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Found 4 results

  1. Thinking of converting my tanks to sand. Never used sand before and my 75gal is heavily planted (mostly java fern, anubius, swords and cryts) just chasing opinions on here. Ive heard said gathers bad gases etc and is hard to syphon? Opinions? Pros and cons? Basically is it worth it?
  2. Hi everyone My brother renovated the old family home and gave me a "lovely" peach coloured bath tub to use as a pond. What are the pros & cons of using a bath tub as a pond? I'm guessing it would limit what I could put in there. A standard bathtub would only hold a few goldies wouldn't it? I would really want some goldies. No interest in swords etc. Position of the "pond" would be another issue I guess. The lovely SEQld weather, it would need somewhere that's not too open in winter (we get frosty) and won't get too hot in summer. I have a 3m wide veranda that runs the length of the house so it could go on there if I dressed it up a little. However, not having any wood or anything laying around here I would have to spend the $$$ on getting it. Would love to do something like the user JayPee did but I'm guessing it would cost a few $$$ to buy the materials from scratch. What else would I have to consider? Is it really worth it? Ideally I would love to just dig a pond somewhere on my block (1 acre) but I can't find a spot suitable. I mean what's the use of building a pond if you can't see it for the trees?? LOL!! Any tips or suggestions?
  3. Hey guys, im looking at setting up a few tanks on a stand for breeding in the near future however im not sure which is the best way to go about filtering the setup. Ive currently already got a 3ft tank but I am looking at getting another 2 4x2x2's, with the primary use for the tanks as breeding ( not sure on the species) Obviously with any fish keeper, keeping electricity usage down is a must as its only getting more expensive. So what types of filtration is there, whats their pros and cons and how much would it cost to set up are the questions Id like to put forward to the many experienced members of this forum. All input is very welcome Cheers Steve.
  4. Okay basically my setup is 3 tiers First level is on the ground with a sump which is 4x3x20, there will be a 4x3x2 going beside it Next tier is two 4x3x20 tanks Then top level I'm thinking either two 4x3x2 tanks or one long 8x3x2 and divide it with black acrylic or something Any pros and cons you guys can think of with having two individual tanks vs. one long tank Pros: For individual tanks is that I can buy one tank at a time and setup them up, fill them with fish then buy the next tank when I have enough money again etc. Easier to move Cons: Might end up costing more than buying just one big tank initially Pros: For one big tank, can always remove divider incase I need to house something bigger Cons: Harder to move, initial cost is larger Edit: so sort of the pros of one are the cons of the other
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