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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am new to the forum and i am after some guidance from you guys. I am in the process of setting up my first planted tank and i am in the process of buying what's needed, main problem i'm currently having is with the co2 regulator, not easy finding one that's compatable with the Australian standard thread. After much research i came across alot of people saying Co2art makes good regulator so i send them an email asking if they make regulator with Australian standard thread which is AS 2473 type30, they said yes they make them in W21.8 which is the same,but i couldn't find any information that i could understand about the matter. so my question is are they the same?? AS2473 type 30 same as W21.8?? Regards
  2. I got an Aqua one nano co2 a few weeks ago, seems im starting to run out of gas. The aqua one replacments are approx $34. Just wondering if this kit is compatable with painball cylinders at all or any other cheaper brands.
  3. This topic occurs due to a post I saw on facebook with a gent claiming he had frontosa and discus in the tank, they were fine and all in perfect health. The question that occurs is where is the line when mixing fish with different requirements? African and American? Central vs South American, Lake Malawi vs Tanganyika...... Where is the line you will not cross and why.
  4. So i have a 2ft I have planted and wanting to know will rainbows, gudgeons and rosy barbs live together? and possibly an angel as well? or if not what out of these will be ok together? Thanks in advance Karen
  5. will cherry shrimp be eaten by indian glass fish and corydoars pygmaeus?
  6. Hey peeps, Looking for some L's (if any) that will happily live with shrimp, i have breeding Red Nose Shrimp and NT Algae Shrimp. I got told the Panaque species will suit best? Are their any others that will be fine for Shrimp? Thanks in Advance, Seph
  7. hi, i have a mangrove jack that is in a 3 footer at the moment, it is only 6cm, i want to put it in my 6x2x2 which is full of americans, texas, jag, salvini, cuban, flowerhorn, trimac, fh x red devil, fh x texas. in a month when i want to transfer him i will only have a jag, trimac, salvini and texas, what are peoples thoughts on this? the largest fish is a tex who is 25 cm. the rest are about 10-15cm. i know i will need to eventually up grade. should i risk it with the jack, he should be a fair bit bigger in a month, i dont want to loose him as it took me a while to find one. thanks
  8. thought this maybe useful to some maybe it could be a sticky http://www.cichlidrecipe.com/cichlidcha ... hartd.html
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