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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys Just wanting your opinion on the crack that I have on my fish tank It's a 20L tank roughly 450 x 220 x 250 dimensions The crack itself is located on the bottom of the width side of the tank Do you think it should be safe to set up without any issues or should I patch it up or waste of my time?
  2. http://i682.photobucket.com/albums/vv181/mq_camo/bikes/8DCA26A6-4F3F-4B47-A5A8-B6D25B1FF507.png Quick quick urgent sale, get a bargain
  3. Hey guys as its of you know I'm a diehard African man but recent time and financial heddles has for Ed my hand and have had so sell some impresive breeding rake so m going to go to one tank instead of 20 I have decided to try my hand at a reef tank and have chosen a aqua one 400 with weir and sump I've never had salt or had anything to do with it so its going to be a learning curve that I'm looking forward to as I can devote my time to this one project with the wife as a posed to breeding haps This is going to start off basic with a good bace of live rock that I will build on slowly over the next few months till everything stabilizes than add a small amount of a animists and a few small clown Than once I get the hang of keeping the salinity and water quality right build on Is there any trick hints or pointers that I need to know As I am starting from scratch Live rock will be added in bounces of 5 kg at a Time in one to 2 week periods Starting at 5 kg I have some corral pieces dead that I will start with also as it at least is something to look at Have aprox 30 go of corral rubble in the sump with a wet dry bio wall chamber and skimmer will this doo for a 400l tank or should I be going a different way also going to pop 500ml of purigen in the sump to polish the water also and am running a 30 mm base of corral sand Going to collect water from the sea to start off as it will be cheaper than buying $150 worth of salt This is what I've got at the moment
  4. So i heard this loud bang..then my tank just started dripping Ive taken all the fish out and the water to find a mad crack all the way through on the bottom of my tank... Is this fixable if so how? silicone? or am i looking at a new tank.
  5. Ok a couple of guys got some of these so lets see the updates hmmmm....sending the last one to sydney so would be cool to compare them as they grow up..mat had the 1st off the block and this guy/gal is a nice fish so love to see some pics...ha ha no pressure mat ...but yeah guys share the progress.... heres my guy...nice headgrowth coming along and good size so its so far so good... And here he is next to a young oranda....so you can see similarities/differences...Im keen to see how it influences oranda breeding(so hurry up and grow bud )
  6. Hi all, just posting up a progression thread of my fist aquascaped 2ft tank. 4x24w t5 light rocked up Friday, I put the sand and sandstone in on Sunday, new eheim 2213 classic should be here today so i can ditch the bulky internal filter. There's just a couple plants in there, more to come very soon :-) On a side note, big difference in the way the convicts are behaving, far more active. here's the first pic, forgive the amazing phone quality
  7. Hey guys Just wondering who has had a tank crack with water and fish in it?? The wife doesnt want my 2 tiered 3fters in the dining room (haha) downstairs. So my only other option is to have them upstairs. The house is only a few years old but Im still concerned about floor movement and having a tank crack on me. Dont want to even think about the damage it would do to the ceiling downstairs. The stand that these will be on is cichlidwifes pine stand design (in progress - thanks for the design CW) made from structural MGP10 70x35 pine. So im confident the stand is gonna hold up just fine. But Im still scared. So im just wondering how common it is to have a tank break.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. hey guys my geos are eating bubbles at one point they ignored the brine shrimp and kept eating the bubbles from the airstone can anyone tell me if it's normal and if so wht they do it???
  11. hey everyone, im in a bit of a pickle as i have just discovered my 4 foot tank has a crack in the back piece of glass. about half way up from one corner to the top.. luckily the tank was emptied a few weeks ago because i went on holidays but i was just looking to set it up again when i discovered it whilst cleaning it. Is it possible to repair the glass, or would it be a better option to buy a second hand tank, maybe bigger because i was looking to start a tropheus colony. Thanks for any help
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