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Found 27 results

  1. Hello! Cory lovers! I've just bought three peppered corydoras on the weekend and need some advice, as they are my first catfish! From all the care sheets that I can find online, most of them suggest keeping corydoras in tank with sandy substrate to avoid damage to their barbels. I have Pisces river gravel gold pearl in mine, along with some smooth pea gravels, rocks and drift woods. After observing them for the last few days, their enthusiastic foraging in the substrate left me thinking perhaps I should replace it with sand. I was thinking maybe only replace a feeding patch with sand, but then they are never in one spot for long, always on the move in search for food. So my question is, will the river gravel still damage their barbels and should I replace the entire substrate with sand? If so, what sand would you recommend? Thanks!
  2. So I bought some Peppered Cory's yesterday and put them in my 60L tank and they keep swimming to the top of the tank, would this be due to lack of oxygen in the water? Live plants and silk plants. Other fish in the tank are 1 fighter and 9 Tetras and what seems to be only 1 cherry shrimp.
  3. Hey guys, found this thread over at PerthCichlid.com.au and thought it was worth posting here as comprehensive lists of fish we have available here are always helpful. Original thread: http://www.perthcichlid.com.au/forum/in ... ded&start= (Thanks to Alan and Tammy) ---------- Corydoras: adolfoi aeneus, albino, black, Peru green, high fin ambiacus arcuatus atropersonatus axelrodi agassizii barbatus * reclassified Scleromstax barbatus bicolor (Doubtful) bifasciatus (Doubtful) bondi brevirostrus burgessi caudimaculatus cervinus concolor davidsandsi duplicareus elegans ehrhardti gossei habrosus haraldschultzi hastatus imitator julii kanei leopardus leucomelas loretoensis loxozonus maculatus melanistius melanistius melanistius melinotaenia melini metae napoensis nattereri nijesseni oiapoquensis ornatus paleatus, albino, golden, high fin panda polystictus punctatus pygmaeus rabauti reticulatus robineae schwartzi serratus seussi similis simulatus sodalis sterbai, albino surinamensis (Doubtful) trilineatus undulatus venezuelanus virginiae weitzmani zygatus These guys are said to be more closely related to Corydoras melanotaenia then aeneus. Thanks to Ian Fullers Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish for clearing that up. sp. green stripe * sp. orange stripe * sp. red stripe * Following C numbers are also in the country: C38 (colour variant of serratus) C40 CW45 C90 Hope this helps some people out there looking to get into some of the less common Corydoras.
  4. Hi. I am new to the group and I am searching for a male L066 pleco. I am located in the northern rivers area of nsw but and willing to travel a fair distance or perhaps get posted to me. Also keen to find and give a home to hybrid L number plecos for my mini tropical display tank. In due time i will be looking for other L number plecos, corydoras and shrimp. I am unsure how this works yet but will learn in time. Thanks. Have a good day.
  5. I waz just using the aqadvisor.com calculator on my little second tank - 28cmx28cmx28cm which has 4 Albino Cories and 4 Peppered Cories in it. The advisor said that this was seriously inappropriate sized tank and that my Albino Cories would grow to 6.4cm and the Peppers to 6.9cm. Wow, I never really thought much about their maximum adult size; I've only ever seen them as real little fishes in local aquarium shops. If this tank is not sufficient for my much loved pets (they are so cute and fun to watch whilst having a cuppa) then I have a larger 2 foot 65 litre tank - BUT this has a mating pair of common Bristlenoses in it (with their cave, and an artificial hollow log and their driftwood). Will the Cories annoy and bother the Bristlenoses (who hide all day long and come out to eat when the lights are out) ?? Will the Cories steal the algae wafers and sinking shrimp pellets (Wardley) from my Bristlenoses, even though I put these in prior to darkening the tank ?? The Bristlenoses have had the tank bottom all to themselves - are they into sharing ??
  6. You do not see many of these around and one of my favourites. Some may not see the attraction but I like them and they are pretty active little cory. Corydoras Black Venezuela Catfish
  7. <BR><BR>Hi, I was wondering if there is a native equivalent of a corydoras? TIA
  8. Do Corys need a substrate in the tank? or will a bare bottom tank be fine? Cheers
  9. Hey guys has anyone bred these guys?ive got a small colony,they lay heaps of eggs but 99% of the time don't hatch. Any info or experience on breeding would be much appreciated. I know they like acidic and cooler water.ive managed to raise round 6 fry.
  10. Wondering if anyone breeds/sells pygmy corydoras? TIA
  11. Ok, I have Sterbai Corys in my display.I have a breeding colony too, but put 4 in the display. Normally I ignore the one or two eggs they lay and let them be eaten..however, today there's gotta be over a hundred eggs. I'd like to move them... But they're all over the damn glass. So, how do you guys get em off without killing em? No, to answer the obvious Q, I will not be taking the other fish out.. if you think ima spend a day trying to catch bn and danios in a planted tank, you're Cray-Z.
  12. As the title states I'm just after info or tips to breeding corydoras pygmaeus??? cheers
  13. These are amazing. These are a wild caught (glaser) import from Rio Madre Dios in Peru. I will post pictures tomorrow. They are an amazing spotted pattern and they are BLUE! Steel blue through the face fading through the body These are a cory for collectors. I got a school of 10 in all about 5+cm. Call the shop if interested. As we know there are huge variables in wild caught patterns and these are such a beautiful collection of specimens. I'm holding the staff back to let customers have first crack. Pics tomorrow!!
  14. Breeding Logs for Catfish Corydoras This thread will remain locked. If you can do a breeding log and post it in All Things Catfish and send me a PM and will post it into here. Just want to keep it short so you do not have to go through to many responses and just what works for people. Corydorus Variety: Tank Size: Filltration: Temp: Ph: Air: Water Hardness: Other Occupants: Spawn Size: Spawning Regularity: Substrate: Feeding: Type of Cave used: Pictures:
  15. I happened to go out to my tanks first thing this morning and got this bit of video, that people might be interested in seeing if they have never seen Corys breeding. VIDEO0027.mp4 video by Baccus4702 - Photobucket Enjoy. Oh and the jarva moss wall they are disappearing into to lay the eggs seems to be their prefered site over glass or even the Amazon Sword leaves.
  16. Should I get some in? Also ordering Wild Red Fin Sterbei. Awwww... I have such a soft spot for the first cory I ever bred The CW51 will be around $159 each...
  17. just need some info on what to do now?? any info will be appriciated
  18. Putting cory's in with my cherry shrimp today. Are the shrimp goingg to get eaten?
  19. Hi everybody, our two Corydora Sterbai show different sizes now, one is almost 1 1/2 bigger than the other one and seems to "rock" on the rounder belly. The other one isn't that big and the belly is more flat. Does anyone have experience with corys? How to tell a female apart from a male? Just logically for now, I may say the bigger and rounder one may be the female. Do they need certain breeding conditions? How do they behave when they're ready to spawn?
  20. Hey all, got some java moss on the weekend and chucked it in my 4ft display which is empty except for a heap of L numbers, 1 small angel and 5 pepper corydoras. I just looked in and realised there are lil clear white eggs all through the java moss, and a few on the glass. Anyone got ant advice on what i should do with the eggs? I have collected a heap and put in one of jases tumblers for the moment. Cheers matt
  21. Hey guys wondering if anyone knows of anyone who is stoking Corydoras trilineatus? Be it lfs or private cheers
  22. I bought 8 Corydoras Sterbai, 6 of which are full grown, 2 are small. who could have known as soon as i put them in my tank they spawned eggs every where i have poped them into the egg tumbler hope it works out got about 30 eggs i would guess... there in a community 4ftr with 13 panda corys full grown, shame they wont lay some eggs...
  23. ok my bronze corydoras have laid eggs unfortunately my bnose and plecos cleaned them off the glass...pity they dont clean the algae off too... anyhow i was wondering how is the best way to get the eggs to survivie and is there any techniques anyone uses successfully in breeding these guys, someone at work (old pomme fellah called Pat) anyways he told me that he used to put greed peices of perspex in the tank and they would lay on them.... then wouild put them into a jam jar with a bubbler and meth blue in it... well i have a 20l tank and a spare bubbler/internal filter would this be the best course of action, i dont have perspex so how would i transfer the eggs to the small tank without damaging them any help would be appreciated cheers guys
  24. I have read heaps in this forum on bristlenoses, even a bit on loaches, but does no one have corydoras?
  25. I have about 12 corydoras fry (about 10 days old) that I'm currently feeding microworm. This is the first time I've bred corydoras and first time using microworm. Questions: how long should a microworm culture last? what is the best method of storing it? how can you tell if it's time to get rid of the culture?
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