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Found 10 results

  1. I was looking at my 10,000 litre rain tank the other day and thought what a waste it was to have all that water and what a great pond it would make to breed rainbows. We only use it for garden watering. If you take the top strainer off it to allow light in and bugs. Throw in some rainbow pairs and some java moss. leave them to it over the summer and then use a folding trap to harvest them in the autumn. I reckon it might be a goer. Obviously you would need to throw in some coral rubble to buff the water. But why the hell not?
  2. Hey guys, I'm getting a 4x2x2 tomorrow or Tuesday, it is currently on a stand but I'm after a cabinet to hide the sump, and keep the little ones out of it. So I was thinking of adding ssome boards to the side and doors to the front, also removing the bottom shelf and adding a frame on the bottom for support, is this as straight forward as it seems, or am I best of getting a cabinet built from.scratch.
  3. hey guys ive got a 3'x15"x18" tank with a 1100 lph external filter, heater, standard light and coral sand atm i was just wondering what i would need to convert it to a marine tank and roughly how much it would cost including basic corals and fish thanks roy
  4. Hey All! So I've recently decided to convert one of my tropical tanks to an African Cichlid tank and am hoping to get a bid of advice and help I have kept Africans in the past, however it was some time ago now so my knowledge is rusty at best though I've been doing a lot of reading online and on the forums here to get my knowledge up to date. So as a quick rundown of the tank I'm setting up, specs are as follows: Tank Size: 3ft L x 1.7ft W x 2ft H Tank Capacity: 75 Gallons or 280L Substrate: Crushed Coral - Recall from my past experience keeping Cichlids that this is a good choice and helps buffer the PH. Filtration: Aqua One CF-1000 - 1000L/PH Heating: 300W Heater keeping it at 28 degrees at current. Water Parameters - Tested as of today PH: 8.0 - 8.5 Alkalinity: 720PPM - Not sure if this is my test strips playing up but this has come up extremely high... max on the chart in fact - Would appreciate any advice on what this should be for Cichlids and how to get it down? Hardness: 25PPM - On the low end which has been perfect for my Angels, but from what I've read Cichlids to prefer harder water, again any pointers on how to bring this up would be appreciated. Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Quick pic of the tank very basic so far and I still need to find some more rock to chuck in there... Just not too keen on paying the pet stores a small fortune for a few chunks of rock. Now the basics are out of the way, the fish I'm hoping to keep are primarily Electric Yellows and Electric Blues, at least initially. To my knowledge these 2 species can be kept together relatively well, but I've got a few questions I'm not so sure about that I've been reading mixed info on.. 1. Will both colonies breed within the same tank? 2. Will they interbreed? I wouldn't have thought so... but I've read a few things saying otherwise and I do not want to interbreed these fish, I'd like to keep the strains pure. 3. On an average, how many fish could I put within my tank without overstocking? (I do understand there's no 100% exact answer to this) I'd also really appreciate any suggestions anyone has on any other species that might mix in well with one of or both of these (depending on answers to the above). Again I do want to breed them, but not as a 100% serious breeding exercise.. I know the preferred breeding method is to have separate species based tanks. Look forward to hearing some feedback and ideas! Cheers, Dan
  5. hey all so im turning my 4ft tropical into a african tank, ive got a 3ft african tank so i know how it all works, just they are out growing the 3ft so im putting them in the 4ft. only problem is my 4ft is set up as a tropical atm and its ph is at a 6.5, so what would be the best way to raise it to a 8, WITHOUT the use of chemicals? i was thinking throw a 5kg bag of crushed coral and around 40kg or play sand? would that work? or would i need more crushed coral, i have plenty of time so it doesnt need to rise too fast. just needs to get there and stay there... also would it be okay if i left the drift wood in there or should i take it out, because ive read that it lowers the ph.... thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated roy p.s ill have angels, silver sharks, gouramis and corys for sale soon
  6. was just wondering if it were possible to convert moses perch to freshwater cheers
  7. Im "thinking" of converting my 70gal (250l) OR 100gal (380l) to salt. Just trying to study as much as I can first. Anyone got any pointers for me? I havnt bought anything, yet... Will this be a massive step up in fish keeping? And whats the easiest fish to keep?
  8. Chasing some suggestions on plumbing for my new (2nd hand) setup… It currently has black poly for both inflow/inlet and overflow/return which means I have to restrict the amount going in as it’s a pretty dodgy job (the overflow/return plumbing is a smaller diameter than the inlet). I don’t want to be restricting flow as I like to have a pretty high turnover. The best option at the moment is replacing the return poly with PVC. What I’d really like to know is, if there is any way of joining PVC piping (and joints) to the external thread of the bulkhead? Does anyone have any photos of this on their tanks? I will put some photos of the current state up tonight.
  9. hey could anyone quickly run me through how to convert fish from brakish water to fresh water. cheers.
  10. hi guys just interested how u convert saltweater fish into fresh cheeers farah
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