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Found 17 results

  1. My pond is covered in duckweed and thinking that might use a few africans over summer to keep it under control. Just wondering what would be the hardiest duckweed eating africans to get. Already have some platies and firetail gudgeons in the pond.
  2. Hi all, I am playing with the thought of setting up a tank that has very low conductivity and PH. To ensure that the PH is kept around 5.5 i was thinking of using a CO2 system with PH controller. There is no plan to add plants to the tank and i was wondering if the CO2 in the water will be harmful for the fish as there would be very low oxygen. Using RO water i will try to keep the conductivity around 50mu/s adding only blackwater extract to the RO water. Usually the ph would be pretty unstable in such soft water and that is why i thought a CO2 PH controller might be the way to go. Maybe someone here has some suggestions on how to reach and maintain these water conditions. Looking forward to heaps of input :-) Thanks
  3. Hi can anyone share when you know when you need to use Erythromycin or other product to control algae/ I mean how do you know what algae you have
  4. Deal of the Day - Aquatronica Freshwater / Saltwater Aquarium Control Set Starter Kit. Today only $595.00 !!. Includes the following, Control unit 6 way power board Temperature Sensor pH Interface pH electrode Water level sensor Electrode Hold Quality Italian Tech at a great price - Age of Aquariums - Aquatronica Freshwater / Saltwater Aquarium Set - Starter Ben
  5. .can the temp control on an lp 60 be repaired as mine has **** itself,or is it a bin job ????
  6. hey guys never owned a pleco, recently moved my tank and gets hit by sunshine now and algae has started to grow. What sort of pleco am i after to control this issue? + its a flowerhorn tank so a larger species would be best
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hello all. I removed some sucker fish from my tank a little while age & have noticed algae build up on my plants. I currently have 1 x 5cm BN 1 x 5cm Sailfin Pleco & a 3 cm Marble BN. I also have 2 flying foxes as well. I dose with ferts once a week after a 20% water change & run DIY co2. I only removed the sucker fish as they got bigger were very agro with each other & were harassing the flying foxes & started on my Angels too. Any help would be great Cheers
  9. hey guys, some time in the next few weeks im splitting my garage in half and running a small reverse cycle inverter air conditioner to do away with the heaters in winter and keep cooler in summer on the really hot days. had my mate come over today and we brainstormed some ideas of the wall we are going to put up so the garage door can still open and looked at what we can insulate the garage door with. so my question is who else out there is climate controlling their room instead of individual heaters in each sump and can you give me any advice/feedback? cheers, steve
  10. Hi, I have an Aqua Ine all-in-one which is freshly cycled. I've got some minor algae growth, which I expected, but I've tested the phosphate and it is reading fairly high. I've had a few reef tanks and usually I'd add a reactor to keep phosphate in check, but with this tank I don't have that option. There is macro growing in the tank, but as I'd like it to be a reef I'm not interested in filling the tank with any more than came on the live rock. I'm using the Aqua One ProSkim HOB skimmer, which despite my initial trepidation is working fantastically. I've got some Phosbuster but I don't see that as a sustainable control. I'm obviously going to take all the usual measures to prevent phosphate like not over feeding etc. but I'd like to know if anyone has any other suggestions that I can try. Brad
  11. I have a tank that is exploding with RCS. Is there a way to control the numbers? I first thought "let nature take it's course" meaning, they will start dying off soon as resources run out, however, the tank is shared by many species, so I don't want to starve them on resources (if that's possible). Other than netting out the masses on a weekly basis, how do I control the RCS explosion?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Fast nutrient-waste removing algae. This species is in Moreton bay as of two years now that we know of,who knows,mabe longer! The ultimate algae for nutrient-waste managment areas.
  14. Hi I bought a second hand fish tank the other day and it is infested with snails, literally hundreds of them. Does anybody Know a good product that gets rid of snails. Thanks in advance.
  15. I got a small issue with a silver shark and a flagtail they have lived together in a 7 foot communal tank for the last month or 2 there both around 20+cm and the flag tail was the one that was added to the tank the silver shark had been in there before him but just in the last few days the flag tail has taken to no stop chasing the silver shark around normaly i wouldnt care to much but at there size and speed they can reach im worried about them doing damage to them selves or the other fish is there anything some one recomends to help stop this or is it a simple case of one has to go ?? if so what one i really like the flag tail but i dont want him to take to chasing around other fish if the shark is removed any help appreciated.
  16. in my 6x2x2 display (sevs and oscar) severums want to breed and oscar keeps going in there area what sized tank would you reccomend i move them too for breeding till the fry is free swimming ? ill move the sevs back into display once fry is big enough to fend for itself ! OR should i just turf out the oscar? hes a nice big red oscar and i like him alot :S what should i do ?
  17. Ok so i just got back from sydney and went to this amazing aquarium which was just outside my hotel and in one of their tanks they had set up just crap loads of guppies and on one of the pieces of driftwood it was covered in black beard and looked really cool, just wondering how do you get it to grow and can you control it? this place had the best selection of dicsus i have ever seen. and he said he would ship if anyone wants details i have them. thanks in advance
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