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Found 17 results

  1. BACKGROUND, SUBSTRATE COLOURS AND TANK POSITION I recently moved my mbuna from a tank with a black background with river sand substrate, to a tank with a light blue background and a play sand substrate. The lighting is unchanged - exact same LED light, and tanks are same in water volume - slightly different tank dimensions - one is wider and the other a bit taller. The rocks are also exactly the same - just a different configuration. I have noticed that my fish seem to be less skittish and are swimming around looking far more relaxed in tank with blue background. (See vid here: ) They have only been in tank for 24 hours and I expected there to be territorial disputes over the new rock configuration, but this has been very minor...far less than the usual spats and fights. I was planning on a black background for their new tank ...now I'm not so sure...I like the new chilled look my fish have...it is like I have different fish...This is more noticeable as before I changed tanks there were fights going on as several of my females are maturing...these, for the moment at least, seem to have stopped. I like the black backgrounds because it makes the colours of fish pop...but the blue is bouncing more light around and revealing more detail in rocks and fish than I thought would be the case. Sometimes with the black background it is like half the tank is in darkness (especially with all the rocks) and so it can make it difficult to always see what is going on in the tank (harder for cleaning too) ....I also wonder if being able to see more is making the fish feel more relaxed....no aggro fish suddenly appearing out of the dark THOUGHTS???.. Looking at footage of Lake Malawi it would seem that the water is pretty clear/good visibility for the most part...this is one reason given as to why the fish are so brightly coloured - so that they can identify themselves and also identify friend or foe from further away. I like white/cream sand substrate as it looks more natural for the fish...and they like it. However, I am liking play sand more than river sand as it is easier to identify mess when doing cleaning/vac...sometimes it is hard to tell if the small pebbles in the river sand are pebbles or pellets..and so you suck up your sand....the play sand is also lighter in colour and is bouncing more light around the tank. To add even more mystery to the change in behaviour, the fish are now also in an area where they get far more people traffic going past front of tank and the light from the window means we are casting shadows onto the tank as we walk past...normally this would freak my fish out...but they are barely flinching...I thought it would be the opposite...I thought I would never see them as they would be hiding all the time...but no, they are cruising around seemingly carefree... What are peoples thoughts on background, substrate colours and Tank position... And has anyone else noticed changes in the behaviour of their fish due to background, substrate colour or tank position?
  2. Hey guys thought I'd share my new jag with you. He looks awesome at 20cm
  3. Hi so when i got this guy his red tiger stripes were amazing!!! He was about 5cm, hes now about 10cm and the stripes are gone, slight traces of orange here and there... but he has all this white all over him, small specs, not like the camo they get occasionally, but... theyre hard to explain and also hard to capture with my camera. Anyone seen them before on an oscar? Any idea what they are?
  4. I bought a couple of hongi juvies during the week and just noticed the larger one has lightened up and has more prominant bars when he gets near the other then when its away from the other one colours/ bars go away . Is this a young male showing off in the rare chance i got a pair .they are both a bit over 5 cm
  5. Deal of the Day - Tetra Colour Bits 300gm. Today only $18.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Tetra Color Bits offers complete and balanced nutrition along with special color enhancers to bring out the vibrant colors of large tropical fish. Grains sink slowly to allow mid-feeders plenty of time to feed. Feed your fish only as much as they will consume in several minutes, 2 to 3 times per day. ( renamed Tetra Color Tropical Granules )
  6. These pics at the end are two of my many acans that are firing up and spreading out beautifully. Poor things still haven’t experienced a water change yet and they get all dosing needs from food oxidation and these- Calcium. Dissolve 250 grams Damprid from bunnings in roughly 2 liters of RO water. Just be aware the mix gets a bit hot and with its reaction when the two are combined. Calcium citrate Any calcium coral, seashells, limestone, or dolomite is fine. Then combine with citric acid, lime or lemon will do nicely. Alkalinity Buy some pool alkalinity and PH up from Bunning's and mix 350 grams once it is cooled to 2 liters of RO water and mix for quite a while. Magnesium. Grab 2 cups of Epsom salts and add near double that of magnesium chloride as hexahydrate in neutralised or RO water and mix,” green health” on line has the hexahydrate. This solution isn’t added as often the other two parts, so I put in heaps each time I do add it. Iodide-iodine Is not usually needed as it comes from any foods added, this is for the algae pigments especially for the corals algae. Iron and vitamins. Use the swisse brand liquid iron in the vitamin section of the super market. Amino acids They come from feeding as the oxidation processes release it and algae excretes it as well as a bi product of photosynthesis. A part from old school xr-e diodes, no skimmer or wave makers, its that easy.
  7. Hi All. Deal of the Day Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Ben
  8. Hi All. We now stock the complete range of Serenity Aquatics Freshwater Substrates. Here are a few links, - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Black Diamond Sand 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Red Diamond Sand 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - White 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Coffs Harbour Fine 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Coffs Harbour Coarse 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Black 10kg This Substrate is Triple Washed and 100% natural so will not alter the water chemistry. Priced at $24.95 per bag. Usual Discounts apply plus our Famous capped delivery fee of $7.50 per order regardless of weight or quantity of items Australia wide. Ben
  9. These are from when I broke them up moving from the top tank to the invert tank. The original acan is just orange/red all over, this is quite a bit prettier since it changed after they went into the bottom tank, now the frags are all healed and new polyps are already happening. Yes there are always abundant algae forms in my tanks, wouldn’t be with out them!!!!!!!
  10. While there are unique & rare types of goldfish....there are also rare and hard to find colour patterns with goldfish...some of these "pop up" in Australia from time to time and many are unstable(being unable to consistently produce offspring with the same qualities)...I think there is so much that can still be done with goldfish and many colours are still "untapped"...some colour patterns are secure in some varieties like the black and white in a panda butterfly and yet the same colour scheme is very rare in the ranchu variety for example....I think alot of colours are still to be discovered and secured especially when you consider what patterns are available with their relative...the koi....So thought it'd be good to show off some of the rare/unique colour patterns out there....feel free to post any pics and comment on any goldies with unique or uncommon colours....love to see whats out there... lets get the ball rolling with the "panda" collection... Apparently the panda colour was secured in the ranchu variety by Tung Hoi aquarium industries(probably Chinas biggest and most successful goldfish farm) but they lost all of the breeding stock to a disease that affected their farm...maybe they are keeping them a secret... Anyways heres some examples... The above ranchu are examples of what Tung Hoi were producing....a "matt" white scaled ranchu with black...these were stable because of the "matt" scale colouring.... and heres an unstable panda ranchu with metallic scales(most goldfish have this type of scaling and this colouring can fade or even completely change colour)
  11. My decorator crab experimenting with some new cloths-stick ons,lol. This one lives in the algae area and just missed loosing its head in the last trim of the racemosa. That’s some of my amazing nutrient importing racemosa on top, nice hat maybe,lol.
  12. Hey guys as stated above my red devil is starting to get black/grey colours under her scales this was not there yesterday and looks like it is spreading she is a full grown adult roughly 30 cm's in length so she is not juvenile which i do know juvenile red devils change colours from black to red she seems to be solking a little aswell does anyone know if there is a problem or is this just a normal red devil thing and they change as adults aswell please help as i do not want to lose this fish
  13. Ive been looking at the JD's that I bought last week off a fellow forumite. They have been doing really really well. Two days ago I noticed one of them had turned black - literally. Today I have come down to do some study and feed them only to notice their are eggs everywhere!! I've only had them a week today (well tonight) and I already have fishy porn going on.
  14. Any suggestion on wher I can get an info for the best t5 tube that would enhance the colour of my fish? I have no plants on my tank. Been browsing around but would like to get an opinion based on your actual experience on the light. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. im only new to cichlids, and i have a few, but want to know how to get colours on the cichlids, they range from 2cm to 5cm but have no colour, i have seen smaller cichlids with like full colour, can anyone help me out, they are africans
  16. I make my own DIY frozen food & all my africans love it & can't eat enough of it. I would like to add some colour enhancers to the food for my display tank such as carotenoid pigments/Beta-carotene, astaxanthin, E127, E129 or similar: cheaply? Any idea where I might be able to buy any of these colour enhancement ingredients? I'm especially interested in astaxanthin as it is a great antioxidant as well.
  17. hey guys have bred about 10 mouthfuls of yellows now and they seem to vary alot in colour when they are about 4 weeks old onwards my 1st batch were bright from day 1 and are magnificent now @4cm but my others who are around 1 cm have very little colour at all.. when do most peoples elec yellows colour up and do some of my dull ones have a hope of coming out bright? all are from the one colony with about 5 different bloodlines through out.
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