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Found 35 results

  1. Hi Guys, So a few months ago i picked up a pair of convicts and a new tank , So as Convicts do it seems they have consistently been laying eggs but within a couple of days will start eating them. And after this happens the male (who i think is the one eating the eggs decides to spend the next couple of days beating the S##t out of the female ... So i separated them again with egg crate.... and the male ... well is not a male, as he laid eggs in his/her side of the separated tank. So two females is what i have it seems, i have no other tanks for now that can house one of the females so is it possible to have a trio of convicts or is that just setting up a death match . Tank is 110 ltr (60 x 60 x 40) One pot/cave and 4 bushy fake plants in the tank Cheers for the advice
  2. Hi Guys, Long story short, i found out i had two female convicts and went hunting for a male, i could only find one locally to me as all others were to small to sex. Anyway, he was being housed with a Jag and a couple of other large fish that even when i was at the store charged him a couple of times. So i didn't notice at the time of sale but he has a couple of wounds on him... i hope there wounds and not disease anyway.... This all happened yesterday ... and i took as many pics with my phone last night to ask for advice today (i have just moved and have no idea where my canon is) They are not the bets pics and i have zoomed in to try and get a clearer shot (will update on the weekend if i can find my Camera) So please any advice would be appreciated... i know i should have quarantined etc but to late to change that now I dont want to allow a wound become a disease, or if its disease to get out of hand, there seems to be one place on his right side and one on his left He is in a 110ltr tank with the two females no one else. The pics look like the water is really poor but it is only because they stirred up a lot of sand getting to know each other Cheers (Sorry for the 1,000,000 pics but wanted to give the best chance for advice)
  3. Hi all, So i got myself a pair of Convicts a couple of weeks ago. Housed in a 160ltr half round tank, they are still reasonably small but the only occupants of the tank. In the first week or so they worked together moving sand around the tank and just really making it their own particularly around the pipe area which he seems to have claimed. i know when they are breeding they get aggressive to other fish but the male has been going nuts at the female. And it has gone past the chasing around, she is getting damaged fins and i am sure she is missing a scale or two. This has been going on for 2 days, he may give her a break for a minute (at most) but then chases her down in whatever part of the tank she is trying to hide and starts belting her up again. Its like at times she tries to play dead in a top corner of the tank to try and get him to leave her alone, laying on her side not trying to move to much, but that may be exhaustion. Enough was enough and last night i put an egg crate divider in the tank so he couldn't get to her. I don't think there are eggs or fry in the tank (certainly not that i can see) but there is a spot in one of the caves that i can't see in. There are plenty of caves (another added from the pic i post below), and a tall plant in the left corner for cover to give her more places to hide but this hasn't stopped him. Its not when she gets in line of sight from him (he generally situates himself in the big pipe looking cave) he will hunt around the tank continuously till he finds her to beat her up. She is a little smaller then he is but not by a great deal although he has noticeably grown in the last 2 weeks since getting them, she has not. This morning both hiding in caves on each side of the tank, at least she is getting a break. Tank lights are on from 9am to 8pm... I feed most days morning and night but due to work commitments they may miss some morning feeds, food at the moment is nutrafin flakes and/or nutrafin cichlid pellets, yet i am going to buy New Life Spectrum today from one of our sponsors to give them some better quality, i got the food when i brought them so was just going to finish it first before buying any more but figure if it is anything to do with food quality i might as well just get the NLS sooner rather than later. Obviously i don't want to leave the egg crate in there long term.... And of course if i google it everyone has a different opinion on why or what to do.. So this is why i go to QLDAF to get some experienced answers, suggestions and advice. 1- Will males kill female convicts and why ? 2- I notice on the male there are maybe 3 or so colored scales (just single scales) on each side of its abdomen.. Could it be 2 females ? and this is why one is being so dominant.? 3- if 2 females , will one kill the other to be dominant ? 4- Is this just part of the breeding process... should i just let them be and sort it out (although i think she will be killed before they sort it out) 5- Should i rearrange the tank so they have to find new areas.... or seeing there are only 2 fish in the tank may seem pointless, as once he has claimed a new area i would imagine this will all start over again. 6-How long to let her rest before removing the egg crate divider ? And anything else you may be able to offer... Sorry the post is so long winded but i am really unsure of what to do next as i would like to have them breed in this tank and watch them raise their fry but don't want to see one getting killed in the process. Thanks in advance for any help. These pics are from before i added the extra cave and tall plant in the left corner, i can update with new pics later tonight if people would like to see if what i have done will help...just let me know.
  4. Hey guys so I got a pair convict cichlids in a 3 foot tank and it's good for them just wonder why my convict cichlid is so shy. um I have only seen him eat flake food once and he is a bigish fish. Anyone else had a shy convict cichlid, usually they are bolsters and eat anything. I put some live grasshoppers in there they jumped out. they are breeding so that's cool
  5. Is it rare for a male convict cichlid to reach full size? Are there many members out there who love these fish?
  6. Has anyone seen any around lately. I am starting a breeding program with some that I got. The male has a blue sheen over his body and through his top fin and the females have yellow streaks through the fins and a blue green sheen. I am attempting to bring back nice convicts so I am on the lookout for quality, preferably over 8cm. So if anyone has seen any please let me know. Cheers mick
  7. I have, two days ago added three young Clown Loaches to my aquarium. They seem to be coming up along side my convict and 'over-cleaning him' so to speak. It is strange that he even lets them get close considering how much he rules the 500lt tank containing also 5 Red Rainbows, a Bristlenose, a Pakistani Loach & a Geophagus Rio Pindaré. This evening I notice the Convict Hiding and one side of him with a white scaleless patch. Can anybody help?
  8. i just sore about 7 convict fry about 3-4mm long when i was cleaning my tank what do i do i want to move then into a small 2ft tank because i think they are slowly going down there was about 9 the first time i counted how do i move them safely?
  9. here is my male convict, such a cool little fish underated i think cheers
  10. Heyy guys, just wondering who are the convict breeders on the forum (and im interested in the white and black convicts) Cheers
  11. So in my community tank 7x2.5x2 housing a heap different americans and africans... my Super Green Texas and Convict have paired up fair while ago... and now recently after moving on my 2 big FH's they seemed to have come out of their shell and find a hatching spot and now have a **** load amount of baby fish... see photos attached! So has anyone seen how a SGT x Convict turns out? so far they just free roaming in the tank... I couldn't really care if they get eaten by others or whatever, just let nature take its course! But if they turn out awesome somehow i might save some just to see... my guess is they won't look any good.... Thoughts?? *Disclaimer... this post is not about creating a new species or anything as you're not allowed to discuss that according to forum rules... this cross has happened already so than technically it can be discussed!
  12. Put my pair of jd x convict in tank together and have eggs already 2nd gen hope they don't go moldy
  13. As we all know some of the black/white convicts out there are getting pretty ordinary in their colouring. Has anyone encountered someone bringing in new blood lines into Oz of these guys. Im just thinking that it would be good to reestablish this common cichlid with some new blood lines and better colouring. I think it would be good for the industry to start getting rid of some of the older bloodlines in our bread n butter cichlids and replacing it with some new blood... so anyone seen new ones coming in? whats your thoughts on introducing new blood into our over-bred bloodlines in oz?
  14. not the biggest fan of hybrids, but i have a red devil cross convict i was given for free, awsome fish but never seen it anywhjere else, just wondering if any1 has seen em also?
  15. hey guys, got a new female that is his size full of colour and he really likes her i think and is tail slapping her or somthing and chasing/following and flaring his gills at her maby dancing? is this good? thanks
  16. how do u tell the difference between male and female convicts
  17. hey guys quick update. my male convict is digging under a rock... does this mean anything? thanks
  18. hi yesterday i set up a 4 foottank with 10 small normal convicts 2 albino convicts 5 small red forest jewels they all come from steveandjules what u think?? i added pic of fish
  19. Hi I have a convict that is swimming on his side has not been right since I brought him home any help would be appreciated:(
  20. Hi guys i just took my pair of convicts apart and left the female in a community american tank, i was really wanting to get some interesting hybrids happening but was just wondering, does the female have to pair up with another fish to spawn or will she just lay her eggs and whoever comes along will fertilize them? in the tank i have a texas, a jag, a purple flame flowerhorn and a blood parrot x texas. i am thinking about putting my snook in there as well because i have heard they can breed with texas' and jags. what do you guys think?
  21. hay guys i have a 10 cm red devil laying eggs i ask the pet store if at the size she is can she lay eggs they told me that the mother or father of this red devil must of been a convict so that why i am asking
  22. Hehehe - is guess with convicts it's inevitable...but...i'm still excited!!! My Albino Female has paired up with my normal Male, ignoring the bigger Albino Male *laughs* It will be interesting to see how many survive, so far the parents are doing a good job of keeping the babies safe by chasing off everyone else. It's sad...but i'm still excited!
  23. My pair of convicts have been getting really well for last 4 months or so and have had mated and brought up about 24 fry. Over the last 3-4 days the male as been bullying the female by head butting her in the side and then pushing her hard into the gravel in the bottom of the tank and won't let her go. Should I be worried for the female? Adrian
  24. hey guy i just moved my convicts from tank A to tank B That was last night. today i have just found convict fry in the tank.. what do i do.. i think i will put them in an egg tumbler is this the right thing??
  25. I have around 20 convict fry in a tank with mum and dad. It now appears that's mum and dad are about to do the deed again as the are busily digging holes all over the tank and both are getting colorful again. The fry are about 8mm long. Should I remove the fry or are they ok with mum and dad? Adrian
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