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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone I have been reading up on aquarium lighting now I have a migraine and noes bleed my led light has died I loved it and so did my fish have had to go back to the 6ft Fluor and since the the fish have not been the same have had heaps of fish die can wat would they recommend for cichlid tank with a few live plants I have a few links http://www.bunnings.com.au/light-bar-led-arlec-72led-alum-sensor-uc0090_p7071105 http://m.ebay.com.au/itm?itemId=360816289100 Also y do my fish freak out wen the blue light is on..? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ive been looking at led lights lately and after having t5s on my tanks planted tank globes were red globes . But some of the led lights ive been reading the info on are just blue and white diodes but they claim to be for planted tanks . Is it different for leds or are they just advertised a bit dishonest? Some of the lights are e bay ones , wasnt gunna buy one just nosing around , just comparing to the fluval planted light
  3. So I'm trying to under stand why fish food is so up and down with prices ? Eg; alge wafers at a lfs that I saw this week was $90 for 1 kg and some one on here had 1kg for $10 what's the difference ? And flake a bucket of flora will set you back $150 and I can get 10 kg of no brand for the same money ? Now in saying that I do no that you get what you pay for! But really 600% mark up for alge wafers !wtf.I no the shops need to make money that's not the point of this thread just trying to understand the difference between expensive and cheap food . So this thread I wanted to ask What are you using and why? Why not go cheaper? Have you tried cheaper food did it do the same job?
  4. I have used a lot of Seachem Safe. But I am now a bit confused about the actual dosing of Safe, particularly since Seachem's web site says "Do not overdose!". Seachem's web site and some retailers say: To remove… Chlorine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 1625 L (450 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Chloramine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 1250 L (300 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Ammonia: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 400 L (100 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). However the labels on my recently purchased actual Seachem Safe containers say: To remove… Chlorine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 750 L (200 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Chloramine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 950 L (250 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Ammonia: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 150 L (40 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). I have written to Seachem in the U.S and will post their response here when I hear back from them. Anoyone else a bit confused about this since it is a very big difference in recommended dosing.
  5. Hi Little confused about the common names used for Malawi Cichlids an "Electric Blue" seems to be a Sciaenochromis fryeri an "Electric Yellow" seems to be a Labidochromis caeruleus what's a "Peacock"? is it a Aulonocara something. Seems to be a lot of colour variations within these groups, are these due to geographical, cross breeding or hybridisation.
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