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Found 38 results

  1. This halymenia algae variation was near gone earlier in the year, now due to higher oxygen levels when I fry the stinking hair algae with peroxide and my tanks are running at 21c till September from May, its looking quite good in three spots.
  2. Sometimes I have thoughts about tanks I would like to do. Or nifty tricks that could eliminate the work. And I imagine others do to. Which means a thread like this could have some fun. So add 'em if ya got 'em. So... today right? Looking for a bit of driftwood to make a moss tree. Is not easy to find. I looked at my driftwood. All too big and clunky. And thought, I should just whittle one of them down! Why I have not thought of this before..... I do not know as I am a man who owns many mora. One nano moss tree trunk coming up. Perhaps not the best idea to start the thread with, but hopefully start it, it did.
  3. Im keen on establishing some fancy goldfish tanks (3x18x18) however my house gets fairly warm in summer with tank temps around 30 degrees on some days, but consistently at 25-28 during summer. I know high temps arent ideal for goldies and I dont want to run chillers on each tank, and Im familiar with, extra aeration, fans on the surface and frozen water bottles but I'm hoping that some folks have kept their goldies at these temps without ill effect. Currently have dwarf mbuna so water conditions arent an issue. Any advice appreciated.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hi guys sorry its been a long time between posts. It has been a crazy few weeks and it seems like its going to get even more crazy. Some cool fish to check out: Albino Blue Dolphin 5cm (First time we have seen these) Moba Frontosa 7cm Simochromis Diagramma 6cm Rhadinocentrus rainbow Blue Poona 3-4cm Pacific Blue eyes (Great for ponds) Silver Scats 3-4cm Tandanus Catfish 6cm Paratilapia Polleni 8cm (only $14.95) Marbled Fenestratus 5cm Festivum Cichlid (only $12.95) Neon Blue Acara 8cm Marbled Woodcats (Very cool fish) Flagtail Prochilodus 6cm Red Hooks 9-10cm (Nice Fish) Killi Bitaeniatum Logos (German) Killi Blue Guilaris Killi Australe Chocolate (German) Whitefin Ornate Tetra Striped Metynnis (Very Rare) Neon Tetra (Fish of the Month only 5 for $10.00) Motoro Stingray Rhinopias Eschmeyeri (Marine Rare) Kuda Seahorse (Mareine fish of the Month only $39.95ea) And plenty more to choose from in store. Just remember to ask for the QLDAF Discount on livestock. Gavin/Tangy Aquarium Manager Pet City Mt. Gravatt
  6. Sorry for crap phone pics, had to share :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi all, I just have a question for those keeping crs CBS and the like that require cooler water. How do you keep the water cool enough in summer? I was deciding between the crs and rcs and went rcs because I was told chillers were expensive. Are chillers and air con the only way to keep a tank cool?
  8. This one is a whopper for this species, the ones I find are usually smaller and when they shed, someone eats them being so little and slow. I usually like to have at least one in one of my tanks being that they clean up and look pretty while they do it! Oswald got my last one! I got this one late last year and it lives under a large purple morph at the front so I can see it “sort of” all of the time and shows its face out feeding only when I feed the tank, which is a lot,lol. My fav cleaner shrimp, I put seven in my top tank last year and they have sorted them selves out down to 3 and that’s been the case for 6 or 7 months now and just two weeks ago one turned adult female, finaly! It took ages for my youngsters to get a dominant female up and running. In the bottom tank I put in18 the other day and the clowns killed two, including the dominant female that came with that community and I think I can see quite a few behind the rock moving about, so it should be interesting how many run that tank when they sort them selves out. Egg laden and she is a cutie!
  9. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a second-hand Boyu MH-400 46 litre reef tank which came with live rock, coral (quite poor quality from previous owners not maintaining them) and 2 brittle starfish. When bought the tank it had an algae bloom so I put in 2 types of snails to clean it up. 2 of the corals are coming back to life and all the creatures seem fine but I've noticed the water temperature getting a lot higher than it should be sitting at. Last night it went up to 30 degrees! The tank already comes with a protein skimmer, heater, carbon, sponges, return pump, and 2 t5 18w lights. The person I bought it off also put in an AquaOne wavemaker of 3500lph. Last night I left the lid off overnight and it brought the temperature down to 26-27 degrees but now I've had to put it back on and turn on the lights because of the coral. What would be the best and cheapest way to go to keep the water temperature stable? Being new to marine I bought a second-hand Hailea Chiller for $100 but didn't realise they couldn't be attached to nano tanks. I'm really not wanting to spend over $100 on another method of cooling the water. All nano chillers seem to be really expensive and I haven't found any cheap second-hand ones around. Maybe cooling fans? Also if anyone knows where to get the fans/chiller cheap for this particular type of nano tank that would be great Sorry for the lengthy message.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ek3FVkeB4Zo Some interesting fish in this doco, I love those big Catfish too!
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  14. Did some visiting today up the coast and seen some awesome fish and equipment! Come winter def going to get me one of these....took me ages to find the site so appreciate it dammit. Titanium Heater TH 500W « Aquamanta i also seen some cool fishies like Speckelback Moba leptosoma Ventralis Orange Caps WC Kirschfleck Bulu Point WC Moorii Red rainbow Kasanga and Ilangi - very sexy!!! Some pretty blue shrimp An awesome bicolour angelfish - i love them An octopus!! and heaps of others.... Look out peeps these fish are around and no doubt fry will be around soon!!!! I hope the people that get them are on here!
  15. Just thought i would share some pictures of these awesome rocks my work has at the moment, the Anubis on the tigers eye is really established and looks great in person! Cheers
  16. Thought id share some pics of my new Cichlids. They are Gnathochromis permaxillaris Zambia. See the link for more pics https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=262705830496531&set=a.262705813829866.43724.100002713472255&type=3&theater Cheers
  17. Hey all, just thought I'd share this pic I found, pretty damn awesome if you ask me! Finn
  18. I have only seen this once so thought I would grab some pics(even if they arent the best quality).... Mr albino Kookaburra...
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  21. hey guys, just wondering if there's any guys out here finding some odd mutations out there in their cherry stock and more importantly, are there any breeders working on some new colours!!! one of my friends has been getting the odd patch of blue and is starting to work hopefully on a blue cherry and maybe if we are lucky a black cherry!!! and then there's those yellow cherries out there at pet city any cool pics to share?
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