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  1. Hi Guys and gals, I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when a fella i know has to move on his fishy friends very quickly. So of course i will oblige by helping him out and taking his pair of convicts and their tank of his hands for next to nicks. Not to take advantage of anyone but it works for him I will be picking them up this afternoon as he needs them gone asap.(and i mean asap) one issue is that the convicts have just had fry , he had moved them to a 2 ft tank over the last few of weeks (due to his issue) and they have since breed So i have a two ft tank with a pair of convicts and god knows how many fry. My plan is to leave them in the tank and transport the tank and inhabitants 1/3 full. Any reason this may not be a good idea ? Also i have googled a bit about convicts as i have not had them before but any comments about care, food etc would also be handy. Cheers Edit: I should add the travel time will only be 5 to 10 mins max
  2. G'day all. I had an opportunity a couple months ago to (hopefully) get a clean line of Convicts crackin I took 1 of my Uncle's old males, nice old fella (his stock came from an old school breeder down south I think) & 1 of my cousin's females (nicest I've ever seen, sooo much orange, his stock came from a Tweed LFS), threw them together & got these guys: (Please excuse crappy pics, only have iPhone cam) [ATTACH=CONFIG]48026[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]48027[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]48028[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]48029[/ATTACH] I haven't much idea on what to look for in nice convicts (let me know if they're crap & they can be feeders) but I think these are nicely shaped, barred & even some colour coming through (they're only 10-15mm long atm). For anyone who may be trying to get them back to what they used to be or something close, these younguns may come in handy Since my phone was smashed for a while I didn't get a chance to get snaps of the parents (which are now in a pond in Bundaberg breeding feeders for turtles) but those who know me know I don't BS. Mother was bout 6cm, no broken bars, no imperfections (that I could see) & really orange on the sides & plenty through the fins. Male was bout 15-16cm, again no broken bars or imperfections I could see & had a nice green tinge to him. I only kept bout 30-40 out of the 100s they had (no room to grow that many convicts >_<) but if anybody wants a couple, let me know (not after $$$ or trade, they will be free when ready to go to new homes, just had the opportunity to maybe help a few convict enthusiasts ) More pics to come as they grow
  3. i got a breeding pair of convicts(about an inch) in my 3ft with my barra(8cm) hes just going to be in there as a fry muncher till hes 15cm then to my 6x2x2 what have you kept with your convicts what size were they and how big was the tank and how big were the tankmates thanks
  4. hi guys my pair of convicts have just laid eggs arounf 70+ maybe but now when i got home from school theres only around 20- and the only fish that is small enough to fit into the spot is the female convict, so could it be the filter or something it is a really big strong one i don't really take notice when it comes to filters? thanks i could maybe get a pic if you need one.
  5. Ok I am trying to breed convicts as feed for my jack. (bit of a treat). They already have around 80 and now I see another load of eggs (prob 2-3 hundred). Question is will the two lots of fry survive together or will I need to separatethem? They are in a 4 foot tank. Thanx in advance.
  6. i have two convicts and 4 frontosas that are all about the 7 cm mark how bad is it if they are in the same tank, i know you shouldnt mix americans with africans but i cant see the harm. let me know what u think cheers
  7. i have 4 convicts 1 adult 10-13cm and 3 small ones around 1 - 1.5 ich long i need help sexing them and what to do i know i will have to wait until they are bigger but how can i tell what sex the are, what size tank, what temp do i set the heater etc......
  8. 3x CONVICTS BREEDING PAIRS - Pets, other pets - Gumtree Queensland
  9. hey, So i did what you guys told me and bought a male(2 inches) and female(1 1/3 inches) convict. Only problem is whenever the female goes near the male, he chases her out of his spot, what does this mean?:confused:
  10. hi guys and girls, so i now have my spare 4ft set up as a breeder tank with a small external and a sponge filter, i want to start breeding some feeders as i have a lot of fish in my 3ft and they're eating me out of house and home, i know every 1 says convicts or cherry shrimp. which would breed more though? my plan is to mainly feed live and supplement with pellet and wafers i'll also be looking for breeders of either type so if you read this and have some for sale around my area let me know . thanks again
  11. OK so today i got to a mates to see how his 4 footer is going, i see a pair of convicts about 2-3 inch's at one end of the tank with their fry, at the other 2 Oscars about6-7 inch's they wander off to do their own thing next minute bam out a nowhere the convicts chasing the 3x the size of him around the tank. quite funny to watch and amazing what a fish will do to protect its young
  12. Hry everyone do convicts hold there fry in there mouth or wen can I pull the eggs out as my female just laid a crap load of eggs please help anyone thanks shaun
  13. hey everyone ive got a few juvie and wondering what size they should start pairing off / laying as when this starts im gonna get rid of them all except the pair
  14. I have been watching my 2 convicts for a week or so and their strange behavior. Digging up any plants digging holes in the substrate pushing the large snails around. Now they have taken over the hollow "log" and have dug a large hole under the log. The convict won't allow the snail to escape and everytime it moves the fish is pushing it back. And guess what they have spawned on the inside of the log, my best estimate is 30 eggs and both are taking turns fanning the eggs. Adrian
  15. What do I feed convicts and yellows? I have tried a variety of foods but the only thing I can get them to eat is gold fish flakes. I have tried bloodworm (as a treat only) frozen cichlid food (defrosted) a little spinach cichlid pellets and algae pellets. They show some interest in the pellets but they were bought for the brittle nose's. I seem to be continually vacuuming the bottom of the tank. Help me Adrian
  16. Look at these little bargains.... (definitely not mine) http://brisbane.gumtree.com.au/c-Pets-other-pets-BABY-convicts-5-each-W0QQAdIdZ243433481 Geez we'd be doing alright if we could get that sort of coin for them!
  17. I just got my tank up and going (a couple months ago) and my little convicts have just spawned some fry for the first time.. If someone can tell me how to post a youtube video, id greatly appreciate it.
  18. Just wondering when you are able to take the parents out of the tank with their fry? I have some convicts that have had some fry for now around 2 weeks and was just wanting to move the parents to another tank. so just wanted to make sure if i do it the fry will be ok. Cheers, Blake
  19. how big do convicts grow and how fast
  20. Hi all i have a breeding pair of convicts and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how long i can leave the fry in the tank with the parents for? any help would be much apriciated thanks
  21. wanted to know if my albino convicts can change sex? I think both convicts are females but are still laying eggs, they use to breed when i had a male convict but he died. Can albino convicts breed with common convicts? Could they be breeding with the forest jewels in the tank? please help. thanks dennis
  22. can convicts cross breed africans??
  23. Wats a good ratio for male female to have ive got a 2'x15"x15" im getting all the gear off brad and fish wats is a good ratio? and i will be selling them when i get them
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