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Found 53 results

  1. I was wondering, and tell me if it's OK or not, I'm totally fine if it's not OK, but seeing so many of you up in Queensland have access to collecting your own tank and pond fish seeing a lot of you have easy or close by access to creeks, streams, billabongs and what not, is it legal to transport the native fish collected in Queensland into South Australia? Or, is it a major no, no? If it's illegal, not a problem at all, I'm cool with that, but if it's legal and certain fish can be transported into South Australia, is anyone able to collect a handful when out fishing next for their tank, dam, pond? I checked the Department of Primary Industries but have no idea where to actually look too in regards if natives could be transported into South Australia. If anyone knows, I dare say a lot of you serious keepers would, please let me know, I'm keen to try and grab some Glass Fish, Empire Gudgeons and maybe a suitable Rainbowfish. Cheers. If this isn't allowed, not a problem, delete the thread and let me know it's not cool, cheers.
  2. From one little hammer last year came one extra, now the originalis ready with two more. The original at the bottom of the pic, you can see it is ofthree sections now.
  3. Been organising some pics for info threads and found my old pics of my hybrid of a lat and clarkii and saw the date of that trip and one of my latz I collected that day, which is one of only three that hung in there and survived Oswald of five I had all up including the hybrid, it turned 4 around now for tank life. Out of the three that survived cyclone Oswald’s power outage of 4 days at my place that I still have, the little guy is 4 years in tank as of last month and the imperator is 3 years! This lat that has a mate from back then that survived as well, has only grown maybe 4 mill in that time, but now it is colder in there it is showing a little more its striking dark chocolate colouration and blue lips that defines a lat adult, its tail gold is gone and soon its pectoral fins will be basically clear as they are already losing much of the signature gold that defines immature latz. A full adult has the golden dark brown back to near black body and very wide middle band and no striking gold any more. As with most of my fish, it will be very small at full adult! What may have been a painfully rare hybrid died and the largest of my latz died as well during those 4 days of no power, so I was lucky to have three survive those four horror days for my hobby. I won’t put in the bottom tank imperator, it’s already had its nori birthday cake, lol. The day I got the lat. Earlier tonight, while trimming algae.
  4. Hi, My ista 3l cyclinder has run out and will be refilled this week. Are there things i can do to lessen the impact of no c02 for 2-3 days for my plants or would 2-3 days not make much of a difference. Also anyone found a place to refill the ista c02 cyclinder's on the northside of brisbane. I was going to try the brewing hub boondall. Thanks Mick
  5. Just want to say a huge thanks to [MENTION=12095]BloodBrother58[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Bird Feeders today and may your bird enjoy many feeds out of them mate. And a huge thanks to [MENTION=1196]Rowdy[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Electric Yellow and Yellow Tail Acei Fry may they breed heaps for you mate and thanks for your patience at such a busy meeting place so to you fella's
  6. I am chasing a couple of good quality Sajica Females to buy. Show me what you got.
  7. That sounds silly I suppose cause there are acans sps, tubastaea in there as well. This pink flexible coralline has grown 3 mill in four days. Not sure of the exact species of sponge as yet, but I have it in my top tank and it looks cool. There were hundreds washed up on the beach and all are fine now. All starting to stick together, as it is with near all sponge species. If you treat them right and set them up correctly, they attach very quickly and live a long life! Unless you put in a biscuit sea star, then they last ten minutes,lol.
  8. Hi Guys, Im new to the forum. I have a couple of questions 1. What is the best Driftwood to get for L080's? My tank has driftwood in it tho it had a piece of mangrove root. I moved it to a new tank and the growth of my pleco seems to have stopped and also seems to have lost his odontodes. 2. My L080 has been doing the same behaviour about 8pm at night for last couple of weeks. Up and down in the left corner then swims across threw the air stone bubbles. Then swims along the the top near the water back to the other side. My water is fine i do weekly 20% water changes. I enjoy seeing him out and about just concerned. This started happening after i took the driftwood out. I really enjoy seeing him out and about. He is my favourite fish so i guys im just a little worried.
  9. I've setup a couple of new tanks recently so I thought Id share a few pics 8x2x2.5 (20mm base, 12mm sides, effing heavy tank this one lol) Hopefully just have the oscars and a couple of pbass in it very soon.... 4x2x2 30 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maulana "chitumba bay" (bred from WC) aka bi colours. Couple of males just starting to show some colour. Should hopefully be able to churn out some big batches of fry from this colony.
  10. I recently added a purple tang to my tank. Unfortunately ich appeared within 24 hours. I treated with medic but it died 3 days later. I was a little surprised that it succumbed so quickly as it acclimated very well, was eating right from the get go, and showed no obvious signs of stress. Also none of my remaining fish showed any sign of ich and are still ich free. I have decided to move my remaining fish ( 4 chromis, 1 clown and flame hawk ) to my old tank and let the display tank go fallow for 8 weeks. I will then use old tank as quarantine tank in the future.. I have also bought a uv sterilizer for display tank.. So my questions are : 1. Is the purple tank prone to ich and if so, is it usually responsive to treatment. 2. When I put the next tang in quarantine, should I expect ich and start treatment before it appears. Also should I start to lower the salinity straight away or wait until ich appears. 3. In general, when I quarantine a fish, what treatments should I be looking to apply so that the fish enters main tank healthy and disease free.. Thx
  11. Have 3 copies for some lucky cichlid finatics. There are 3 copies of Celebrating Cichlids book is personally signed by Ad Konings in El Paso so if you are quick you might be able to pick up something a little special. This took a lot of work and effort to make it happen and rather than sell them dearer and profiteer from it we would like to see a couple of lucky QLDAF members pick up this great book and enjoy it and be a bit of a talking point. Please note that you can not purchase more than one. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Celebrating_Cichlids_by_Ad_Konings_p/celeb-cich.htm
  12. G'day guys..just took a couple of pics of two of my fish I like.....enjoy Will try for some better pics of the second one.....and will try and find some before pics of the first one.
  13. Hi, just sharing a few more recent photos. Enjoy WEB5D3_2013-1186 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1179 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1111 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1188 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1131 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1173 by cy1234, on Flickr WEB5D3_2013-1185 by cy1234, on Flickr
  14. the last couple weeks have been very good, i've finally finished setting up my new racks and tanks, i have now finished separating all my bn into the new tanks, most have been set up with trio's, just got a couple more to finish tomorrow, we are very happy with how it has turned out, last couple days we have found 3 lots of albino sf fry, 1 lot of marble sf fry, and 1 batch of marble sf eggs, have 3 batches of albino lf eggs, couple lots of common sf eggs/fry, just waiting on the marble and common lf to breed, and my L144 to start, also got my first L202 fry just before xmas, and not catfish, but found a big batch of fry with our sgjd pair, these normally don't survive much past wrigglers, but this lot are free swimming and looking good, so i have withdrawn them from sale as i want to see if this batch last without disturbing them to much, really looking forward to the next couple weeks, and i think i'll have to move some more guppies outside to make room for bn fry, and hopefully some sgjd fry,
  15. Pure Fenestratus Zonatum (Note the head is changing blue) Just sharing FJ
  16. hope ya like em OB Trev OB Peacock
  17. My KKP, not real colourful on the night, and of course she went a deep red the next day....:mad: And one of my little blood parrots, just starting to change colour
  18. Heres a few of my favs from an attempt at taking photos. All photos taken on Cannon EOS 550D auto setting, manual focus, standard 55-200 lense and free hand jag female Red rainbows. I know the glass is dirty but this is the first time ive managed an almost in focus photo of these guys, they are so fast for a novice to photograph Male Brasilie that survived being a feeder and has great head shape. <15cm And finally a repost of my first ever slightly decent photo of an oscar Ron
  19. just a couple that I took with my new camera.... note didnt clean the glass or turn the filters off.... flash come on in the darker one as I was playing around with the different modes. still working the manual focus out as well... but getting there. taken with a canon 600d 18-55mm lense.
  20. Just wondering what peoples though on putting a couple of. Ikola frontosa in with a community of 4 Bala sharks, 1 clown loach and few L002. The tank had Been running fine with No problems for a while now. It's a 6x2x2, I know people say Bala shark are aggressive But I have never seen these guys be aggressive towards any other fish. So I have 11 ikolas around 7cm at my house and I don't want that many in Tank nor do I want to sell them. So I'm thinking of just putting 3 in with My mates Bala tank. Anyone think I will have any problems With that? I know they aren't from the same place around the world but I have see several Tanks on YouTube that have Bala in with frontosa. Thanks
  21. had a mate taking a few pics the other day and was pretty happy with these 2
  22. Some of my L066 fry - pulled out over 100 fry this week out of the tank as it started to leak. Some L278 fry - put them in the fry saver earlier in the week. Male is back on eggs. Some L333 pulled some of these out last week and male is on eggs again. Also put some L397 and L104 into the fry saver today and have two lots of L002 on eggs so not a bad week except for the leak.
  23. green terror pair shelly tank bn tank ebjd
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