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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Around a year ago I bought 3 congo tetras, 2 females and one male. The male died quite a while ago and since then the females just haven't been happy. They seem stressed and do not look well. I keep them with much smaller peaceful tetras and the water is fine and all that stuff I just know they aren't happy as they are now. I don't know what to do with them, I don't think I am providing a happy environment for them I would happily sell them to someone but I do not want to sell fish that I do not think are well.... What should I do? I don't have another tank to put them in to rehabilitate them and make them more happy. I don't have the room to buy more of them so they have friends to school with. I feel like a bad person... what should I do?
  2. Heres a little thread i've wanted to get going for awhile .. So this might stir up some opinions but I think we are wrongfully crossing our black calvus varieties not aware of the differences...seems people arent really aware of the yellow faced type but I believe its a true variant and I think we have some real deals lurking in oz(I myself vaguely remember seeing the odd black calvus around with a yellow streak down the front of the face).... The yellow body colouring seems to fade with aging(as is happening with stock overseas)...and certain fish genetically carry stronger colouration...i know some here in oz have mentioned it could be from cross breeding etc but I beg to differ...having seen images of wild caughts in the US with this colour pattern and also and how the yellow can fade with generations,crossbreeding etc has me thinking the natural occurring variety does display a strong yellow band down the face...this is apparently much stronger on the boys and a very reputable breeder by the name of Russ(Razzo) in the US had a beautiful boy with a super strong marking thus making his fry some of the most sought after calvus in the US as they were throwing heavy yellow facial markings..unfortunately he no longer breeds this variety(concentrating on frontosa I last read)but I have supplied a bunch of his great images and would love to hear thoughts etc on this variant or on the state of our own black calvus...seems we might be crossing variants and inturn trying to destroy different variants all unknowingly..if this is the case...maybe we should be trying to breed back towards the yellow pattern on the front of the face plus other visible features to save this type of variant!!!...I personally think if it was the result of crossbreeding it would also affect a much more wider or random area of colouring/patterning(as I have now seen in some potential hybrids).... So some calvus eye candy...some beautiful patterning on these F1 juvies... And so now some of the adults....... Could put pics up of these guys all day long...beautiful fish if you ask me
  3. I love the look of biotope type tanks, looking to set up something nice for my S. tinanti. Would love idea, suggestions etc for substrate, aquascaping, plants (if wanted), etc. Want to create a nice looking tank that will keep the fish happy. =) Thanks! The tank is a 3ft, will be housing a pair for now, and possibly a small school of congo tetras as dither fish.
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