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Found 14 results

  1. This area is dedicated to showing off your pictures of your Shrimp, Snails and Crayfish
  2. Went for a short hike to a couple of waterfalls in Lamington NP and found these amazing critters, very feisty and curious critters they be. I found alot more than I expected. Some incredible colours in them too
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to get these legally? I assume they would also need a chiller?
  4. I have a Male Electric Blue Crayfish I am going to sell on here, but I'm just not sure what price I should put up. Any Cluesss ?? He has also fertilized the female electric blue 2X times. I'm also hoping that no-one is going to rip me of
  5. Hi all. I have a tank set up (thankfully with lid!) with a number of blue and red claw crayfish, plus feeder fish. I've found the intelligence and outgoing nature of the crays can make them facinating to watch. Wherever possible I like to use live plants in my tanks. Unfortunately, the tendancy of crayfish to put anything that will fit in their mouths in their mouths has made this something of a challenge. Light stemmed things like elodia, foxtail and grasses generally end up as inch size floating debries pretty quickly. Even plants with woodier stems such as blue stricta rarely last long. As interesting as it is to watch a cray with a stem of blue stricta sitting and peeling it to get to the good stuff inside, it isn't quite what I'm going for. So, the multi million dollar question is, apart from plastic ones, are there any plants that are crayfish resistant, or at least fast enough growing to be able to survive the onslaught? I'm not counting floating things like duckweed or water lillies as I'd rather things with more body. Cheers.
  6. These pics show a crays soft shell upon shedding, it would have completed this around 4 hours ago by the feel of the shells sponginess. These ones you boil and eat all of it ,including the shell due to it still being meat at this stage.
  7. Hi guys just sharing my crayfish I have and wanting to know what kind they are and also what you all think. Thank Anthony
  8. Hey guys , just wondering what do freshwater crayfish eat? Will they survive on pellets?
  9. I know your meant to leave the shell in the tank when shrimp shed, but with crays the shell is alot harder. Do i leave it in there for them or take it out?
  10. Hey guys, I got a boat running trips upto the islands, now I have a 3000 litre tank on-board, which we stock with about 200-300 crays in individual baskets. Now I have a heat exchanger running with ocean water to keep the tank at around 24 degrees, and a large pump just turning over the sea water and running it through abit of sponge to take out some of the waste. I cannot change the water, as where they are caught differs from bay to bay on the way back (I could not teach one of these guys to test the water, so not an option really). My question is do you think running the water through a filter just packed with purigen would take alot of the bad guys out, and how much would I need. its a 3 day trip, and we lost the last lot due to I think heat, but also the water was pretty foul, (Could be decaying bodies in the heat that made it worse aswell. So purigen safe to use on crays for humans to eat? and how much to work as a filter for 3 days on 300 live crays? Cheers, Grum.
  11. Hey i am just looking to ID my crays, i no i hvae 2 males but interested in getting a female to get some babies made as i am about to upgrade tanks
  12. I have a nice blue crayfish in my 8' tank that i originally put in there as a tiny brown feeder crayfish for my dovii. it escaped into some rocky crevice & after about 3 changes of exoskeleton is now pale blue & about 170mm long (including claws). it now seems to realise that no fish in the tank is a danger to it (biggest fish now is a 100mm jack dempsey) & it charges around the tank whether the light is on or not snipping at the fish that get in it's way. At first i wasn't so concerned as the crayfish seemed incredibly inept at grasping anything in it's claws... even to the point where fish would accidentally swim into it's open claw & it was still too slow to grab them! But lately I have seen that my pleco's fins are getting ratty & can't really see any other cause than the crayfish claws, so i am wondering if anyone on this forum has had experiences with crayfish becoming a problem when they get big? I'd hate to have to take it out... it's great to watch it charge around n climb the logs n rocks n plants & generally go about it's crazy crustacean life ! but if it comes to a choice between the $0.50 crayfish or my $50 plecos... out it comes! heh. I can always put it in my 4' tank with the american cichlids. Anyone got crustacean stories to tell?
  13. was thinking about getting a few little crayfish for my son. can they be kept with any fish safely? i have a pair of convicts i was thinking about putting them with if it was safe enough for both.
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