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Found 11 results

  1. so here is the thread, Ill start from my personal experience Ive never had a problem with it and my following comments are based on using it myself, not here say. I know for a fact it doesnt make fish infertile at all...Just makes the females colour up and look like males so kinda confuses the fish and can make breeding a little more difficult. when I was a noob and first got into keeping africans 5-6 years ago, I had one 4ft display tank full of e-blues, I wanted them looking as blue as possible so I had them on a 50/50 mix of protein pellets and white crane. The intense blue they all turned was friken amazing. I had them all for around 3 years on that same diet with no apparant ill effects. They were even breeding even though they all looked like males, and I wasnt even trying to breed them as I only had the one tank at that time and had no idea about breeding a rearing fry etc... Unfortunately I lost the lot during a summer heatwave. Some people are dead against it, and if your breeding fish I can understand why, but for a display tank to get the most colour out of your fish imo I cant see a reason to not use it. After losing all the eblues I went to an african community tank and there diet fed was primarily white crane...this tank was kept this way untill I moved houses so was a good 3 years, and again had no problems with fish health. Im not for or against using white crane but from my experience of using it havent seen any negative effects on fish fed it. If someones got some info, from a study with proof that it is detrimental to the fishes health in any way Id like to read it....
  2. Does anyone feed their peacocks colour enhancers? like white crane SuperG or SuperR? If so... show me a pic! I have never had any species needing enhancement, however I bought a small tub of each to try on my personal display aquarium to see what it is all about; since I now know it contains no hormones. Last year I bought Aqua one cichlid staple food and it had hidden colour enhancers in it which turned my fish an ugly blue colour, so just wondering what white crane SuperG and SuperR makes fish look like. I am assuming it does make females colour like males..... just interested in how the colour appears o mature male.
  3. White crane red for colouring cichlids! Heard it works really well for colouring them up within 2 weeks? What does everyone think about it
  4. So anyone know a Lfs that sells it? I haven't seen it at the ones I frequent. ps keep the boos and hisss to a minimum
  5. I know some people wont like it but I like to crane my display tanks. Argue if you like but you can't argue the results. Just got a really nice red devil so I was wondering what the best food for colour and growth. I only use crane twice a week and dont use it on breeding tanks. Can I feed it to the devil daily or is it better to use it as I already do. Cheers mick
  6. Hey, what does everyone think about feeding their fish white crane in moderation to get their colour up?? im getting a large comunity of cichlids for my display tank and want them to look good. but im hearing this stuff turns females into males and they will fight alot. im not looking to breed them at all. i have yellows and the same person told me that if i used white crrane it would turn my yellows black. is this true???
  7. i just want to know what people think of using white crane food for africans? i have just purchased some a week ago and the colour of the fish has amazing after just one week!
  8. Why do local fish shops use this product (or the wholesalers) only to find out after you buy a fish bring it home and it changes from a bright yellow and blue to a dull brown colour after a few days and then after asking the LFS do they use it they say the fish are fed on white crane to bring there colour out.
  9. Hi all, Noticed a post that was locked today regarding White Crane, due to my ignorance, i'll ask the dumb questions, WTF is wrong with it, Steriods ? . Also what is mooning, i have seen ppls get very upset over his subject, is it some thing to do with barring / crossbreeding. Brendan
  10. Yeah yeah read all previous threads, did alot of research and I want to buy some as a 2 day a week food for my all male African Peacock display tank. Anyone know if I can buy it local? No negative feedback needed or wanted! :parp: Stick to the thread Question please...... Cheers Steve
  11. i visited an aquarium shop today and they had 3cm peacocks and 3cm electric blues already coloured up as if they were adults, would this be a result of the store feeding white crane to their fish. i have heard if you buy these fish get them home and feed them normal food they can become ill and slowly die as they are addicted to white crane. there is also another thing i heard and its that white crane turns your fish male and will ruin any chance of breeding fish. any help would be must apreciated, MAtt
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