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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, Curious to know if anyone has any spots in brisbane anywhere as BETTABETTAB and myself will be going collecting tomorrow and after a few spots of interest. Anything from shrimp, blue eyes, driftwood, plants or mosses, rainbows etc. Thank you in advance. Wanting to know ASAP Thanks, Adam
  2. .Hey Fish friends.. Im starting to get into guppies.. Just a question, it may be a stupid one but whats the difference between a female creek guppy and a fancy female guppy.. They both look the same and yeah was just asking..
  3. Windy day again today, so looked at a few other creeks, Tibrogargan, Mellum and Bluegum but all were way too dirty to have a chance of filming anything, Ended up at Malenys Gardners Falls on Obi Obi Creek, Some interesting Australian natives and great to see no feral fish at all.
  4. It was too windy for the boat so went and did some filming in the freshwater reaches of Coochin Creek which runs into Bribie Passage.. Was good to sees plenty of native fish and only a few feral Gambusia. i have caught Australian Bass here before too but was unable to catch them on camera this time
  5. Some rainbowfish and other native fish in Cedar Creek just NW of Brisbane, the place was still riddled with gambusia and a few swordtails
  6. Checked a few places out today around the Sunshine coast, found rhads, M duboulayi, different gudgeons and crayfish, was only one location worth filming tho due to dirty water and even that had very tannin stained water
  7. Anaspides tasmaniae is most common and is widely distributed throughout Tasmania above 300 metres, where it is a common resident of the darns, lakes and streams that characterise the Tasmania highlands.It is commonly encountered in streams and pools in caves
  8. Hi all, I used a couple of traps in Hilliards Creek over the weekend. I caught a few fish including the one in the attached photo. Could anyone help to ID it? I think it's fairly common. Is anyone able to provide advice on Identifying the fish myself? Thanks for your help
  9. Good evening all. Im looking for some information on these fish. I have a 4x18x18 tank that lives in our sun room & has had many fish call if home over the years (it was even a marine tank for a year once) but now I have a fish room that has (almost) enough space/tanks for my fishies I am looking to set this one up as a permanent feature & let it & all its inhabitants grow out. It has been empty of fish for the last few months bar some bristlenose & some plants that are loving the semi daylight they receive. Now I have decided it back to my roots roots & it will be a native tank. Rainbows, where my fish keeping journey began. I had been looking at the all super cool threadfin rainbows & some blue eyes from aqua green, but then I stumbled on a picture of Teewah Creek Rhad's. So, I am extremely interested in collecting or purchasing some of these fish for our display as Teewah beach & the whole area has a lot of family history for my Wife. Her great grandfather built one of the first houses at Teewah settlement on the beach & started the ferry at Tewantin. The house is still in the family & we are usually up there at least once a month So if anybody can help me in identifying a collection point that my wife & I might be able to take our boy too collected some fish of our tank only, it would be a great help & we will be only collecting there once, as we will be only having one rainbow tank & have no need to tell anybody else about the spot. PM would be ok as well so that it is not on the forum. Or if you have some of these fish available, please let me know. Otherwise I would like to see Pictures of your fish & tanks if you would like to share, and any specific diets or plants the fish may prefer. Thanks, Craigo.
  10. Wanted to film a few more locations along Byron creek but broke a brake line on the 4wd, decided to call it a day and had to limp home in low gear down the mountain with only a handbrake, that was fun. First time filming Purple spot gudgeons and noticed that they along with some rainbows were diseased or carrying some sort of parasite, saw something similar on fish in the Boyne river years ago and there was lots of dead fish. Also stopped at Dayboro for a swim on the way back and there was 2 lots of people in the Pine river there collecting fish with large nets dragging through the water, when asked one lot was specifically targeting juvenile bass and the other rainbows and Blue eyes. I politely let them know it was illegal due to size limits and that those nets were also illegal in freshwater,only to be told that they could take 20 bass as long as they were for a fish tank and that the nets were fine, I said they were wrong but that I wasnt going to get into it as I could see they knew exactly what they were doing was illegal and they had obviously done this before and I had to walk away. They also left the plastic and cardboard from the new mosquito net when they left with a few bass about 5-8cm long and some really large rainbowfish.
  11. Was sad to see the gambusia and also saw tilapia but couldn't get them on video, at least they seemed confined to the lower reaches as I didnt see any further up the mountain
  12. A pair of young males wild caught from Teewah Creek Tin Can Bay Im growing a few out in a pond atm and see they also have a red tail and body variation like Searys creek and Snapper creek The 2 here seem to be the most common variant
  13. What is this fish out of local creek in caboolture?
  14. I am doing mops of Snapper Creek Ornate rainbowfish atm If you want some send me 1. a mop or ball of acrylic yarn or $5 so I can by a replacement 2. a return prepaid postpak pm or email me for address both redtail and blue variants in broodstock After January depending on interest I will do Teewah creek strain
  15. .Hey Fish friends.. Im starting to get into guppies.. Just a question, it may be a stupid one but whats the difference between a female creek guppy and a fancy female guppy.. They both look the same and yeah was just asking..
  16. Hi I am about to go searching the creek in my back yard for drift wood what do I need to do to make it safe for my fish tank?
  17. Hi guys, Finally relatively happy with this recent scape so time to share some pics It is the first time using Amano's 2:3 hardscape ratio and imo worked out pretty well. Also creating a lot of depth in this tank has been quite successful too. Some specs: Dimensions: 3ft x 38cm x 38cm Filtration: 450L/H power filter Lighting: natural sunlight Heating: nil Substrate: Aggregate Sand & natural river sand Hardscape: Large & small river rocks, goldvine driftwood Flora: -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri var. nana -Vallisneria nana -Anubias afzelli -Hemianthus micranthemoides -Ludwigia repens -Ludwigia arcuata repens -Taxiphyllum sp. (peacock moss) -Bolbitis heudelotii -Subwassertang -Crypt wenditti 'green' Fauna: -Leopard endlers -'Wild' endlers -3 x M. parkisoni rainbowfish -2 x M. splendida inornata 'Flat Rock Creek' -4 x Hypseleotris compressa Some fishy pics Enjoy, John
  18. Went for a drive up to Maleny today and kept going towards Kenilworth where we ended up going for a swim at Booloumba Creek part of the Mary river catchment in the Sunshine coast Hinterland. We only saw 4 species, Crimson spot rainbowfish, Pacific Blue eyes, Australian Smelts and Unspecked Hardyheads. Would have been so easy to catch them in this spot.
  19. Is there anyone around albany creek selling breeding colonies or anything interesting ???
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  22. Evening all, just after a bit of advice tonight. I have been collecting gudgeons from the local creek, with plans to put into a pond & to use as feeders. Just wondering what I can treat the tank they are in with to kill of any parasites/bacteria/ baddies that are undesireable. Any help appriciated. Thanks in advance
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  24. Workmate was goofing around in the creek with a big net and brought me back this little guy. About 9-10cm tops, if that (about 8 CL). I know it's a gudgeon, but thinking (99% sure?) it's a spangled. Just looking for someone who might have better eyes than me. =)
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