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Found 37 results

  1. Quick let me in that cave, I am supposed to be hunting dinner and the missus is coming!!
  2. Hi guys... Yes I am a noob. I have been left with a just under 5ft tank with a sleepy cod and an albino pleco. There was a Saratoga but he was too flighty and had to go. My ex set this tank up, he walked out 2 months ago and won't help at all. The cod developed these white patches on him, one on the side and one where his pectoral fin joins his body. I have bought some Melafix, but everything is telling me I need to change at least 25% of the water before adding it.. I honestly don't know how?? Is it really necessary to do that, or can I give him a dose and cross my fingers??? I know, I sound like a ditz, I don't want the guys to suffer just coz my ex is being a child!!! I'm worried about the cod.. so what do you say? Am I better off dosing for now with no water change (it's been at least 4 months since it was done) and get someone to help me change it when I can, or what??? I have one of my son's friends coming to help me and run me through the basics, but they are in the middle of QCS (Yr 12) so I can't put that on him now!! ANY and ALL advice appreciated :-)
  3. My Murry Cod is getting a bit big for his tank and it will be time to move him on soon does anyone have a good home for him. It is approx. 450long very fat eating massivor pellets. Cheers KIM
  4. Hi peeps My cod tank the water keeps going low towards acid if there anything i can do to keep it right, all other levels are good. someone told me its the wood but i have drift wood in my american tank more than is in his tank and no problem Cheers Tracey
  5. I recently got a 40cm cod still a bit shy so I got some feeder gudgoens to watch and he dosent worry about the so I want to try something else more interesting any suggestons
  6. Finally, 50 little cod about 15cm long are coming out of hiding when I feed them. They now hover about 30 cm under the surface waiting for the pellets to fall. A total change from when I first bought them and they spent all their time hiding. In the last few days, they have slowly been coming closer to the surface. I’m now starting to see the different colours and markings on individual fish. The jade perch are all over the food as soon as it hits the water, sometimes splashing me. They dart in and out like it’s the last feed they’ll get. Wife dragged me down to look at the above ground pools at K-mart the other day. As we walked into the shop the bloke on the PA was telling us all about the 3.6 metre x 76 cm pool he had on special. Only 2 left at $79 each. Shopping done, next question was, “Wife, can we go now?” Not that easy. So I suffered in silence, (I thought I was silent) and went deep into the bowels of K-mart and found kiddie pools $7 each. So I got one for crays, one for platys and a spare. Two of them are now soaking in a plastic tub for when I get time to set them up. I think I’ll take some time off building the house tomorrow and play with the fish.
  7. Trout cod anyone got one or seen any for sale anywhere???
  8. Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I mainly keep Americans and a few natives (salmon tail, silver perch, Barra, etc), but really want to grow a Murray Cod. I have bought three over the past six months and lost all three exactly 3 days in!! Can anybody help I am stumped as to why they are dying? Water is 7.8ph, 26 degrees, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 40ppm nitrate. 4ft 400lt tank on its own. Fed pellets and frozen bloodworm. Any help would greatly appreciated. Steve
  9. Just wondering what people feed their murray cod? Pellets? Live? Freeze dried? Flakes? And what brands Cheers RJ
  10. Looking for any Mary River Cod owners who purchased juvies 2009/2010 or 2010/2011 or if you did and have sold them on there whereabouts/current owners. Pre 2009/2010 are not suitable must be fish from these years.
  11. Has anyone heard much on keeping a juvenile estuary cod? I saw a video of a pet one eating a crab haha and I'd be keen to see if anyone's had anything to do with them?
  12. Just today we upgraded the 4ft to a 8*2*2. Sole inhabitant at this stage is my 20ish cm Murray cod. [ATTACH]29789[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29790[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29791[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29792[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29793[/ATTACH] Planning on adding sand tomorrow - hopefully pool filter sand. More live plants in a few weeks. Considering adding more fish - just not sure what fish....gotta be decent size. Filter at moment is only 1 ac110, but will be adding 2 aquaone 2700 in the near future. Cheers Dan
  13. Murray Cod who likes these little fellas? who has these little fellas?? who wants of of these little fellas??? nice
  14. Hi guys I am getting a cod and was wanting to know the best water conditions to suit if someone can help please. The tank has been running with some other little feeders in to get it going and all the levels seem good but the PH is about 8.8 I am thinking this will be to high.? Cheers KIM
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. I finally managed a couple of decent pics of this guy. Definitely not an easy one to capture as it's still in the shy stage. I can't wait until it's monster.:-D
  17. Heys guys, Finally got a vid of this guy wandering out of his lair. Enjoy Seph
  18. anyones thoughts on these fish together the cat is 25cm n pleco 15cm
  19. hi i would very much like a murray cod but i dont know where to get one???? and how much am i lookin at$$$
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. Hi all, Stripping and starting over on my 5ft tank this weekend .Current residents are 40cm+ Barra and Sleepy, considering another edition to my underwater zoo, suggestions? Thinking grunter or similar. Cheers
  22. Hi all, Any of you guys out there that have any advice four me on how best to introduce my wild caught Sleepy into tank life? He's currently in a 5x2x2(approx) tank with a barra of similar size(40cm) and a 30cm common sailfin pleco. thanks in advance
  23. im looking at buying a juvi murry cod and was wondering what fish if any can go with them?
  24. I have a murray cod, about 25cm. 5ft tank. Tank feels a bit empty. Under the impression nothing can go in there with him, but chasing opinions on any possible tank mates? Massive amount of driftwood and a couple of smashed up pots.
  25. Mary that Ive had since he was 3cm, now at about 18cm. Seph
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