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  1. I've set up a tank dedicated to these guys: http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/7111-new-library-article-paratya-australiensis/ They are super lively and entertaining, especially when they swim slowly through the gentle current. They are also amazing at cleaning algae/slime so far - much more so than my other natives. Anyone have experience breeding them and figuring out what determines the colour variations? I know they're not super popular but thought I'd still ask! Mine had lost their colour entirely when they arrived, but over time they seem to be settling into three appearances: - Greeny-gold tinted bodies (very light tint) with metallic stripes/speckle. - Bluish tint with minimal darker stripes/speckles. - Red-brown tint with darker red stripes/speckles. Still trying to get some decent photos but will post when I do! Since they're all in the same tank I'm wondering if the colours are hereditary rather than due to environmental factors, but it's too early to tell that. Mine are from captive bred stock (the livefish site) heaps came berried with seemingly large egg size, so with luck they'll have large larvae and decent survival rate. I already see a teeny shrimplet about 3mm that likes to eat the algae from the walls. So fingers crossed a fair few from the new generation make it to adulthood!
  2. So I got sick of seeing the guys chewing a saggy old well chewed black sea star hanging at the back of the rock! I put in some nice looking red sea stars and the guys just stuck with the daggy black one. An hour later on, I went to feed the fish and here is the big female amongst the scolis where I dropped the sea stars, problem is the sea stars had moved on ages ago, she is dumb, the colour is the same but she is not bright enough to know the difference between red scolis and sea stars that are not there now, derrrr! Anyway I gave her one and off she went dragging it back to hubby!
  3. So I'm breeding BN but starting out with the 3 most common coloration's; common, albino and peppermint maybe a albino/orange variant as well. But I was wondering how do you get different coloration's? Like how would you breed marble fry, do the parents have to be two certain types or is it just luck of the draw? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers,TAH001
  4. This week we have a fantastic deal on our 2FT RGB LED Colour Aquarium Lights Were already on a fantastic price for only $82.. BUT this week only for the first 50 sold we have an incredible price of only $54.94 To claim this offer simply enter this code at the checkout - LIGHTMEUP33 If you want the colours in your aquarium to pop out then this is the light for you... it also promotes healthy plant growth If your looking for a LED that will bring your aquarium to light and not was out the colours then this light is for you. the Beamswork RGBW LED light features the best design: slim, light, and yet, contemporary Extends to fit most sized tanks with brackets installed Clear plastic splash guard An external power transformer/LED Driver This is a fixture specially made with all RGB LEDs (3 in 1 mixed bulb) of freshwater pink light; it is tailored to a roseate hue (Freshwater Pink) that enhances and truly brings out the colour of tropical fish in aquarium....even more. This new arrival 24" Beamswork Hi Lumen 0.2W LEDs HI-LUMEN 60 Light Fixture is an option on demand aquatic lighting solution, and yet the most economical high output LED light fixture available around. Fixture Size: 24" x 5" x 1" (Add 0.65" in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 72 Lumens: 1900+ Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.2 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 72x RGBW Power Usage: 28 watts
  5. Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm. Normally $9.95. Today only $2.20 !!!. We are overstocked on this size so we are selling way below cost to make room for several containers of stock arriving in the next few weeks. The ever popular 300gm size sells for $23.95 so why not buy ten tins @ $22.00 and save a few dollars while enjoying the benefit of individual 30gm tins to retain freshness !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm Ben :dance:
  6. Can someone please tell me the correct colour of L002's - because mine r grey & black & someone is trying to tell me they r orange & black - can someone tell me the correct colour thanks everyone
  7. Have a lot of African CICHLIDs just wondering what are the best few ways to get the best possible colour out of all the cichlids I have! Would love to have a complete tank Full of amazing colourful cichlids!!! Thank you, Shan!
  8. Have two off these guys just appeared in a new batch one day pink light colouration!
  9. Does anyone feed there americans colour enhancing food? If so what types? Ive got festae and dovii..
  10. .Hi,when I set my tank up a few months ago I put pool filter sand in as it was cheaper way to go,but my water always seems to be a brown colourwill this eventually disappear as I do my water changess over time,I also use Easy life which is said to clear the water but still have this appearance, any tips?,thanks Brett.
  11. .Speaking to various people, this is still a controversial topic. Some breeders will use it to an extent for good sounding reasons. Where is the line in your opinion. Do you use colour enhancing food?? And why??
  12. .Recently i purchased a black ater catfish... It was pure black when i purchased it and now its a grey with no pattern... Kind of just like a ugly looking tandanus i payed a lot more and searched everywhere for him so id really like him to be black like he used to be. He seems as happy as anything and eats like a pig so dont think its a stressed thing. Temperate of tank is around 27.5 ph 7 gh and kh all in a good range
  13. We have received in a few shipments in, in the last week or two and have a good range of Sera happening. After a long delay we have been able to get back in the Sera San Colour Tropical Flake in the 10l tub. Anyway here is the link to check out all their food and pricing. You will probably notice a few label changes / name changes too. Sera <---click here for pricing and info
  14. Yahoo it has hit and in stock. Click Here for Pricing and availability 6 Colour Enhances Chili Pepper Phaffia Yeast Krill Astaxanthin Canthaxanthin Lutein With Hikari Germ - with Beneficial, Live Micro Organisms Click Here for Pricing and availability Available in 333g Mini and Medium and 600g Medium and Mini
  15. <BR><BR>Just wondering what you guys think these oscars wil end up looking like. Do they usually colour up like a standard yellowish/orange lutino, or is there a chance they will keep their platinum type colouring? Anyone else had juvies like this, if so what did they grow up like?
  16. i know about white crane and have read threads on the 4s and against it so any thing else thats out there its for cichlids mainly yellows and dragon bloods thanx
  17. I bought some last night at the auction and noticed the colour ranges from red through to a very pale colour.im not complaining at all as they were bought to see how they go before trying some more costly variants of shrimp ,what i am wondering is due to the colour variation and they do vary in size from lge berried females down to littlies do they colour up more as they get older or is the colour due to indiscriminate breeding and not breeding for colour? Tjey look cool anyway
  18. Why would my water be a milky colour. Tank has been up and running for a couple of years now and in the last month or two the water has been going a cloudy colour. What am I doing wrong. Only thing that I can think of that I have changed is I'm using Purigen to take the tannins out of the water. Cheers any help would be great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I'm looking for a 24w t5 light that will enhance the red colour of fish. I'm looking at a geisemann midday since I see a lot of red on its chart - not sure that I'm reading it correctly. any ideas/alternatives.
  20. Hi All. Great price on the ever popular Tetra Colour Bits 300gm. Today only $19.95. Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Ben
  21. I have this Trio of Spear tails The male has a green face a red patch near neck blue saddle yellow tux and a flame pattern tail. I've asked experts in Thailand and USA and I've been told it a unique colour form and rare because they have not seen it before and there are no photos on the net of it. here are some average photos of the trio.
  22. Hi guys I got this ranchu a couple of weeks ago and my partner and I are confused with its colour. We think it is a bronze calico as it has matte and metallic scales but it seems to be slightly blue:noidea: Sorry about the quality of the photo. I don't take many photos of my fish and this guy was super active! Any thoughts/ideas would be most appreciated!
  23. Just wondering if festae only really colour up when breeding or distressed? My 5yr old girl is massive, when I had her in a 4x2x2ft with 2 plecos, 2 featherfins and the male her colours would change often. Now in a divided 5x2x2 with the 2 featherfins in her division and the smaller male (she nearly killed him) in the other. She is always green, is this because she is content and happy? She always greets me as she's always hungry haha
  24. hey guys im after a type of fish what can / dose change its colour fairly good ( saltwater) he must be pretty to look at as well i was thinking the foxface rabbitfish but im having 2nd thoughts is their any others ?
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