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Found 13 results

  1. .https://www.facebook.com/jack.cichlidscrazy/photos/np.48430756.100001518421440/652946684823430/?type=1&notif_t=notify_me Can't be natural, and don't approve at all. Thoughts?
  2. Deal of the Day - ECOLED - Multi Colored LED Submersible light with built in air curtain. The LED color options are Moonlight Blue, White, Red, Green and Multi Colored which make the unit perfect for nocturnal viewing for reef & freshwater aquariums. The power cords are 3 metres in lenght which will suit even the tallest tank setup. Each LED has a built-in air curtain for those who wish to use them in a freshwater system 8.5 inches long Today only $29.95 Link - Age of Aquariums - ECOLED - Multi Colored Ben
  3. hey guys bought some chocolate shrimps a while ago and the seller....well you know who it is told me they produce all sorts. and they truly did!!! i ended up setting up a few more tanks and i am planning to separate into specific coloured tanks to see if their colours stay or go back to brown. so far all the reds have stayed but i only just started taking out the blues and blacks check it out! i took a video clip some Blues, some browns, some winish red cherries (not totally red i think? or are my eyes fooling me) and even a Black one!!! Redish wine looking shrimp? or just pure red? not sure. opinions VERY VERY WELCOMED
  4. I hope I put this in the right spot I'm after some nice looking apple snails - almost any colour other than golden, as I have a bunch of them. I'm on the northside of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. PLEASE let me know if you could help me out or tell me where I could get some Thanks
  5. My festae have bred. Must have laid inside one off fish junkie's clay pipes as I had no idea. Only about 50 fry though. Both only about 15 months old. kev
  6. Hi all, Im gettin married next month and the misses came home the other day with coloured sand. She wants to put it in with the fighters that will be on the tables at the reception. Not sure if it is a good idea. I was just going to clean the sand and see how we go but i thought i better leave it up the experts.... thats you. Let me know what you think etc. Thanks, Josh.
  7. Hi all, Bit of a dilemma, wanted to get other opinions... I have in my large Americann tank, a breeding pair of Texas and a pair of festae. Texas is one awesome, large, very colourful male at around 28cm and a smaller just as pretty female... These guys have bred many times for me now. Festaes - 1 large female at 28cm, highly colored with gold, red and green... Smaller male about 14cm but looks to have made a pair bond, but nothing definite yet. As the big Tex is getting a bit feisty, need to look at removing either, or.... What would you guys keep?
  8. Sorry had to share some shots as I have been in photo mode lately!Love these guys colour patterns.
  9. These guppies are nice try and count the colours Cheers Joe
  10. hi guys, in need of some of these plastic coloured air stones as far as i know there are 2 types both come apart 1 which just simply pulls apart and the 1 im chasing screws apart, if anybody has seen them around of knows of where i might get some the last 1s i brought i got from the age of aquariums but they are just the pull apart 1s that just fall apart all the time!! any help would be great cheers luke
  11. hey guys. I know you can get brown and white bristlnose as well as peppermints and orange spots but I've seen a picture of a green bristlenose. I was wanting to know (I can't work google ) if there are any other different colours in bristlenose and where I could get a few.
  12. Wondering if there any bright/blood/deep red africans out there? I've been told that there are a "blood dragon" peacocks out there but i am yet to see any!! I have seen (and love) the red tropheus species but i think that they'll be a little vicious to put in my community tank. Anyone got any suggestions??
  13. Hi all, Just thought I'd post up a couple of recent shots of my Aulonocara Kandeense (aka Kandeensis) "Blue Orchid" in my display tank. Had him for almost 3 years from a juvie he's about 4" and finally coloured up for me.... Not a bad looking fish I reckon, unusual colouration for a peacock, his grandparents were wildcaught so pretty much what you see is what's found in Lake Malawi. cheers.
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