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Found 17 results

  1. the bits that cover the glass joins on a hexagon tank . I think 135 degree? prefer black if possible - urgent please . tried Bunnings they don't sell it.
  2. Hey ppl, I am setting up a few 6' x 18" x 18" breeding setups and am thinking of air driven side drop filters or Poret foam corner filters, am leaning towards the corner filter as I can utilise both corners of the tank for flow and can place marine pure balls behind the foam for a clean look. Air driven for cost and ease of maintenance, what do you think? Sam.
  3. Hi all Needing to know ASAP, but after viewing a 6x 24x 30 tank this afternoon, before committing to the buy, I want to make sure the current stainless? corner bracing/trim can be removed for a cleaner finish? Have read that plastic ones are just for aesthetics but being wider stainless, is this structural? The setup is cheap so pretty happy with it but want to make sure first See pic Thanks Jacob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey I just came down Moorak St, Taringa and there was a corner spa on the footpath for council collection. It would make a good pond if anyone is looking for one. I would hurry though. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Moorak+St,+Taringa+QLD+4068/@-27.4905407,152.9791072,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b9150fa0f416fbf:0xd762fed16eab0b51?hl=en
  5. Hi Guys, Im about to get some new 4x2x18s made up and want to do a side drop or corner drop filters. Would any one recommend either one over the other. If i go corner drops it will be both back corners with them. And suggestions on filter media and layout?
  6. Hey dose anybody know where I can buy a corner tank or who could build one and how pricey they are thinking of getting one for a display tank
  7. what does everyone think of them as a display tank,its my only option??? cheers marty
  8. Hey everyone if you want as many FREE Mulberry leaves as you want, I found a great tree just up the road from Exotic Fish Connections recently . Basically if you leave Exotic and turn left, go about 100 metres up Sherwood Rd,then turn left into Golf Links Rd drive to the end of the street and follow the rd round to the right into Cambridge street, drive about 100 metres and just on your left by the creek there is an enormous Mulberry tree, with nice big dark green, fresh healthy leaves, we picked the most delicious black Mulberries from it this spring and we have been feeding the leaves to my Daughter's silkworms. Check it out. cambridge st Rocklea, Queensland, Australia - Google Maps
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, Just thought i'd post up a pic of my new setup and ask everyone where I could made improvements with my layout. Tank is a Cleair 3ft curved from corner tank, running a redsea CO2 system, substrate is a 1-2mm glass substrate, filter is a Fluval FX5 (i know it's massive for the tank but it's turned down to 2/3 to 1/2 flow as, like most of my stuff it was removed from my old tank with was 600ltr) the filter is running basic sponges alot of biological filtration and purigen. Lighting is 2 x 150w Metal halides. This photo is about 2 weeks old now and the aluminium in the right hand corner has been removed and replaced with clippings of my rotora plants.... oh all these plants are clippings not established plants.... Dosing Flourish excel every second day, flourish twice a week, plus tank has undergravel fertilizer. new pic will come up today of the progress so far....
  10. Hi All, Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - InTank - All In One Corner Algae Scraper Ben
  11. Hey Guys The auction is on again this weekend so who is coming? and what do you hope to score
  12. Anyone know where I can buy some new black outta corner strips for a tank???
  13. Hi all, Just thinking about doing this to a 180l aqua one Windsor 66 unit that I've currently got my discus in. Saw this thread on another forum. Pimping my Trigon 350 - Page 3 - UltimateReef.com Current filtration is a 2200 lph sun sun canister with an external DIY purigen filter. Wanted advice on how difficult this might be if I considered it. 2 reasons for thinking about it is that I think it would prob be a more stable system and easier maintenance and eventually thinking of converting to a marine. Any thoughts on costs, difficulty and practicality would be appreciated Cheers Carib
  14. I know everyone poo poos them - but where can i get some nice big corner filters? The ones with airstones - maybe 15 or so cm high.... I've recently starting using smaller ones again on some small tanks- they work a treat - fill em with whatever you want. wonderfull. One little air pump does half a dozen tanks... anyway, just need to find some bigger ones..
  15. im getting a new tank built and im trying to source the clear plastic corner moulding to fit to the new tank instead of using the normal black stuff. as teh tank builder only uses black aluminium moulding. Tried bunnings and the other local harwares store but they have no clue as to what im looking for (as per usual) Will be in brisbane and goldcoast this weekend so if any body knows of a store up that way that keeps it can you let me know, or if you have some spare im going to need just over 2.5mtrs. Cheers Glynn
  16. hey all just got back into my tanks. glad i found this site, was a member of another forum a while back but it not longer exists just wanted to say hi will be needing advice on fronnys soon so look forward to learning lots cheers
  17. My curved glass corner display, it holds around 300L, home to 2 Electric blue jack dempseys, a senegal bichir, murray cod (temporarily), 3 albino bristnose,3 comm longfin bristlenose, 3 peppermint bristlenose. I shot this with my Lg phone. Cheers Chris
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