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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I have peppered corys and Corydora trilineatus and was wondering at what size do corydoras start spawning? They are separated, but does anyone know if it's possible to interbreed the two varieties?What fresh veg can they eat? I've heard of feeding zucchini and thought it would be nice to add more fresh variety to their diet currently on sinking pellets for bottom feeders, as well as flake and occasional blood worms.thanks
  2. Hey guys, I've had a group of 6 corydoras sterbai for about 1 month in a fairly new (2-3 months old) tank. Some of the cories have lost their barbels, but in the past couple of days one of the cories has become really bloated and lazy. The water chemistry in the tank has stayed fairly consistent with 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, 2ppm nitrate, pH of 7 but high (up to 10ppm) phosphates. The cory in question has become bloated, rarely moves off the QT tank floor, is breathing rapidly and has protrusions coming out both from its belly and either side of the dorsal fin. At first, I thought they were scales caused by dropsy, but after a better look, it actually looks more like bubbles coming up from under the scales. I think I may have to euthanize this cory, but I would like to be sure my other cories won't get it. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Any idea what the underlying cause may be? Any early warning signs? I'll try to attach pics to help. Cheers, Schmitee
  3. Does anyone know what type of cory this is? Thank you in advance. Benny
  4. Hi all, I have a small 50ltr tank running which is my "rescue" tank. In short it's a tank I put the fish I rescue from family/friends into before moving them into a permanent home. I have an adult albino Cory that's in there that has had his tail fin removed. At first I thought one of the two serpae tetras had done it, but on closer inspection I saw several RCS sitting on his tail nibbling at him. Not only was his fin missing but he had a few raw spots on his tail as well. Has anyone else ever had RCS do this (feed off a live fish)? I guess they could've just been taking advantage of the serpae's work... Tank is 50ltr and currently houses 2 serpae tetras, approx 6 Khuli loaches, one albino BN pleco, one albino Cory and RCS by the dozens since they are breeding like flies. I have put the Cory into a fry cage and salted & medicated the water. His tail is healing and I would guess it will take some time for the fin to grow back. I'm hesitant about moving him into another tank until his tail is healed but it seems cruel to keep him in a small fry cage for an extended period. I really don't have anywhere else to put him that's "safe". Will he be okay for a while in there while he heals? Cheers ~Col~
  5. Just wondering if I'm using my egg tumbler incorrectly, or if it just isn't suitable for sticky Cory eggs. They stick to the bottom and sides, so don't actually 'tumble' and a couple have gone bad (fuzzy) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi guys! So i have a few adult sterbai corys and was wondering if it is worth trying to breed these. See them spawning like once a month but would it be worth putting them in a 2ft tank and try to raise the young? How much would they be worth and whats the demand on these things, would any1 buy them? (been reading up on there requirements for habitat and water conditions). Thanks
  7. I'm not feeling the best.. but mum has put some protozin in my tank to see if it will help, it kinda has to. as you can see in my headshots I have something fuzzy on my side. it was on both sides but what you can see is the worst, also my fins seem a bit tattered but not fin rotted. I'm not as active as I should be, however I have been eating still an since mum had put meds in my tank I am feeling a little better. is there anything else mum should do to help me get better? an I would like to know what I have. none of my family an friends have this either. my water an everything else is normal to. except the recent high temp we had and dad bringing home some new tank mates ( before the heat wave) nothing much has changed. thanks Sterbai.
  8. When do baby cories colour up? Mine are 1cm and still clear/opaque will they be albino??
  9. So my corys laid all through my 6x18x18 again, and ive managed to put my internal filter in a breeder net to see it the eggs hatch on the top part (LOADS). (I run a canister too guys) The thing im concerned about is I have like oodles of types of corys in there, something like 30?? Pandas, albino, green laser, sterbai etc etc......Can they CROSS breed?? I set this tank up with no intention of breeding and the eggs will prob go furry, but just in case I want some clarification about corys and purity. Will these be bad muts? How long do eggs take to hatch and what is good first food? Have BBS for my Ellioti rocking so can I use them?? Sorry for the noob questions but ive never really bred corys :/ Ta Angel
  10. Hi guys, I have heard the first rule is to admit you have a problem.....so here goes My name is Col and I have a problem....I have been sucked into enjoying (fixated more like it) Corydoras, as I have read the sticky most of you share my pain New to breeding Cory's and have got some Bronze and got my hands on some Robineae's (from Mick here on QLDAF).....I have read that Robineae's are very hard to breed and was wanting some ideas on how to set them off, tank dimensions, filtration etc. Any info would be great because I have found little info on them on the net and it doesn't seem like there are many in the country (that I know of...like I said new to cory's) Even if you could head me to a web site would be great!! Thanks in advanced!! Col
  11. hi all just wondering what is everyones favourite cory???(be sure to add pics) mine are my lil panda's
  12. Just went down to the fish room this morning and noticed eggs all over the filter. Just wondering what i should do with the eggs should i move them? i got a video(bad quality) off them being layed but i dont know how to upload it.
  13. I noticed my Sterbai Corys laying eggs so I carefully moved them into what I could best describe as a modified Brine Shrimp Hatchery. A PET bottle with the bottom cut out and an airstone shoved through the lid. I drilled a heap of 1mm holes in the lid and neck of the bottle to allow for water circulation. This is hanging in the parents tank. Water parameters all good. This morning I noticed all the eggs that aren't directly in the bubble flow (due to a lean on the bottle) are covered in white fungus. What have I done wrong and what should I do?
  14. I seem to be asking so many questions on here and making so many threads but everyone is so helpful and quick to respond. I have separated my corydora eggs from their parents tank and they begun hatching within minutes of me putting them into a fry container, I gave them some really fine powder as food (mix of pellets etc that have been blended in the magic bullet ) but just wondering if this is OK or should I go out and buy some stuff especially made just for baby fry? Also.... I've got them in a half filled 4 litre ice-cream container with an airstone, do I replace some of the water daily or every few days and do I keep adding metho.blue or is the one drop I put in today enough?....also lol do I lower the water right down or is half of a 4 litre container or? I sound like a total newbie but haven't tried hatching cory eggs like this before Thanks guys
  15. Last night I was doing a water change on my 4ft corydoras trils tank and noticed after i had removed half the water that in one corner there were nearly 50 eggs on the glass, they were no longer under water, I splashed some water on them to make sure they didn't dry out and quickly refilled the tank....will these eggs die? they were really dark and ready to hatch too This morning the females were spawning again and lots of new eggs everywhere but will be helpful to know for next water change if its OK or if they'll just fungus and die. Anyone know?
  16. Just a quick one guys. How do you sex cory's?:confused: Thanks in advance.
  17. I got 4 Jullii cory's in a 2ft tank with some driftwood some java moss and sand substrate. What environment do they like to "do it" in?
  18. This is my 4fter. Set up for apistos. Its a work in progress at the moment but slowly getting there. Going to try find more driftwood and add more leaves. Should be getting my fish next week Also wanting to add lily pipes soon. The green crap is annoying me Thanks zac
  19. Finally filled out my number of sterbai cory's that I'd like. Total of 13 now, three bloodlines, possibly 4. I picked up a new large pair today, well over 5cm, and 7 smaller ones that are possibly their young (seller bought them at a recent auction). Already had 4 mediums, 2 from redlands pet centre and 2 from Pet City. Total now is 2 definite females (1 large one medium), 4 definite boys (one large and 3 medium) and 7 that are just slightly too small to sex. I have a few questions as I'd like to start looking to get these guys breeding after I get back from holidays in February ----------------------------------------------------- 1. They are all currently in a 2x1ft tank on a 6bay system running on a sump. I've read online in a few places that people in the US and UK are breeding them in 10gal/40 litre tanks. I'm wondering if I should leave the 6 larger cories in this 2ft tank and move the smaller one's elsewhere to get larger... alternately, I can free up a 3x18 tank (or possibly get a new one) to run the entire colony in. I'm mostly looking to work out if they'll be better off in a standalone tank or okay on the system. 2. Information online also states that these cories will actually spawn at higher temps that others, up to 27c. Has anyone else found this true, or have suggestion on how to trigger spawning (other than large waterchanges). 3. A lot of people online seem to remove the eggs when the fish spawn and move them to another tank. I don't mind doing this as I have other spare tanks in the system (so same water) but of course would prefer to let them just lay and hatch in the same tank. Would this necessitate the larger tank? Thanks in advance guys. Really pleased that I finally found some more. =)
  20. Hey, Can someone id this cory of mine please, was told it's a gold neon but would like an expert to confirm. Also if anyone has an idea of prices for these little fellas. Cheers
  21. Hello Peeps, i got a quick little vid of them spawning http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e122/ ... deo000.flv love the way the girls hold the eggs in their fins b4 depositing, 2 girls, 9 boys, frenzy must be over 100 eggs on glass rock work and drift sorry bout quality, a quick one offa the phone
  22. it may not be much but i have a bronzed cory and well a while back on a hot day my air pump had it and i was working when i got home all my fish looked like they were gonna die they all pulled through but ever since then my cory has been shooting around the tank it has that red look to it like when they die of not having enough oxygen it never stops day and nigh just up and down and all around i got my new canister filter 2200 and it makes more watter flow much more powerful then my other canister and the cory swims into it and it looks like its getting dumped in a shorey at the beach but all my bigger fish just go through like norm just wondering if my cory has an issue or he is just a nutter
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