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Found 65 results

  1. Hi all, We are relatively new at keeping fish and have made some stupid rookie mistakes and just when we thought we were getting a grasp on everything we have noticed white spots over a proportion of the community population (2nd day now). In the 200L tank we have: 4 Gourami, 5 dwarf gourami, 3 honey gourami, 40 tetras, 14 danniios (spelling), 3 corys and 2 bristle noses. Equipment wise we have an aqua one cannister, hydra 40 ( cartridges removed ) and an air line with 2 outputs. So far I have dosed the tank with Blue Earth white spot treatment (tetra strength) and am slowly pushing the temp to 30c. The medicine instruction doesn't say anymore than redo in 3 days. (Doesn't mention water changes etc) Can anyone offer advice on what else we should be doing? Thanks Mat Sent from my SM-P350 using Tapatalk
  2. So i did what i didnt want to do and turned my discus tank into a community tank, 6x2x3 heavily planted and now stocked with 12 large discus school of cardinals school of embas, 5x rams, cherry shrimp and 5 threadfin rainbows. just recently added the rainbows, on the weekend to be precise, and now the 3 males appear to have early stages of whitespot, however are still feeding and displaying to females showing nosign of stress. i realised just now after doing a water change on the weekend i havnt had my heater on, so before i put these fish in the temp has been somewhere below 26d, so ive just put it back on which willbump my temp up to between 28-30d. my question is, having never had whitespot issues in all my years of fish keeping, will the disease go away without treating? will it pass onto other fish reguardless of their immunity? what can i treat the tank with thats not going to kill my plants? my water parameters are perfect, ph 6.5-7 and temp will soon be back up to 28-30. please help!
  3. I have a 4' / 200L freshwater community with the following inhabitants: * 1 x RTBS * 1 x Veiltail Betta * 15 x neon tetra * 6 x male guppies * 2 x corydoras julii * 2 x otocinclus It has been running for two months using pre-established gravel. Inhabitants have been added sporadically, and there has been no fish loss. Tank is unplanted, gravel substrate, plenty of driftwood. Current filtration is a 1000L/hr internal power filter using the ace venturi system, with 25% weekly water change. This approach seems to be holding water, so to speak. I've decided to move to an external canister (Eheim 2213), for a number of reasons, but mainly because the internal power filter is unsightly, awkward to clean (weekly), the venturi is loud, and the smallest bubbles it produces seem to stay in suspension and give the water a cloudy appearance. My concern is that the low water throughput of the Eheim compared to the internal power filter w/ venturi will result in reduced oxygenation of the water column, and reduced circulation of the water (around the heater etc). So it's taken a while, but I'm almost ready to ask a question. I wondered if one of those low power "wavemaker" style power heads would be an appropriate partner for the Eheim 2213. I realise these are not true wavemakers that you would use in a marine environment, rather a power head with a different diffusion pattern. Of that style of power head, the weakest I've seen is a 2000L/hr (2.5W) version. Using a regular power head, my understanding is that volume of throughput would be undesirably excessive for a 200L tank, but the "wavemaker" style power head apparently has more diffuse water disturbance characteristics. I also wonder how it could move 2000L/hr using only 2.5W. Does anyone have any experience using that style of power head in a 200L tropical tank, as an adjunct to an external canister filter? Would the type of water disturbance / circulation be helpful, or just overwhelming? There it was, a question...
  4. Been working on my new filter drums today. Going to make them up one at a time and swap them out so it doesn't upset the filtering system, someone else started the filter design and the drums have seen better days, so brought some new better ones. They are currently full of lava balls and they keep blocking the system so have to go. This will end up containing this new BioHome media that is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread....hmmmm, jury is out on that one, only time will tell (f**king expensive sh*t I know that much). I have glued some egg crate in the bottom (with super strength araldite) to stop the media from blocking the flow and allowing the air to flow up through the media. The water comes from the tank into a pressurised pond filter that I use as a mechanical filter and UV, then through the inline heater and splits into 3 lines, each one going to one of these drums and then back into the splitter that takes 3 into 2. Each of the 2 lines goes into a separate canister that contains a filter sock, bag of Seachem Purigen in one and sock with a bag of carbon when needed in the other. Then from there back into a 10,000lph pump and back up to the tank. At each end there is a ball valve to shut off water supply and a tap and hose fitting under the tank for draining and filling the tank. I have glued an airline into the bottom of each of the drums and these are connected to a battery backup air pump to protect the biological media in each of the drums in the event of a power cut. There is another backup air pump supplying the tank with air in the event of a power cut as well. No such thing as overkill, is a stupid word. If the Nitrate stays too low it can mean only one thing.......you do not have enough fish in the tank. Go and buy some more! Only thing I am not sure about is my idea of supplying air to the drums (which they don't currently have) to protect the bacteria in the event of a power cut (and we get a few), What will happen when the tank pump stops circulating the water and the air pump is still blowing air into the drums. I am guessing it will get pushed back through the splitters at each end of the system as the drums are all individually connected via the splitters. At one end they go to the heater and then into the mechanical filter and back to tank. At the other they go into the filter socks and then onto the pump and back to tank. I am hopping as they are only air pumps, so low pressure, they will not have enough power to push the water and the crap from the foam filters backwards from the mechanical filter and then into the tank. With a bit of luck as it is only small bubbles from an air pump they will simply pass through the water and back into the tank. If it works really well I may even be able to remove the airlines to the tank as the air will get pushed back into the tank protecting the fish from suffocating. But does it mean I will see lots of air bubbles coming out of all the returns to the tank. Hoping that will not be too visible as I hate air bubbles in the tank. I use a wave maker to agitate the surface and oxygenate the water, so didn't want airlines in tank, but have no other way of protecting the fish..
  5. Hi guys, I am planning stock for a 4x2x2. I am thinking the following but have a couple if questions. 5x Neolamprologus Multifasciatus 2x Neolamprologus Leleupi 9x Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis 9x Cyprichromis Leptosoma Ikola 9x Cyprichromis Sp. Leptosoma Goldfin. What are your thoughts, too many fish? What are the chances of hybrid fry? I want to avoid them. Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Guys, I have a 200ltr planted tank. the inhabitants are 4 Angelfish, a BN trio, 8 Danios, 20 neons tetras and before the recent deaths around 20 guppies (females 3 to 1 ratio..ish) I have always struggled with keeping the ph down and have had to use the "PH Down" that you get in the test kits about once a week. The gravel is fine black gravel and the plants are in pretty good condition with the odd end of a leaf a bit browned. A sponge filter and large internal (2400 ltr/hr) and 2 large air stones On Sunday i had 4 male guppies and 6 females, the males were picking on the females a bit so i went out and picked up another 10 females Monday when i got home from work an unfortunate guppy had passed But Tuesday when i got home 6 more guppies dead, and its not just the new guppies but some of the old too My reaction was 30% water change and clean all filter media (in the extracted water) and no food last night but i did feed them this morning although lightly PH check this morning and it is still at the top of the range so treated with the PH Down again I actually tested it 4 times this morning before work just to make sure before i treat to get the ph down Back home again after work and 1 more guppy has died Not sure how to react, only guppies have died, all other fish seem fine. Swimming freely, no gulping of air at the water surface or anything noticeable. Is there particular diseases that only kill guppies ? i thought guppies were quite hardy Is another large water change a good idea ? or could it be to much for them i don't want to do more damage than good Your help is appreciated
  7. .Hi everyone. I think I might finally take the plunge and get my first 'big' tank. Something around the 3ft mark or a little bit bigger. I need some help with the stocking. So far I am thinking: 1 x Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami Neon Tetras (how many?) Corydoras (how many/what type?) Kuhli Loaches (how many?) ^^^^ Those are the fish I am really set on having. I would also like to have some guppies and/or mollies, but I am not overly worried whether I can have them or not. I think I have heard that mollies are extremely aggressive. Is this true? I will do sand for the substrate and somewhat planted (combo of fake and real, depending on what I can keep alive). Any suggestions for what else I can have? Will they get along? Will I be overstocked if I get all of these fish?
  8. So i just did a clean of my tank and installed my new external filter. My tank is 122x36x48cm roughly and 182lt the filter i got filters 2200ltrs per hour so is more then enough for my tank. I currently have 10 neon, 3 black widow tetras, 5 silver tips and 2 angel fish. Everyone gets along great but I wanted to add maybe 2 more species but I can't decide what! Please help!
  9. Just wondering what everyone uses. I now have gudgeons (3 varieties), rainbows and glassfish. I'm currently feeding them blood worms which they love. The native pellets I have are too large even though they still pick at them. I will be trying maggots soon hopefully. attempting to collect them using the method described in the book by Leggett and Merrick.
  10. Mate is giving me a 10cm Devil. Short of putting in a 4x18x18 by itself, i was thinking of throwing her in my 5x2x2. Shes come from a community, so how would one go with two 30cm Oscars, a 10cm salvini, a 35cm goldspot and 12 Dollars from 10-15cm some maybe bigger? I know people say pyco fish, but i have heard some can be mellow. Should i try? Whats peoples exp with them in community tanks?
  11. Hey all, Please bear with me through this epic essay of my issues! The plan is a soft water acidic community aquarium consisting of a combo of Neons, Rams, Bolivian butterfly's, Bristlenose, Corys and a Krib (don't judge me, I must live out some childhood memories here before I move onto the more interesting stuff). So here I am, after three and a half weeks, my cycling is all done. All the time I've been trying to get my water parameters to a reasonable level and failing... miserably. Obviously having slightly acidic water would be a plus, though given the trouble I've been having, even getting to neutral would be fine. My parameters out of the tap pH 7.6-7.8 kH 3-4 gH 5-6 First up I tried a combo that was recommended to me that included Seachem Neutral Regulator and Acid Buffer. Whilst I had some success getting the pH down to 6.6, I kept finding the pH would be creeping back up to 7.6 after a day or two, no matter how much was added. Then I changed mot of the water and did an experiment using peat moss in the external canister, which also go the pH down to 6.4-6.6 with a kH of 0-1 and GH of 2-3, but with even a 10% water change the pH shot up to 7.6. Unless I use an ageing barrel, I can't see this working any other way, and even then, the lack of buffering would make me a little uncomfortable... Having somewhat given up at that point I thought that I'd just try Seachem Neutral Regualtor by itself. In a 50L test bucket it took about 10x the recommended dose to even get the pH from 6.6 to 6.4. Another fail! Someone on here recommended I try KH generator and pH down. I've yet to give that a go... Rain water really isn't an option for my in the current residence, though if I really tried, I could probably find a way to get a 240L wheelie bin attached to the drain pipe and hope it rains once a month... though it would be a pain. RO/DI water is my seemingly last obvious option. Would a combo of Seachem Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer in the correct proportions, along with Replenish be enough to keep that pH just under the sodding 7.0 mark? I'm willing to go down this route if there is no other way. Or I could just hope that the fish can adapt to my 7.6 water, and expect a few losses. I gotta say this is quite frustrating, and the inability to figure out a clear cut answer is getting to me. I swear most of life's problems aren't anywhere near as difficult as keeping my pH down at 6.8 :ballchain:Thank you for bearing with me. Any advice would be appreciated! Otherwise I might just have to hit up some native rainbows (which I'll get to anyways! ) Cheers
  12. Thought I'd put up a pic of my attempt of an American community tank tank is 2440l x 600w x 700h all fish are only 4-5cm I'm putting a fair few fish in there to hopefully spread out the aggression as they get bigger stocking so far is 2 synspilium, 2 jack Dempsey, 2 jags, 2 green Texas, 2 braziliensis, 3 salvini, 3 green terrors and 3 clown loaches future fish 2 oscars 3 more clown loaches and 2 festae that are in another tank waiting for the other fish to get a bit bigger before they get added[ATTACH=CONFIG]45041[/ATTACH] looks a bit empty at the moment but not for long
  13. Hi Guys, I have a 4X2X2 tank with 9 Neolamprologus similis in, I purchased them from discus_noob (adam). They hover above the shells all day so there is ample swimming space above. There is about 20KG of river stone and about 30-40 shells on the bottom half of it is covered in sand the other half in rocks/shells. They are a breeding colony, I am new to tangs so I am unfamiliar with tankmates aggression etc. I would like to know if I can add tankmates to the tank without them trying to kill one another. Preferably open swimming fish. If so which tankmates are sutiable? Cheers Bazz
  14. I was just posting this because I was curious about how I would breed my cichlids in my 3 foot tank ???
  15. G'day everyone, haven't been on here much lately but had to share my favourite lil tank with y'all It's a custom 2.5ft, holds bout 230L (200L with rocks & TMsand) & the community is thriving just need to add a couple snails for algae control. Under full light ^^ Under half light with a lil extra blue^^ "Hawk" my male Callochromis Pleurospilus, he's incredibly brazen, interactive & bold especially for a tang. Even eats from my fingers
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has ever kept our Australian Desert Goby's aka Chlamydogobius Eremius in community tanks and if so did they have any troubles with them eating or killing any of the fish in the community????
  18. Hi all, I'm new here but have been lurking for a bit, getting some great info. So I'm setting up a 190l corner tank, it's quite high, 60cm I think and I've got my heart set on pair of angels in a community. I was planning to get maybe 6 little ones and wait for a pair to form, trade out the rest. So, to go with them I was thinking about a group of red phantom tetras, lemon tetras, cories and maybe some scissor tail rasboras. Any thoughts on numbers and if these fish will be okay together? Oh, can Otto catfish go in with angels? Grateful for any advice!
  19. Can you keep more than 1 female festae in an American community tank?
  20. Hi all, As it says I just got my new tank running. It's 5x2x2 running an aquanova 1200lph cannister and otto 800lph internal. I will be adding two sponge into k1 filters which will be hidden in the corners as much as possible It will have a mix of sand and 1-2mm gravel as substrate and lots of wood with a rockery built up at one end. Inside the rockery and amongst the wood I will have some pipes and caves for breeding and hiding. THE DRAFT STOCKLIST, in order of preference; Pair or two of archocentrus sajica Pair of archocentrus spilurus (blue eye cichlid) Pair or two of cleithracara maronii (keyhole ciclid) Par of laetacara curviceps (red breast ciclid) Pair of archocentrus multispinosis (rainbow ciclid) Pair of brassiliensis (optional) Pair or two of apisto not sure on type yet. Maybe some tetras for the surface Bristlenose and cories as cleanup crew Time for questions Will anything crossbreed? Recommended lighting for showing off fish colours? Is that too many fish, if so what do I lose? Will they all get along? Ive kept a few of these and they are mostly peaceful in my experience but others may have had a different experience. Can I have plants or just stick with anubias on wood? I realise I may need to upgrade the filtration, if so I will run a 3ft sump but I dont want to drill if it's not necessary. I dont have alot of fishy funds at the moment so I am trying too save on everything ( hence dragging out the old aquanova lol) exept the fish, I dont mind paying for quality Any input by anyone is welcome, especially people who breed/have the fish on the list I will start taking pics of stage one tomorrow. Cheers mick
  21. Hi All, I have a 4x18x18 freshwater community tank. Currently have Corydoras and Endlers , I am looking for a larger feature fish (and some Endler control). Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable tank mates for my current stock? TIA, Rosie.
  22. Hey All, I have decided to do a community tank... I like the little fishes... I was thinking of getting: Recommended temperature range: 24 - 25 C Recommended pH range: 6 - 7.5 Recommended hardness range: 5 - 15 dH Recommended water change schedule: 32% per week Would this be lower if I have a well planted tank? Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 511% I used AqAdvisor to work this out. How good is this site? I also tested my tap water and it come out at: PH: 8-8.5 dH: 6 (I used a KH test kit, so I hope I did it right) So PH isn't that hard to change but do I need to do anything to the dH? I plan to have a planted tank aswell.
  23. Hey guys I'm a relative beginner with l number plecs, but I am very interested in owning a group in one of my tanks. Only problem is I have basically no clue as to the nature of any of these fish, so I wouldn't have a clue which fish will tolerate which. Has anyone got a suggestion as to which species of pleco I could keep together? As in like 5 different species in a group? Any suggestions are appreciated
  24. Hello, I have set up over the past three months my first community tropical tank (usually I do coldwater). Please tell me what you think! It is stock with black widow tetra, two angelfish, a small three spot gourami, two kribensis and one peppermint bristlenose.
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