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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm a new shrimp keeper and loving it so far, and really enjoyed looking through some of the photos on this forum I came across Thai micro crabs on some articles from overseas and they seem so adorable. But sadly AFAIK not available in Australia. Seems we have a native crab that's very similar: http://www.aabio.com.au/research-continues-on-the-false-spider-crab-amarinus-lacustris/ Anyone happen to have had any luck finding them or buying them? When I lived in remote NSW as a little kid I used to find them (or something that looked like them) but I can't really travel 700km to the old spots to go looking haha.
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  3. I knew i have had a crab for awhile now, she has been shedding her shell and i have lost a few little Damsels here and there and Starfish had a chunk missing out of it. So time to go crabbing! So i got me a take away container, snipped a hoole in top, weighted a prawn inside, attached fishing line to container and sunk to bottom of tank. Waited for lights out. Got up during the night to have a weewee..... and..... TTAAADDDAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!!! GOT THE SUCKER!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO Bye Bye GT...... ( nicknamed GT because of its racing stripe )
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  5. Yea ok so a weird title not as weird as the reality of it all though. Native Foods Blog: The Horseshoe Crab Harvest: Million Dollar Blue Bloods
  6. want something to feed my big oscar !
  7. hiya, I am interested in starting a fresh water crab tank, but need some guidance as to what would be the easiest type of crab to start with and what the costs would be. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys just curious on who has kept fresh water crabs and what you think about them in the aquarium quite intereted in these lil guys.
  9. Incredible purple crab is one of four brand new species discovered on Philippine island | Mail Online
  10. I have just picked up some coral and found that there was a crab hiding in it. Should I let it in my tank?
  11. Got some freshwater crabs in. They are soooo cute! They do like cooler water. I was told that they can be kept with goldies but their crabby brains joined forces and created a stacked tower of pinchy-ness. They had a few fantail snacks, so I would definitely recommend NOT putting them with fish that you love. Now they just go to glass partitions and stare longingly at the fish in the tanks next to them. They are eating Spectrum Wafers. If you are looking for something a little weird for yourself or have a spare tank for the kiddies I think these would be a cute little creature to bring home!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. I thought I had 2 crabs. Was I seeing double? Grabbed the camera just to make sure. The bottom one looked a little dirty but its claws were waving in the current and it looked alive. I put my hand in and touched it and it fell off the rock. Its a crab shell lol. Even the feathery feeding feelers were replaced. He must have turned into a rubbery figure to get his new claws out from under the old ones. If he was rubbery, its a wonder the anemone didn't grab and eat him. Maybe thats why he did it on the rock instead? All clean, hardened up shell and happy crabby.
  14. Hi just wondering if anyone has had some experience or may have some knowledge on keeping mudcrabs / fish out of the creek (ie. brim, flathead, etc) in an aquarium? (Tanks just under 4ft & quite tall). We live on the creek and have tried keeping mudcrabs in an aquarium.. Prob #1/ We filled up lg bottles with water from the creek and transferred to tank.. but is very labour / time consuming. Even taking the ute to the boatramp... Prob #2/ The other issue we had was to tie them up or leave them untied.. Tied im not sure if they can eat very well without the use of their big claws. And untied - well we had one smaller male attack about 4 big males and had dropped claws etc so no good. Prob #3/ The third question is what to feed? I want to keep them fed up so they dont loose weight. We gave them bait (pilchards) which they like but it fouls the water and makes it smell soooo bad sooo quick, even with an external cannister filter. Then you have to change the water again...! And also I am interested in keeping something different in there (not with the crabs - dont think that would work at all) perhaps a flathead or some brim, taylor or anything thats legal that would be interesting in the tank. Im just not sure about the issues of problems 1 & 2? And also what would live happily in this tank and not need too much space. I have a mate that caught a mangrove jack and slowly changed its water to be in his freshwater barra tank.. but not sure how other fish (flathead, brim, catfish etc) would go like this.. If anyone has some suggestions or ideas it would be appreciated!
  15. Hi everyone, I am looking at buying my nieces a few hermit crabs for Christmas- does anyone know where I could buy them on the Gold Coast, closer to Robina/ Nerang/ Burleigh if possible? Also, what size tank would I need for 3, what do they eat and what needs to go in their tank? Any help would be greatly appreciated! K
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