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Found 48 results

  1. I have opened up some space in my breeding tank and am interested in starting up another colony. I am looking for something a little different or rare......I was thinking of getting a group of young phenochilus Tanzania (ie mirror ball hap) as not many good quality ones in sydney. Any other suggestions you can throw at me to consider (something interesting).
  2. Hey guys i've got a colony of 2 males and 5 females with all of them being around the 10-13cm mark and I was wondering what they would be worth. Cheers
  3. you know how this works. Missus wants pretty for starters lol and rare is they only way to go which I try to tend to buy. I have a spare 6x2x2 for something but what. I do like the look of the Lichnochromis acuticeps but don't think the missus is a big fan. thoughts? Keep in mind......rare and pretty lol
  4. Just wondering how much do l333 adults go for. Their in a colony of 5, 3f 2m. ? Thanks
  5. Just keen to know where my Burundi fronnie colony ended up 10 years on after Lungy had bought them ? Someone off here must have bought them from him or know of them? I don't know if he was ever on Australian Frontosa Keepers website or if it still runs ? Be great to know they are still cruising on... pics of the colony: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/10-up-burundis-wonder-where-they-now-102502/#post682174
  6. Hi guys, I thought I would throw out a few questions and see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I am keen to start a colony of Leptosoma in my 5 long x 1.5 wide x 2.5ft high tank. I would like them to be the predominate fish in the tank. I have been looking for a few weeks now and found there to be heaps of different types, however I am leaning towards the utinta. I noticed these have blue, yellow and red tails. And sometimes they are referenced as neon or fluorescent variety. The attached picture is of a Fluorescent variation . Now for my questions, and apologies in advance if they don’t make much sense: My preference would be for a brighter blue or fluorescent variety, but is there any difference between these and the other utinta’s? Are these fluorescent/neon varieties some sort of hybrid or is it just selective breeding? As I understand a pair utinta’s with a blue tail can throw yellow tails and vice versa. If I was to have a couple of red tails in the school would this be an issue as I hope to bred and sell some of the fry? Will different types of lepto’s interbred or could I have the utinta’s and perhaps Jumbo’s in the same tank? I also have a small school of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis I would assume these will not breed with the lepto’s? Also any advice on tank mates would be appreciated. I have a pair of leleupi which I am concerned they would eat the lepto fry. They are good with their own but I am not sure if they can be trusted. I have a few multi’s I was thinking about putting in with them? Perhaps similis? Or perhaps ventralis or would they pick of the fry? Any advice would be much appreciated as I do not want to outlay $$ for a school only to find I will have issues with the cross breeding etc. Thanks Dan
  7. Hey all, After stripping and shifting some of my tanks, I have my 4'x20"x20" Display Tank empty and waiting for something New to go in there. I would like some ideas from you all on what you think I should keep in there. I have been thinking of a Salvini Colony but after some reasearch it's probably not the greatest idea. So if you would like to throw some ideas at me that would be great. Here is a pic of the tank when it was an African Setup which is around 12 months old!! Cheers Shanoz!!
  8. Okay, So I've been researching the diana Walstad method, turns out I was already kind of doing it....Sort of. Anywhom, I stumbled across something about someone using blackworms in their aquarium which were helping them, in their walstad method, to avoid doing anything with their sand substrate. The basic idea was that the worms live in the sand substrate (which was the substrate this person, and myself, are using) The idea of using blackworm is for a double benefit, one being that they would mean I could spend less time on maintenance another being, a self sustaining food source for the angelfish. If it is possible, and not a bad idea, how would one go about taking action in beginning the process of creating a colony of them. (I have fed my angels live blackworm before, they LOVE LOVE LOVE it) Appreciate any insight, opinions and methods if such a thing exists -Kyrin
  9. just trying to think of what I am going to try and breed next. I was going to get a colony off someone but havent heard back so just wondering what is out there and want something colourful any ideas would be awesome. I have bred mainganos btw and want to stick to africans
  10. Hi Guys, I absolutely love these little mbuna !!! I have managed to get myself 3 adult males, and 6 adult female rusty cichlids (ioditropheos sprengerae) which I would love to breed. However, I am a first timer in the BREEDING DEPT. I asked on some local facebook forums about ratios and sizes but no one answered my post, so I thought I would try you guys. SETTING THE VISUAL The largest in the tank is actually a female, I would consider she is quite mature and has probably bred before along her journeys, she has been ripe since I got her a few months ago, which is what started this idea. From here, I have 3 males, one that is nearly her size, another smaller who is quite aggressive, and another, which I would think will stay a sub dominant, coz we always need one of those haha. I have 5 other females, all just of breeding size. I have acquired at least one other that has breed before, but I do not know which one it is now. So my questions..... How is my ratio? Should I be removing a male, have I got one too many? Is my female too big? She is bigger than the males in my tank. Does this cause a problem? Im thinking of removing all gravel ..... is this a good or bad idea??? I am looking for any tips, other successful breeders may have please. I know my waters fine, my filtration is good. I am in the midst of creating a number of good rock hiding places... And looking to breed these guys - I have put a couple of pics Your help would be greatly appreciated. .
  11. in the last week they have laid in a log put them in frysaver couple days later checked the log to see if fry had hatch and noticed the other male had a female in log to yep next day had more eggs well i went to check them today the second male has another female in log dont no if the second batch of eggs are still there. there going offfff
  12. Just thought i would throw it out there ,,seems a few ppl insist on selling a colony of fish (which have not bred?),imo a colony of fish is one that has bred otherwise they are just a group of fish,nothing more.would like to know what you guys think
  13. hey all, just picked up my Kaps, male is WC and huge, just in holding tank at moment (6ft) waiting for 8ft to be made, anyway, just throwing up a couple of quick pix
  14. The other day i was surfing those strange facebook fish pages and came across a guy i had dealt with a few times basically saying he was selling up everything. I had bought a few guppies of him a few weeks ago and found what he had to be reasonable i wouldnt say show quality but display fish certainly. I made him an offer he accepted so i went down yesterday to pick them up. I knew there was quite a lot so i wrangled my old man to going halves with me. Well lets just say we got more than we bargained for. i separated them into 2 equal piles. i say that because the amount i got was massive. i stopped counting at 100 in each pile. That was before i got to the fry. The old man wasnt keen on the fry so i have put them in my 3 foot along with all the other fish we scored. my problem is i think i have way too many guppies in the display tank now :S I think i will separate the females and put them in the office tank (old man took all the females in there) and i have no clue what to do with the fry im thinking i will have to leave them in the main tank as the office tank is a little smaller. Catching these fish is gonna be a pain. I want to get my 7 footer soon so i can just let them go crazy. Well over 200 fish plus fry for $80. I couldnt pass them up for that.
  15. :confused:Hi, After a lot of searching I have now aquired 2m and 4fm breeding size peppermints, I am know asking the forum members what setups they have used for their breeding colonys. I have sourced and secured a lot of drift wood that I can use in the tank as well as a number of manufactured caves. I also have about 60kg of double washed mary river sand as well as copious amounts of Coffs Harbour gravel. As far as filters go I plan on using sponge filters with the tanks plumbed into a sump. (Breeding tank is 4ftx2ftx2ft and a 5x2x2 as a grow out tank) I want to setup my tank right the first time and appreciate any help and advice the community can give me. Thanks:confused:
  16. am pretty keen on getting some cukoo cats but am curious on a host colony. i have heard that blue fish such as dolphins and peakocks are a good host along with most protomelas. i have also read that anything that breeds like rabbits is good. i would rather use a colony which i already have ( too many fish atm haha) if i was to use my venustus colony or lombardoi. would these fish be just as successful as other types? cheers in advance, murray
  17. Water has been in tank for a week now, and waiting for it to do its cycle. Its a 48x18x24 inch tank. I wanted a fairly peaceful (I know it probably wont be) tank, with cichlids in it. Can anyone see any compatibility issues with the following types? Labidochromis Caeruleus Protomelas taeniolatus Fossorochromis rostratus Pseudotropheus Acei Hemichromis bimaculatus Melanochromis Johanni Astatotilapia latifasciata I was thinking of getting just a couple of each, a couple of clown loaches and a couple of B/N's.
  18. Hey guys, thought id ask some advice from the pros that have done this before me. Ive currently got a 3ft which I would like to turn into a small colony tank but im unsure what to have as the colony. I want them to be a pretty species such as peacocks but I am open to all suggestions. I will set up a 2 ft tank for the fry as soon as i have established everything else. hopefullly would be able to sell the young back to the LFS so it cycles and no longer have to pump $ into maintanance. your advice is appreciated, =] Steve.
  19. hey, just got a breeding colony of lab. mbamba's two days ago, and they are so shy! it's not the end of the world..... but i'm gunna breed them and need to know when the female is holding etc. there are a few rocky caves in the moment which all 10 manage to squish into, and they dart under there everytime i walk into the room. what are the factors influencing the shyness of a fish? and how do i stop them! thanks
  20. In the next couple of weeks I am looking to buy a mature or sub adult colony of fish. I have a 4x18x20 currently running for the breeding tank and a split 4x15x18 for fry raising. There are a few things I dont want like: red devils, convicts, oscars or hybrids. I am not really interested in catfish species either as I have peps growing out and commons breeding. I am looking for somewhere in the vicinity of $250-$350. I will take preference to some very nice africans.... let me know what you would consider selling me which WILL suit the tanks that I have available. Can you also tell me how many in the colony and approx sizes Thanks Jeff
  21. Hi guys, Today i went about setting up my first dubia roach breeding colony. After seeing the live food breeding facility at xian leng arowana farm in Malaysia, and how important they consider roaches in their feeding regime, i knew i had to make one of my own. If you didn't know, i LOVE feeding live food to my fish. nothing makes a predatorial fish happier or healthier than live food. Course it's not financially possible for most to feed only on live food, and pellets do have their value aswell. I do it more for the pleasure of the fish than anything else. What you will need: 1x large plastic container/bin with tight fitting lid 1 (or more)x healthy container of roaches from your local petshop Many cardboard egg containers Scizzors Dog/cat/fish food 1x grinder or similar Potatoes, carrots or similar container lids or similar for food dishes I went and got myself a cheap plastic container from Sam's warehouse thisafternoon. was about $9 for the one i got. Ideally I would have preferred one that wasn't clear but I have just covered the bin with a towel so it stays dark. While I was out I purchased two containers of roaches from my local petshop (pet centre west burleigh). I made sure to select the containers with the largest/healthiest/most roaches inside. You don't want to start out with unhealthy stock. And some crickets cause my fish like them but they are quite dirty to keep myself. Next I cut up a number of egg cartons and stacked them in there so the roaches have lots of places to hide. I had tonnes lying around anyway. (Cats starting to get interested)
  22. i have several kribs, these are from 3 or 4 different places, i've got them in a community tank and will be moving them into their own tank next week, my question is can i keep 6 or 7 females with 2 or 3 males, or do i need to pair them up, also do they like living together in a breeding group, or will i have to seperate the pairs when they are ready to breed, the tank is 3ft x 15 x 18, i will have lots of hidy places, and heaps of fake plants, when and if i get eggs or fry, can they stay in the same tank, or will they get eaten, i'm using a mixture of rain water and town water, tank is cycling now, cheers, steve and jules............
  23. Ok so i notice a female sitting at the top of my tank and colours were a bit off (sign of stress im guessing) so i netted her and chucked her in a box within the tank. not massive but big enough, her fins have been nibbled at. They have all been getting along fine until now. Should i just isolate her for a bit then re introduce or just get rid of her? they are Pindani's btw. All water paramounts are sweet as. EDIT: there is 18 in the colony 16 females and 2 males
  24. hey every on i was just wondering if ther is a easy way to start a colony of aficans as i am trying to start two colonys of different fish and i am looking for a 5ft fish tank with stand light and hood near the ipswich region Thanks heaps
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