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Found 13 results

  1. Problem: I'm confused about my water parameters. I have been doing fish-in cycling with 2 danios in a 100L tank (learnt about fishless cycling after LFS told me it was safe to add fish straight away...) The tank is 100L, and has been set up for about a month now. I kept up my water changes as required to keep my ammonia at or below 0.25, and nitrites at or below 0.25 as to not harm the fish (as I have seen advised on the internet). All was going well, I had been getting constant nitrite readings (trying to keep at or below 0.25) with no-to-low ammonia and minimal nitrates (1-3ppm) for a week or two, when a few days ago I got a big nitrite spike to 1-2ppm. I did a big water change, dosed extra Prime, rechecked the nitrite and it was just below 0.25ppm. Then the next day, unexpectedly, the levels were: ammonia 0 (or very low - I have difficulty differentiating the colours), nitrite 0, nitrate 0. They have stayed this way for the past 3 days. My question is - can my tank be fully cycled when I never got significant nitrate readings? The biggest nitrate reading I ever got was maybe 4-5ppm. My tank is at ~25 degrees. I have several plants including anubias, ferns, and amazon swords. It gets about 10 hours of light a day. I dose Prime as required, as well as Flourish excel and comprehensive I feed NLS thera-a as per what fish eat in 1-2 min, 1-2x per day. The filter is internal (combination of mechanical, chemical and biological) Thank you in advance!
  2. I would love some help with this ph question... Tap water ph - ranges between 6.6-7.2 Aged water ph - 7.6 Aquarium ph - around 7 I have been ageing my aquarium water for my discus tank as I thought this was best to keep water paramaters stable. However, I am questioning whether I should still age my aquarium water or just use water straight from the tap and not worry about ageing it (I always use prime). The reason for this is that my aged water ph is 7.6 but my aquarium ph is about 6.8/7. So am I creating more stress for the fish by adding water to the aquarium with a higher ph when I could just add water straight from my tap which seems to have a closer ph to my aquarium?? I have tested my tap water ph in the morning, lunch time and evening and found that the ph in the morning and lunch time was 6.6 and evening ph is 7.2.? Does anyone else experience fluctuating ph with their tap water and why does this happen? The kh of my aquarium water is about 2 which I'm assuming could be the cause of my aged water dropping in the aquarium. So should I either: A) keep ageing water to ph of 7.6 but perhaps do more regular and larger volume of water change which may help keep ph more stable? (I am currently changing about 30% of water every three days - which some people tell me is too much and others tell me is not enough) OR start using water straight from the tap and don't worry about ageing it as my current aquarium water ph is closer to my tap water ph then aged water ph? I am not interested in using any buffers as I am not confident with them and think it would only make the problem worse! Would love to hear thoughts!
  3. So afra cobues or zebroides? Are these the same? I've seen people say afra aren't what these fish are called anymore? I'm so confused and just want to figure out what these fish are called or if they are different fish all together? Thank you!
  4. Okay so i had a barramundi and 2 baby oscars in a tank the barramundi was a lot bigger then both the oscars... but somehow beats me how it happened my 2 baby oscars ate the barramundi, I find it really weird as for the first month the barra had them round up in a corner almost waiting for the day it was big enough to swallow them whole, but i came home and they had gotten to it! one of the albino tigers has gone a darker color so i am thinking he is a male and this was a part of being the dominant male in the tank?! im not too sure to be honest if anyone could answer or tell me if its normal for gentle oscars to eat a barra!? i had 2 30cm oscars that got torn alive by a baby red devil which i kinda expected to happen but oscars eating a barra? hmmm
  5. I see there are some "gold plecos" for sale on facebook, and they aren't gold spots and they aren't L144's. What do you think they are?
  6. I'm picking up my 6ft tank this weekend and I'm confused as to what to stock it with. We were thinking of cichlids for the colour's, can you have other fish in a cichlid tank or just cichlids??????? I wanted some schools of little fish swimming around as well as bigger fish, I'm so confused at the moment All input would be greatly appreciated Cheers Adrian
  7. Hi, i am confused what plants to use for a planted tank for tetras and discus could someone give me some infomation? and also is it true you can use normal garden soil on the bottom of your tank but then you have to put another 2 inches of gravel on top of it? Do i have to get special aquarium sand? any infomation would be great, thanks Jesse
  8. wondering if someone could maybe help me with a question. i got some GT's a while ago and when i got them they had this stunning fluro orange around there fins. but now they are white. I thought that orange fins were a different breed to white finned ones. so how did mine change colour am i missing something here. please help leeroy and rosie
  9. I have had this book marked for a while and thought of it as a fantastic resource for most cichlids. Check it out. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/n ... allery.php Another good resource is the Aquarium Wiki http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Main_Page
  10. Hi guys, I got a 4ft x 18inch x 20inch tank on the weekend, and intend to set it up with african cichlids of some sort. I have been keeping a nice 2ft community planted tank with eheim 2213 and co2 for the past year with great success but always wanted a big tank for cichlids!! I'm quite excited to finally have the 4 ft tank. Filter is an eheim 2217, and possibly another internal if extra water movement is required. So far i've put 20kg of calcium carbonate and 9kg of eco complete cichlid sand in the tank and have a few mollies in there to help start the bacteria seeding process. pH is 8.0 Looking for advice on selection of the cichlids... i have been trying to research the lakes malawai, tang and victorian but having trouble deciding which lake i should select species from... or possibly mix. Looking at getting approx 6 - 8 fish. I don't want to overstock the tank. Any general advice would be helpful, i've tried googling but nothing much has come up. Also, if anyone knows of a good source for structures/caves/rocks that isn't too expensive let me know. Otherwise i will probably end up getting some of the imported limestone rock from my local fish store (but it's $9/kg, so very expensive!) Thanks in advance!
  11. Ok guys im confused, i was told that males have black anal and pectral fins and females dont, but today i found what once was thought to be a male is now a female holding eggs, so now i have absolutely no idea how to sex these fish accurately, here are some pics of what was thought to be a male as i have now been proven wrong, help me out guys Jase
  12. Ok so i've got one hell of a confusing maingano. when i bought "him" i was under the assumption that it was a male, had the dark stomach, behaviour was like a male etc etc. recently it had started to get what i believed was bloat, so i had almost finished setting up a special tank for it when i looked in the tank and there "he", or should i say she, was with a mouhtful :S this happened about 3 days ago. been feeding normally and she has been doing the usual thing; swimming u to the food looking like she was going to eat it and ten realising she couldnt and swimming away. Except for just now. I fed the fish, she swam up to the first bit and ate it, then i saw her eat 2 more bits. meanwhile im cursing myself for not removing her earlier and putting her in the "mothers" tank. half an hour later i look at her... shes still holding? and i can still see her tumbling eggs in her mouth? is this normal? or have i jsut got one hell of a smart girl? anyone else experienced this? did you find that they held full term? Cheers, Trent
  13. Ok I am going to ramble on a bit but there goes. I have some fish up for sale. I brought them as an albino form of Metriaclima fainzilberi (pombo rock). Now I don't see the name Metriaclima come up much on any of the places I read, so I fell into the stupid newbie trap of think it wasn't a common fish. The guy that I got the juvi's off of has been breeding these down from wild caught stock that was throwing albinos. Now these guys are throwing pure albinos. Making them worth more again, so I thought. I had never bother to search just the first name Metriaclima. Just for the sake of it today I decided to. I now have no idea of what these guys are worth. I find that Metriaclima is a name that is also related to zebra etc, Pseudotropheus. Man I hate all the scientific names, they are too hard to follow. Basically it comes down to: Do I have the right name of these guys? and What are they worth? Thanks Jenny (Oh also to the guy I got these fish off, it's not that I don't believe you gave me the right name I just need to check for myself and I hate the scientific names. They are great fish, I just don't want cichlids anymore)
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