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Found 80 results

  1. I like collecting and breeding natives as many of you know, but find it hard to get the time to collect or to make plans to do so especially organizing with others, alot of the time its on the spur of the moment or Im in an area doing something else, for example, a romantic weekend away and the traps just happen to be in the car and there is a nice looking creek nearby, or just going for a Sunday drive and a swim somewhere and again the traps are in the car. Also I have met so many people on here and Angfa through collecting and people acquiring and trading fish and plants that I forget who is who. So in the interest of natives, getting like minded people and beginners together(and me remembering who Ive fished with) this thread can be used to PM or contact others that have replied with their details here. Im in Pine Rivers and Mondays are usually best for me - PM me
  2. Another month or so has past since the last thread to promote our Brisbane marine aquarium club and as usual we have had some wonderful low tide walks and free dive collection trips for our marine aquarium pets. The aandtsociety.org.au has had some top adventures over the years with in the clubs organised field trips and has been doing these fields trips for both freshwater species and reef life since 1927 from when the club was first formed. As most know we are only marine/reef keepers these days, though a few of us keep fresh water as well and over recent years the trips have become totally directed at enjoying the marine diversity that is achieved by the rare convergence of both tropical and temperate marine life forms here allowing us to get our own, sometimes a little unique marine life for the hobby of reef keeping. This is a little more of what we do on organised club trips. The south east sites we go to normally have some friendly stone fish to greet us on trips. One of the many varied zoanthids seen and collected,some of the guys like to keep them in the display tanks. This year will be called a year of copper bands-chelmon rostratus, they seem to be everywhere from this breeding season. Of course the global warming temps these days around the south east are contributing to the enormity of marine aquarium life over recent years,unlike the past From low tide rock pool club trips and some times at free dive trips, there are always heaps of lawn mower blennies-istiblennius meleagris around to choose that particular one or three for the tank to help with clean up, they are good workers!
  3. Iv just recently changed to nsw I go to Wellington pt just before high tide but the water is always yellowish! Is it fine to use and will it clear up in my tank
  4. {{{ EOI - AMAZON FISH COLLECTING & FISHING IN NOVEMBER }}} Anyone made redundant recently with a nice pay out or have some put aside for your jungle river dream adventure ?? Or just finished uni and keen for an adventure or have a round-the-world ticket on route for your new job and might want to start with a cool stop in Latin Americas We are joining a small group in South America later this November to go fishing and collecting. To help reduce costs for all, looking for more participants. Shortish notice but if you are keen and have most vaccinations already, then you are ahead. Drop me a PM for details. Gracias Ian Can only dream for this moment ...
  5. Was thinking of having a look at creeks between caboolture and caloundra tomorrow(Monday), looking for rainbows, rhads, blue-eyes etc Anyone want to come?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. im thinking of doing a bit of a fish hunt around brisbane this weekend and just wanted to get some tips on where i could catch these fish: rainbow fish bullrout pacific blue eye snakehead gudgeon coal grunter sleepy cod thanks jake p.s. i can travel by train
  8. There have more trips by the club into our wonderful marine environment to get our own marine/reef aquarium species since the last club info thread, as usual. The aandtsociety has been doing field trips for both marine and freshwater aquarium species since the late 1920s. The club doesn’t promote the freshwater side of things anymore, the name associated with us now is (marine/reef aquarium society) we are still the domian name aandtsociety.org.au,it's just we have been mainly marine keepers for a long time now and its time to only show what we know best, keeping marine fish and inverts,plus have attained a wealth of knowledge in the collection of our marine pets. We are lucky in that we do not have to rely on how good or how bad pro collectors have handled their catch that they sell to the shops, or the way the fish have been imported into auz,than you have to take what is available there, using careful catching and transporting ways, we get our own! The club has only been on the net for a few years, so there isn’t much pictorial history of the vast experiences we have had the pleasure of partaking in over the years, but if you want to see our many trips beyond the few pics on our threads here, than follow this link, its where all trips are, since we started taking photos of the trips. Marine fish and invert collecting. These peppermint shrimp were from a low tide rock pool trip, lots around at the moment, hundreds seen, also there were millions of boxer shrimp, some blennies and gobies around, these weren’t kept, still interesting to see the different varieties though, it makes for a good day. The day provided some quality caulerpa amongst many brilliant marine life forms to try and remember their latern names. A Lemon peel angel, one of a few special fish collected for Marks massive tank, in particular. A beautiful and surprisingly friendly mature pair of latezonatus amphiprions, with a young perideraion, some young akindynos and as usual a few young trimaculatus,all living with the latz. This is one of the few anemone fish that will tolerate and live with other damsel family variaties happily,of which all clownish are a part as well. Non of these were touched, this was on a photo trip only, but they do make for a nice group photo,lol. One of the three sharks hanging around on the photo only day. One of the guys insisted it was a young grey nurse, but some one else has said it isn’t, the two others checking us out that day were grey nurse though. Personaly,it was to sleek and quick for a grey nurse, plus I am not interested in sharks, they are seen regularly by us on certain trips, not organised club trips, just members, but as long as they keep at a distance, the aquarium species are far more interesting. Sharks are not an issue really, most are cowards, even the whites we see rarely, but this spot is renowned for sharks, there are no club collecting trips to these types of spots, this was for the ones keen for photos only.
  9. hey just wondering what people use as bait in there fish traps when there trying to catch natives? and any good creeks on north side Brisbane you can recommend? not looking for anything in particular. maybe rainbows or gudgeons I have a trap like the one in the picture thanks heaps
  10. Look at this great native gudgeon I caught locally in a trap. He's about 16cm long and a very cool addition to my native tank.
  11. Seven of us had a ball checking out the local marine life and took home one or two little lovelies and hecklers, the pipe fish came home as a photo only!!!!!, that was easy to read wasn't it? just in case there is any more crap from the mosh pit,lol. I took 2073 pics from the last time we hit the water and here a few of those pics. A false stone fish. A cute green toby. The very common harlequin ghost pipe fish. A 2 inch antennatta. An endemic pink heart urchin.
  12. This time Danny got some pics of me working my heart out free diving for some crays and fish for the guys’ dinner. Its been great doing a lot more spearing the last few months. I don’t eat them; I just like the cardio exercise and the hunt. Don't forget, some nice pics on our website and help and knowledge about what is in saltwater and how to keep it- South East Queensland Marine Aquarium Society Nice and clear that day, that’s between 35 and 60 feet, and that’s a nice easy depth for free diving. One cray, now off to find more. These were one of two latezonatus colonies on top of that ledge I went down next to. As you can see there is a pair of porcelain crabs in that anemone just below the largest lat. Danny wanted a heraldi and so did Kylie, neither have kept them, but I have, so it’s all-good!
  13. Here's a thread to talk about collecting as i go nearly 2 times a week. Keep up to date with what i caught and when tonight on the south side i caught what i believe to be ornate rainbow fish, and a few blue claw. Also saw the biggest tad poles ever body's like 20c coins haha. Also i am looking for a place to catch purple spot gudgeons can any1 help? I catch most of my fish with a regular fish tank scoop, sure i look like a stooge but gets the job done
  14. Where do you guys think is the best place for collecting rainbows, blue eyes, gudgeons, tandanis, perch and maybe mouth almightys around the Brisbane area? If you've found anything else interesting that would also be great.
  15. with Easter coming is any one keen to go may be sun/mon
  16. Posted this in the wrong place so just linking to it from the photography lounge - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/freshwater-species-9/wild-caught-sparkling-gouramis-cambodia-plus-cantors-softshell-turtle-99424/
  17. These pics are from the south east Queensland aquarium society field trips, just a few on here from now on of the thousands of aandtscoiety pics we take when we are either on our low tide walks, free diving, spearing our dinner or just looking around on scuba. There a couple of pics of some species collected as to how their lives are going in the aquariums as well. The vis of late has been bad, the first pic is as good as it has been for months. There are some improvements though; the grey nurse sharks are like flies now. At one particular site in all the time i was going there from the late 70s till 5 years back, there were never any grey nurse there, now there are over twenty in that spot and the other boats report that they are every where! Our part of the ocean is well and truly having problems for the more delicate corals, the amount of dead sps is around 70 percent at several sites from lack of light and salinity variations. Though the sps are in a bad way around here there are a lot of the ones featured being fungia, in the hundreds and hundreds. In the tank two months later,it has grown from a ten cent piece size to now worth twenty cents. It's funny to watch it change its fleshes shape and sort of walk. To many thor amboinensis to count that we see regularly. At home over a month later.
  18. Our wonderful waters not far from Brisbane in Southeast Queensland has put on a good show as per usual for us on aandtsocietycollecting trips for our reef aquariums. We have had some great free dives, wonderful low tide walks and breath taking scuba trips for photo opportunities. Quite often some of us do not catch any thing intensionaly,some times we are just happy to be amongst so much life and literally swim with what many have to pay hundreds of dollars for at the local aquarium shop. Its only 12 years left now till the aandtsociety will has its 100th anniversary for indulging in these field trips. It’s a shame so many hobbyists don’t get the opportunity to be a part of the marine environment the way we do to get a serious understanding of how the ocean functions to apply things learnt from close up observations and apply them to our reef tanks This is where we keep the pics of common SEQ reef life that we regularly see. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f20-fish-invertebrates-found-near-brisbane-in-seq At times we see some impressive cloud formations on the way out to reefs. On one of our low tide collecting walks, this was the welcoming committee or maybe it was just a cuddle wanted. A not so happy cuttlefish, he didn’t want any company other then the wife. She was just behind him. A couple of us on one of our favourite reefs getting readyto get in after being dropped off while the others went fishing.
  19. Hey Gang, its that time of year again, the snakes are about, I was helping the Moggil Creek Catchment group out at Brookfield this morning and came across a good sized Brown Snake sunning himself across a track that I was using. When you are collecting, be really careful as they are very active with the heat. Stomp around is not a bad approach or tap the ground in front of you with a stick. If you find one, don't attempt ot kill it as most people who get bit were trying to kill the snake. Remember leave them well alone and they will leave you well alone. Saw this in the paper, hope the old guy pulls through. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/man-80-bitten-several-times-by-brown-snake-at-boonah-south-of-ipswich/story-e6freoof-1226528364412
  20. Looks like I might get to go collecting up between Warwick and Tenterfield this weekend, getting a bit excited. Anyone know any good spots?
  21. Is it illegal to collect some driftwood off the beach.? I saw some beautiful pieces washed up on the shore on rainbow beach and near the crossing to Fraser once and have been curious ever since.
  22. It’s been another month or so and there have been a couple of trips for the Brisbane marine aquarium society-aandtsociety guys to research our waters on field trips and collect a few fish and inverts for our display tanks as well. There are a few new club members that are keen on some fish and inverts for their tanks and are already starting to understand the relevance of searching for your own tank pets as to how educational it is to see how and where they live to begin the process of a better understanding of their aquarium pets. The weather hasn’t been kind in the early part of this time, it is normally not so good at the end of April any way, yet the times we went to the water it has been very nice, we try to plan to get the best, so far so good, This little critter is quite common on the inside of the Islands in the south east. We had a marine biologist in the local newspaper recently commenting on these and referred to them as stone fish, his field must have been algae,lol. Caledonian stinger-inimicus caledonicus,hidden in sand waiting for a goat fish I scared away, no dinner for this revolting looking hunter! The stinger encouraged from the sand for a pic. Sabre toothed-fang blenny showing a fang,owch,would you look at those teeth, several times I have had them slice my finger. Looks like its lost one tooth and by past experience with them it doesn’t take long to grow back and start tearing at fish again. A nice saddle back chaetodon hanging around on a very nice trip in clear water.
  23. Went to a local creek on a private property today to do some rock collecting. Being a total iwagumi lover I love looking for new and different stuff. Have found some great rocks here before, and it is a very large area to search! I tried to stick to collecting groups of certain stones. I've made the mistake of finding a beautiful rock before and then realising I need more to do a scape, never to be able to find any like it again! Loving the holey (volcanic?) rocks, thinking they could make a very gentle and soft iwagumi scape. I have a large collection of the blood red rocks now, they are really a site to see with the white veins and bright reds. I don't know if I'll ever use them but I do enjoy the look of them. Trying to imagine a scape where they would not be too garish. Still pretty though. Was bloody exhausting lugging this lot from the extents of the creek back to the car I tell ya! It was raining too! Anyway here are the pics
  24. Our Brisbane marine aquarium club (aandtsociety) have found some nice fish, corals and other inverts that were collected on our trips of late. Lots and lots of underwater photos from our trips these days from three keen photographers with the ranks now, its nearly more fun than the actual collecting. Two examples of fish we crarely collect on the field trips, these are endemic to the mid east coast of Aus and are nice natured fish in the aquarium as well. The starki is the only Aus damsel that will get on with everyone! This endemic chromis,I used to know its latin name, but due to the rarity of them I have forgotten,this year,suprisingly,there are heaps around . There is a similar one out there that’s in my books, but that’s not it. This is the collecting trip section for any one interested in underwater photos, collected species and all laws and tips on how to collect legally and beneficially to not just the collector but also the area you wish to collect in as well. If none of this interests you, there is no reason to click on the thread link!!! Marine fish and invert collecting.
  25. Hi people currently live in Brisbane and do a fair bit of snorkelling and scuba between gold and sunshine coast,What i would like to know is are you allowed to collect live rock and some small corals in these areas or do you require a permit? Thanks
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