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Found 16 results

  1. Hi. Having become inundated with cherry shrimp, I've lately being thinking about Crystal Reds as possible inhabitents for a new tank. Wow, talk about learning curve over cherries! I think I have most bases covered, except temperature. From my limited underatanding I'm getting 24c as a maximum temp. Chillers are more power I'd rather not use! Got me wondering if anyone has breed more 'Queenslandised' crystals able to tollerate a wider temperature range? Does anyone know of such beasties? Cheers.
  2. hey I'm wondering if i could use peat moss for CRS because my pH is at 7.4 and i want to lower it, is there any natural ways of lowering the pH natural ?
  3. I just got some S+ CRS today and I'm wondering wat size do they have to be for breeding. Thx
  4. Reading different threads I keep coming across TDS. What is the correct TDS for the shrimp mentioned in the title please? Cheers Lisa
  5. Hi everyone I need Suggestions for my Shrimp tank that i just finish setting up.. what is the best temperture for crs shrimp breeding ? and wondering what type of small fish i can put together with shrimp. ex.. neon,guppy or snail. thanks guy
  6. Hi. I am looking to get a few crystal red shrimp. How hardy are they compared to red cherry shrimp? Do the need a controlled temp as in a chiller? A silly question as well do they cross breed with rcs? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have recently set up a breeding setup running off a sump, I am going to have a go at Breeding Africans, currently got some Hongi fry growing and some BN, the question is that will Cherry Shrimp survive and breed in a blank bottom fish tank? What would I need to add in the tank for them survive and will it affect the water perimeter for the rest of the tanks. The setup is 6 x 2ft tanks running off a 2ft sump. Also I am thinking of getting CRS from a couple of different people to breed. Is this a good idea and any suggestions for buying from? I am only new to this and learning heaps from this forum so any help and advice is great. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone, I enjoy looking at other tanks and fish, long time to go before the football starts tonight so I thought I would share my tank. I stopped keeping aquariums a long time ago, only recently my girlfriend got into fishkeeping, straight away she only wanted apistogramma and rams and the harder to keep tetras so I had no choice but to help her really as they would have died. I had a community tank years ago and she watched me for a long time how to clean them and one time she did it when I couldn't and the result was a dead south american community Didn't use enough water conditioner... my cories and pencilfish!! Well now that she has been keeping fish (with my help, of course!) and buying all these tanks and getting monster orders of ADA aquasoil, she has given me the fever so I thought I would start with getting a fluval ebi from AoA. I also added a fluval88 co2 system and it seems ok. All I did was throw 3kg of ADA amazonia and about 1kg of amazonia new on top. Jammed the rocks down and stuck the plants in. I would have liked the rock to sit much higher on a slope, but I originally started with internal fluval filter that comes with the kit, which made this difficult. I made a bit of a mess of things. I got an eden 501 now which is much better. The second compact light I added seems to help and hopefully the plants will agree. I recently got a nice glass diffuser and J tube, as well as a rhinox bubble counter which I snapped being too rough with it lol. I put some driftwood in and added riccia and a small fissidens I have around the home. So now I have lots of thread and diatom algae but I'm pretty sure they will go away. I have lots of copepods and nematodes which I'm not too worried about. I got MTS, ampullaris and ramshorn snails as stowaways on the plants I bought from a certain place. I clean everything so well too. Of greater concern is that I have found and killed flatworms. The ones with the funny heads, platyhelminthes. Apparently they can suck on the shrimp like leeches? I doubt these flatworms I have can hurt my shrimp. I have seen some weird photos anyway. I'll get some no planaria just to have it on standby. I also have found some really strange worms that crawl around, they look more like an insect larvae, easy to remove anyway. The shrimp I have are going good, I really like them and hope to get some more. The tank parameters are: Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - undetectable, pH - 6.6, GH - 8, KH - 4 I have ~5ppm phosphate which is because I initially used discus buffer. I will never make that mistake again lol! When it comes down in a years time maybe my algae will go away.
  9. I'm looking at setting up a shrimp tank and have been doing some research on crs and I found this site about telling The grades and features apart. Crystal Red Shrimp Grading Guide .:. Information to successfully grade the Crystal Red Shrimp
  10. some some photos of a few CRS reds and golds and some nice coloured endlers! sorry about some fotos being of poor quality, endlers move to fast haha
  11. hi everyone i have found a tank laying around that measures 50cm length, 25cm width and 28cm high. i am just wondering if this would suitable for some crystal red shrimp? i am newish to shrimp as i have only kept rcs in a tank with bn but would like to put the tank to good use rather then it sitting in a room collecting dust. if it is ok to use i have a couple of questions. do i need a chiller? i have read that some people say you"need" a chiller for crs. how many adult shrimp could i start off with in it? i have a couple of similar tanks that are a little bit smaller that i could use if they happened to breed to put the shrimplets in. i have been looking into filtration and there isnt really an external filter suitable for use on this size tank so would sponges be enough? or should i include a HOB filter? any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi all i have got some CRSs and planning to house them in my 3 foot tank, but just checked the water parameter with API test kit today, seems its not suitable for them yet, the reading is PH:7.6 AMMONIA: 0-0.25 NITRITE: 0.25-0.5 NITRATE: 10 GH: 4 kh:3 the tank is been cycled for 2 weeks now, and there are 40 cherries in it, all eating well, filter is Eden 511, 50% old media, 50% new media Substrate is red sand from fishchick... What can i do to drop the PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate?? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us thanks Manho
  13. i would love to some day get into breeding crs and cbs but dont know much ubout them. i am interested to learn about there requirements and what people have had most succses with. thanks
  14. found five of these in the tank. two moms in the tank, one SSS one SS, father is a SSS. excuse the camera quality but i only had my iphone on me. what do you guys think? reading online, Golden shrimp is a mutation of the CRS so......yeah?!? Video Photo
  15. Just finished setting up my CRS display just for something different
  16. I got 15 of these guys, A and B grades mixed!! Still a bit shell shocked form their 4 day journey though so I will update pics later on. Etienne :frog:
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