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  1. I broke off more bits of my bleeding heart austral coral and the colours and flesh vary. Weak lighting of quarter watt leds The flesh reaches for food and light with this one and the flesh algae colours changed slightly. good lighting of 3 watt leds It acts nearly the same as the original coral I broke sections from.
  2. Hello QLDAF! Here at Pet City Mt Gravatt we are running a promotion for a week as part of our Marine Madness May. Buy 2 Corals and get 1 for free* *cheapest Check out the poster below for any T&Cs. So come visit us at Pet City Mt Gravatt - 224 Wishart Rd.
  3. So i recently purchased a few additions to my nano reef, them being 2 bangaii cardinals on saturday morning, they seemed to be doing great but ive come home today and couldnt find one of them.. so i get out the torch and look through all the rock crevasses and BEHIND all my corals etc, pull my sump apart and still couldnt find it.. then i caught a glimpse of it well within the polyps of my hammer... should i poke the hammer into retraction and see if it swims out/remove it if its dead/maybe its dead already and i should let the coral take it? Dont know if its relevant but all parameters are good. Calc is a little high at 520. Alk 8dkh. Am/nitrite/trate 0. Phosphate 0. Sal 1025. Only issue i have is diatoms oh 8.2/3. All corals look healthy, my other cardinal and onyx clown look healthy
  4. Came on a zoa rock.. lays predominantly flat most of the time then raises somewhat shaped like lips when the lights are up in the middle of the day from approx 1mm to 20mm in height. Just wondering what it is/ is it something that i should remove for any reason? Any info appreciated
  5. I have a 60L BIN full to the top of coral rubble (med size pieces) Been used but still great of holding PH or marine tanks really heavy so you can take the bin with lid also $100 the lot
  6. After the nano reef was neglected throughout the hot summer months, I finally found the time & decided to lift my reefing game I call these my poor man's Tongan rhodactis - they still look pretty sweet though DSC_0057a by bugman2494, on Flickr Clowns protecting their nest underneath the xenia forest zzDSC_0278zz by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0249 by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0029a by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0042a by bugman2494, on Flickr Enjoy, John
  7. Corals are great, but rigid algae species, meaning with very high calcium carb content are just as great! In saying that there is no such thing as completely harmless and completely non invasive algae. Something thing with two algae and more or less any coral species virtually no one has used yet! I have never seen this done anywhere else with these two, you see with most species of algae it can be tricky! From my experience and in my opinion there are only two algae species that are extremely special for a multitude of reasons that can exist with coral with near no detrimental effects and create a wonderful display and never harm each other in any way and complement each others colours! First and foremost are the blue hypnea and the more rare ringed high nutrient resistant species of capensis. These two are awesome!!! To me its like a garden, you put in your display plants, in this case corals and then the ground cover, the hypnea and capensis, both will live anywhere with any light or any flow and both resist rubbish algae species and both provide homes for pods or what ever. The first pic is how it looks in the ocean, the next is where put extra bits when I pull out some for my sea stars to feed on that are recovering from harlequin shrimps leg removals, lol, the next is how it fills in all the blank spots till corals, or zoas or what push it out. You see there were a lot more, but it cant fight corals. When I want to clear a spot to put something new in, I put in a biscuit sea star, as they don’t like working right next to corals unless no other food is around and they clear out the hypnea for me. You have it get the sea star out quick once done or it takes out the entire area of algae, lol. This is from the ocean or the trimmed coloration; it looks better once under lights in the aquarium, in sunlight it looks okay, sort of, but under non-resistance lighting- leds, its much prettier. Extra bits I tear off and put in the second tub instead of chucking it on the lawn, its food for my sea stars. In the tank as ground cover, well base rock and glass cover, lol.
  8. As the title says has anyone used this stuff as filter media and what results have you had
  9. Just did a little cleaning up of the top tank cause I have not cleaned the glass in 3 months and to see what was happening in there was impossible. The whole thing was a mess, blue alga growing everywhere; well now I know that species is invasive, lol, not hard to get it back to tidy but still it was growing real fast. While is was cleaning up, the hammer retracted and there was a new one hidden under the polyps of the big one, it was just attached and only needed a little twist to snap it off, now there are more hammers in the tank, one small and cute. Big one where the little one came from little one
  10. I am not very experienced with hammers, though all corals are easy, they only turned up in SEQ a couple of years back due to climate change! I don’t know how strong they are with fending off other life growing towards it. I collected a nice one and it got to big in just 6 months so I gave to some one so we could frag it from their tank, it died there, dam!! So I bought this tiny one and it has grown and I have fragged it twice already, I couldn’t be bothered going back where I found them near mophats as all were to large and this frag was so tiny last year and is 4 maybe 5 times that size now, but I am worried that the zoas and others heading it’s way may over power it! There is no substrate in my tanks, just life spreading out. Fingers crossed!
  11. want more? https://www.youtube.com/user/CoralMorphologic
  12. Hi Just wondering is it safe to keep dry coral in cherry shrimp tanks? i have one medium size piece in my 60 litre yellow cherry tank and was looking at putting more in my other cherry tanks to raise the ph as well as the aesthetics of it Any info much appreciated
  13. Hi guys just wondering if it would be safe to use some crushed coral from the beach in some of my african cichlid tanks. Thanks Will.
  14. Hi everyone!!! Was wondering which size coral pieces are best suited for filtration??? I've previously used the 3cm-5cm pieces in my sump, but now need to set up another sump and only have the gravel sized pieces (0.3cm-0.8cm)... Which is best suited for filtration benefits??? Thanks in advance!!!
  15. Ok so I have searched the forum and can't find anything on this so I shall ask........ What is better for keeping ph up calcium carbonate or a crushed coral sand mix? Need to do the following tanks: 3x 6ft 5x 4ft 15x 2ft Thanks for all the help Karen
  16. http://vimeo.com/88829079 Nature Blows My Mind! Timelapse film of 150,000 photos show Slow Life of corals (Video) : TreeHugger If you can top it.......... post the proof! Lets make a thread to blow the kids minds.
  17. Some idiot planted Xenia on a Venezuelan reef to awful effect Yes coral can be a weed too!
  18. Hey guys just curious about keeping coral trout in an aquarium. It's funny how the idea come about as I was at a Chinese restaurant the other night and they had live coral trout in tanks and some of them looked amazing !! They grow pretty big and I'd need a big full marine tank I think if I was to house it for life, has any one here ever kept one ? I'm guessing they are friendly and u could keep a few together ? Any advice is welcome thanks guys
  19. The Perfect Christmas Gift. Introducing the Ecotech Coral Propagation Kit. Designed with usability and quality as top priorities. EcoTech Marine`s Coral Propagation Kit is a comprehensive kit of precision-crafted German stainless steel tools, frag plugs and Coral Glue that enables reef enthusiasts to fragment, affix and propagate hard and soft coral. Contents of the EcoTech Elements Coral Propagation Kit include: Exclusively designed kiln-fired ceramic coral frag plugs (18pcs) 3 colors Coral glue, 75ml (1pc) Tweezers, 160mm (1pc) Scissors, 150mm (1pc) Bone cutting forceps, 190mm (1pc) Soft coral clamps 255mm (1pc) The tools fit neatly inside a heavy-duty bamboo case that doubles as a cutting board and is secured with magnetic clasps. Priced at $129.00 per kit. Limited stock so please order early. Link - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6872'>http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6872
  20. Some advice would be appreciated please. I have some dead coral and I have been scrubbing it. It has dead critters in it that when wet become soft used to be barnacles by the look of it. Just wondering whether it would be ok in a tank with Africans, it would be a shame to smash the coral up if I don't have to. I have boiled it, I didn't think bleaching it would be a good idea as the critters would absorb it. It appears as an algae stuff that I would imagine the fish could eat. Thanks
  21. Hey guys, just scored a new scollie from my lfs. Just have a few question about it. Now I got this "cheap" off my lfs as I have a good relationship with the owner. But long story short what's this scollie doing? To me it looks like it may be dying compared to when I first got it 2 days ago, but any info would be great... It is still showing great colour but some of the edges are starting to bleach and it's looking fleshy and "stringy" is this looking normal? Cheers, Matt. API reef master tests are showing good results but truthfully I know nothing about the care of this coral, I got it on a whim and would like to keep this coral looking as nice as what it looked like in the fish shop...
  22. Hello, Bought about 60kg of Coral Base Rock that was used in a system quite some time ago. Has been sitting in a shed. Just wondering what the best way of making that rock safe to put in a new reef tank im building. Is just a good wash and dry in order or is there more i should do? Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hi All. We have greatly expanded the range of Coral food so now it has its own section. Link - Age of Aquariums - Coral Food
  24. These little extensions are what corals don’t just use to feed with, these can sting the hell out of the poor coral next door. I tried to get a pic when they were over 5 inches in length but as the camera got closer it pulled them back in.
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