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Found 19 results

  1. G'day, Currently have my bristlenoses breeding in a 4'×16"×20" tank with the only other fish being 5 black phantom tetra, 4 glass cats and a couple of sunset coloured guppies i couldn't resist. Just wondering if kuhli loaches would be a good addition to this setup or would they likely go after the bristlenose eggs/fry? Even the biggest ones I've seen would be struggling to fit something as big as a BN egg in their mouths but I'm still afraid they may cause problems being so inquisitive. Does anyone have experience keeping breeding BN with kuhlis in the tank? Hopefully setting up a fry growout tank soon so the tank wont get overrun with baby BN.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Just wondering what are suitable tankmates for a pair of whiptail catfish? They will be housed in a standard 4ft tank
  4. Hi can someone please tell me if Black knife Ghost fish are compatible with African Cichlids?
  5. Hey guys im picking up a mangrove jack in a few weeks once my tank is cycled and was wondering if there was anything think that could posibly live with it? i know jacks are solitary predators but just curious if any one has done it and had good or bad experiences. i was thinking of doing a few soles in there, since they are bottom dwelling thought they might get left alone.
  6. Hello all, Do any of you know what the compatibility is like between Red Cherry Shrimp and: -Black Phantom Tetra -Emperor Tetra Cheers guys, much appreciated
  7. Just thought a little thread working with the compatibility of guys from the great lake would be of a great benefit to myself plus others so looking for any experiences keeping a variety of tangs together....some are more obvious than others but I find with such different characteristics amongst the tangs that it can be real hit and miss.... My own personal question is in regards to keeping some of the more predatory guys together but any experiences will be greatly appreciated and can only help to guide others...im finding kendalli are just damn mean n vicious fish:brick:...I thought dhonti were bad(and yes they are but ginger has kept them with others so it can be done!)but my kendalli don't like themselves..don't like others....so would they like tetracanthus in with them???....Also the compatibility of Comps. and Calvus with other guys?????....I find community tanks with tangs a little bit more of a challenge..the fish are so uniquely different from one another and things can be heaven or hell....so looking to learn from those with experiences...
  8. Hey guys found this on another site while trollin' for Afra.
  9. hey i would like to get a pair off Peruvian angels never had a angel before so just wanted to hear your thoughts current tank stocking 75gal with 20 gal sump 5 tapajos 5 sterbai 2 rapheal cats 2 pictus cats 10 Buenos aires tetras 2 LFBN would they fit into the current tank ? water is just brisbane tap water buffered with IAL Cheers, Cliff
  10. hey guys, im re starting a topic I think. but basically ive got a dozen LF bristlenose that are around 3-4 cm that im growing out in a 3ft, the only other thing in the tank is a couple of L002's and im looking at something to throw in there for something else to look at while they grow out. I dont want any casulties and im sorta looking for a schooling fish or something that is really placid, so please help Steve.
  11. Was just curious if anyone has had any luck, keeping an oscar with a few other smaller cichlids, such as venustus, electric blues etc?
  12. Hey All, I'm downsizing to 2 Display Tanks. A 6'x3'x2' (LxWxH) for my Pink GG & a 6'x2'x2' for my 10x F1 Kigomas. I was thinking of building a Stainless Steel 2Teir Stand (GG on Top & Kigomas on Bottom) with a 4'x18"x18" Sump for both. My Q is; Will the GG handle African Water? Currently my Kigomas are in Town water (ph7.8- with Live Agragate Crushed Coral as a hardener. Any advice will be appreciated Thanks Tim
  13. Hey everyone, I hear fronnies take ages to grow up, so i was wondering if i put one in a african tank 3 ft x 15 " x 18" with 1 male eureka red (6- 7 cm) 2 blue dolphins (very shy and about 6 cm) 1 electric yellow about 4 cm and 5 peppermints ranging from 4 - 9 cm yer i no big gap but i got 4 diff bloodlines so its sweeeet. If you think it would be alrite for these fish to mix i would definately look at getting one, if not thats life. Also has anyone else kept these i think they are the burundi frontosa, i so let me no of any problems or issues with keeping these fish together, i have heard of interbreeding with fronnies and blue dolphins but that is about it... trent
  14. Hi all, I currently have a tank that only has a 30cm oscar in it and I would like to put a few other fish in with him. I am particularly looking at adding some algae eaters in there. I have a few bristlenose that range in size from 2cm up to 10cm. I was just wondering how well they would get along if I was to put one in ..... in other words not get eaten We tried to put a B/N in the other night, however he looked very interested in it, so we didn't want to risk leaving it in there. Any advise is appreciated Regards Ryan
  15. hey guys im looking for someone who has put in electric blues and yellows with peacocks and had any trouble?
  16. Hi All, I have an 8x2x2 housing: 1 x juvenile festae 1 x female convict 1 x juvenile gold saum 1 x juvenile jack dempsey 1 x juvenile polleni 2 x common bristlenose 7 x tiger barbs. All is well after about two months of living together. I was wondering about the possibility of adding an active catfish into the mix, but I am not sure about compatibility and water parameters. Would a Synodontis multipunctatus be suitable? I'm sure I've read somewhere about people keeping them with large americans before. Any other suggestions (or rejection of this as a workable idea) would be most welcome.
  17. Hi Folks, I posted in the Freshwater/Catfish section, but perhaps the Cichlid discussion is more appropriate...??? I have 8x2x2 with the following: 1 x festae juvie 1 x gold saum juvie 1 x JD juvie 1 x polleni juvie 1 x convict (female) prob half grown 2 x BN 7 x tiger barbs In the future, when these guys grow up a bit, I'm hoping to put my female Jag in there, but time will tell. Now the primary reason for this post... I am considering the possibility of introducing one or two active catfish to this tank, and was wondering if anyone could suggest appropriate species. What do you think of Pictus cats (Pimelodus pictus as an option? Any feedback welcome.
  18. Yeah...I get to pickup another 4ft tank tonight. I'm finally hoping to separate the cichlids properly. However.....I have inherited some very large goldfish (20cm+) with the tank and black moors etc. I am wondering whether it is worth keeping these or putting any of my existing cichlids in with them is just passing them on to a new home. Obviously they look good as display fish, but I don't want yet another concern about fish being eaten. Is it true large goldfish will eat other smaller fish....if so will they eat 5cm cichlids ? Would my 5cm Oscar be able to survive his own with them ? If I pass them to the LFS...what is each 20cm goldfish worth ? Thanks for any advice. I also later wanted to look a turtle....if I dedicate this tank to the goldfish and turtle (with good filtration)...would that work ?
  19. Hi All I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what fish would be suitable to put in a tank with a Hecqui. I have an extra male that is a bit beaten up at the moment, most of his tail is now missing. I have placed him in a netted area in another tank, but I was thinking that it may not be a good idea to place him back with the others. I don't think I would want to sell him with most of a tail missing. I don't really want him in a tank on his own, waste of tank space. Any thoughts on the topic would be appreciated. Cheers
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