may have You are also welcome to attend any of the clubs meeting as a guest the first couple of times just to see if you like it. And yes you can bring your partner. I think you'll be surprised how many couples are members and just how many woman are in fish clubs I could go on. .............. In summary I just wanted to put it out there that clubs are very beneficial to everyone and That your crazy IMO not to join one It's cheaper than you think All clubs can be found in there own section on this forum. With full contact details FJ
  15. These pics are from the south east Queensland aquarium society field trips, just a few on here from now on of the thousands of aandtscoiety pics we take when we are either on our low tide walks, free diving, spearing our dinner or just looking around on scuba. There a couple of pics of some species collected as to how their lives are going in the aquariums as well. The vis of late has been bad, the first pic is as good as it has been for months. There are some improvements though; the grey nurse sharks are like flies now. At one particular site in all the time i was going there from the late 70s till 5 years back, there were never any grey nurse there, now there are over twenty in that spot and the other boats report that they are every where! Our part of the ocean is well and truly having problems for the more delicate corals, the amount of dead sps is around 70 percent at several sites from lack of light and salinity variations. Though the sps are in a bad way around here there are a lot of the ones featured being fungia, in the hundreds and hundreds. In the tank two months later,it has grown from a ten cent piece size to now worth twenty cents. It's funny to watch it change its fleshes shape and sort of walk. To many thor amboinensis to count that we see regularly. At home over a month later.
  16. At the auction last night I was reminded once again the value of clubs to . Firstly got to have a chat to some of the Gold Coast boys at the canteen and picked up some fantastic tips from some "old wise hands". Thanks guys... Secondly on the way out I got to have a brief chat to a couple of the QCG guys and again in 5 minutes got some other tips on how to move forward. Life gets very busy at times between work and family life, but I really think if I am going to continue to improve as a hobbyist I need to get to a club. (for those who really can't make it to a club, you will notice that club members are ID'd on the forum over there <------ )
  17. Just a quick reminder that our club meeting is on this Friday 22nd March. QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS http://www.qah.org.au MEETING STARTS 7.30 PM 4TH FRIDAY OF EVERY SECOND MONTH STATING IN JANUARY Under the W.D. Williamson Pavillion Caboolture Show Grounds BEERBURRUM RD CABOOLTURE ( UBD MAP 47 REF Q13)
  18. *** Want to know more about keeping and breeding cichlids ***** Meeting this month will involve Fish of the month - Labidochromis sp. Talks +videos by members about there DIY filters Where: Bar-Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield Time: 7:30pm pre-meet mingle; 8:00pm kick off club business, then main talks Raffle prizes - quality aquarium pharmaceuticals and products from QCG sponsers Club shop - quality fish food & dry goods at value $
  19. Our wonderful waters not far from Brisbane in Southeast Queensland has put on a good show as per usual for us on aandtsocietycollecting trips for our reef aquariums. We have had some great free dives, wonderful low tide walks and breath taking scuba trips for photo opportunities. Quite often some of us do not catch any thing intensionaly,some times we are just happy to be amongst so much life and literally swim with what many have to pay hundreds of dollars for at the local aquarium shop. Its only 12 years left now till the aandtsociety will has its 100th anniversary for indulging in these field trips. It’s a shame so many hobbyists don’t get the opportunity to be a part of the marine environment the way we do to get a serious understanding of how the ocean functions to apply things learnt from close up observations and apply them to our reef tanks This is where we keep the pics of common SEQ reef life that we regularly see. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f20-fish-invertebrates-found-near-brisbane-in-seq At times we see some impressive cloud formations on the way out to reefs. On one of our low tide collecting walks, this was the welcoming committee or maybe it was just a cuddle wanted. A not so happy cuttlefish, he didn’t want any company other then the wife. She was just behind him. A couple of us on one of our favourite reefs getting readyto get in after being dropped off while the others went fishing.
  20. Club Member Only Tax Time Sale in the Aquarium Department! We've got new lines and new items coming in - and we need to move some stock! We've got major saving on all in one tanks from Aquamedic, Eheim and Red Sea. All tanks in stock are at least 10% off (except AquaReef Kit Pricing) , with some selected nano tanks at 20% off. Aquamedic Chromis $1200 Aquamedic Gramma $1700 Eheim Opal 120 $1100 Eheim Opal 150 $1400 Red Sea Max 250 $1700 (silver only) Red Sea Max 130D $1050 (black and white) Juwel Lido 120 in White $550 All livestock is 20% off Club Pricing Plants 20% off Plant Accessories 20% off Co2 Accessories 20 % off Filters 20% off Heaters 20% off Gravel, Rocks, Plastic Plants and Decorations 20% off Seachem and Brightwell and Red Sea Supplements 20% off Pond Filters and Accessories 20% off If its not listed here, its got an extra 10% off! All of these sales are NFD (No further discount) so it won't seem like anything for you Club + QLDAF members for livestock pricing, but scoop up the deals on the dry goods!
  21. Howdy Folks, I was having a discussion with my mate today about what would win in a fight, African or American cichlids, & with out actually doing it, as it would be illegal due to Animal Cruelty Rights. I thought we could all just have our "Cichlid Fight Club" on here. Clearly, African's would win, as they are more intelligent, more agile & have more strength! What do you all thing? & what would be size for size or pound for pound, the most flamboyant fighters from both realms of cichlids.
  22. Singles Club Was think of the really cool fish people have out in tanks as Single due to $ or just part of pairs dying, Bad luck etc etc Like the L600 passed up at Auction If mods would like to Jump on this Idea and maybe put some template up it would go off I reckon The Idea is that you Post you single fish for a date to breed, Sale or exchange Singles Club Type of fish/goods:- Albino Krib Sex(if known):- (This is a Must) AGE:- Aprox Size/Rating:- Qty available:- Price:- Location:- Shipping Y/N:- Contact:- Buyer :- Comments:- Photos:- A couple of rules I think are necessary 1-If you breed these Fish then you must at least Give Back 4-6 fry to the original owner 2-If you post your fish then the $ you are willing to pay for the other fish to form a pair, must also be the $ you are willing to sell your fish @. 3-The name/Tag of the Buyer or holder of the Newly formed Pair must be part of the condition of sale and logged on the thread 4- If conditions of sale :- 6 young to be given or if fish die then frozen picture must be taken etc Anyway I think you get the idea .. Please comment and or pass to mods I have a couple of fish I will get the List going with as soon as mods get it up and running... imagen what can come out of woodwork and maybe how many new fish we can get breeding if we just share what we have
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. thankyou to Q.A.H for letting me come to the club and talk about the products I have and some new products that I will be introducing over the next month. If you are in the area of this club make it along it was excellent to discuss with these guys different methods of doing things. There is alot of experience in this club amongst the members and a lot of willingness to learn and teach this is what club is supposed to be. Once again thanks to Cary, Graeme and the group. Awesome club thanks.
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