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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I went through my shed and found some selleys silicone from bunnings. Use is for bathrooms and kitchens. (waterproof and no molds) Says it is 100% silicone but also says, not for aquariums. Does that mean it is toxic?
  2. Can find a heap of info on black eye lemon or lemon catfish but not blue eye lemons. Are they the same thing and what is the correct term or most common name for these guys?
  3. Hi just wondering if you guys know the correct dosage to treat a tank for 4 hrs with pp .
  4. :mad:Hi all Trading rules state *QLDAF recommend that fish sold are of a 'saleable size'. Saleable size generally means 4 cm_ (from tip of nose to end of tail) - except of course for smaller fish / dwarf species (<4 cm). http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-live-stock-53/trading-section-guidlines-62965/ but I have noticed fish for sale well under this, even 2 cm, is this a rule, requirment or a throw away line that make people feel good, personally a fish in not a fish, juvi or other untill it is 3 cm +, healthy able to survive transport and any known defect apparent. I can't see how fish that don't meet this can be sold (not including small fish ie guppies) my thoughts ben
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought some crushed coral sand under the impression that it was a fairly white substrate (I have never used it before) Is the photo below the normal colour for coral sand in daylight? Thanks in advance
  6. as above need to know the correct dosage have googled it but so many different answers if anyone has done it on b/n please let me know the rates please; cheers
  7. Can someone tell me please as to what size internal filters that you use for different size tanks/litres/gallons. We have 4 tanks all up Two 4ft x 18" x 15" One 76mm x 50mm x 50mm Two 2ft x 1ft x 1ft In the 4ft tank we are running a 1800LPH for the 76mm tank we have a 1200LPH we only have one of the 2ft tanks set up for the Guppy Fry but we are only running pumps as it has been suggested that the internal filters may be too strong for them at this stage. Just wondered if there is a chart out there to let you know the correct LPH a filter should be for the different size tanks. Again thank you for your help. Jane
  8. Read a lot of different info on the net so now it's time to get it from the horses mouth... What, in your opinion, is it ideal water conditions for comon bristlenose? Talking temp, ph etc. Rob
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