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Found 11 results

  1. Have an IBC out the back (unheated) with a big happy breeding colony of feeder shrimp (Macrobrachium australiense ) .... suggestions on anything (fish species) I could also put in there to breed that won't eat the shrimplets? There's a lot of cover for the shrimplets to escape to, heaps of elodea and about 6 unravelled rolls of plastic gutter Gaurd, and some logs/timber. I know heating will greatly widen what could go in there and may even put a heater in there to keep the shrimp breeding through winter... so I guess what would be best for: -cold water conditions -warm water conditions (24deg)
  2. So I'm thinking of setting up a large water trough I've got here as a pond is 3 meters across and 600 deep I want one or two large natives ideally I'd like two lei togas but not sure they could handle the winter here or if I'm I best off just getting a Murray cod or a few perch so has anyone ever kept a lei toga around Ipswich through winter in a pond thanks
  3. Check those heaters people. Get your insulation in your fish rooms finished. Hunker down for some chilly weather. Antarctic front to bring icy winter chill to southern Queensland
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an algae eater I can chuck in the cherry shrimp tank? Unheated, slow filtration, plants (not too worried if they get nibbled), and also algae-green algae on the glass, long dark algae on the plants. No snails,plz...
  6. Hey Guys Not sure about you lot but its been freezing here the last week (5 degrees colder than average?) Lots of reports of the dreaded white spot getting around to help we are putting our 300W heaters on at a crazy low price of only $15 BIOpro Aquarium Fish Tank Heater 300W 300W Heaters
  7. Hello. I need some advice on cold water fish available in Brisbane.I have a 4ft by 2 ft tank given to me. I have no heaters,but I do have big internal filters,and I would think to heat that size tank would be costly. So if anyone has some advice on stocking it ,that would be great. I am not a big goldfish fan, but will go there if I have to. Thanks in advance for anyone's replies.
  8. Hey guys, I am having trouble in my little 2 ft that i have a 6cm red texas in. He seems cold all the time he is literally sitting on the heater and i dont know why. I tested the temp in the tank and its 26 degrees, i also tested for ammonia, ph, nitrate and there all good. yesterday i came home to his tank mate a little clown pleco (4cm) dead on the bottom of the tank. I do about a 30% change on his tank every weekend. Any ideas?
  9. So everyone knows about cold water changes in American cichlid tanks. It's suppose to induce breeding, but one thing I have noticed is no one actually specifies HOW COLD? So my question is how cold should it be? The actual definition of cold? A couple of degrees under the tanks temp? 5 degrees under? 20 degrees? Is it just cold ran into the bucket and used? I know its meant to mimic the rainy season and such but how cold could you say the rain is. Sometimes its warm. And in a tropical climate where these fish come from it could be a multitude of temperatures. I'm not a newbie but I'm sure a lot of you might ponder this question. And the answer I'm sure will help a few new comers and some of the people wanting to breed americans.
  10. What can I breed in a coldwater tank. What could I grow in a coldwater tank? Either something to breed or something to grow(aggressive) Don't say. Convicts or oscars or any cichlids in my opinion they require A heater Cheers in advance, ash
  11. What cold water fish are there, besides goldfish?
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