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Found 2 results

  1. First up one of my oldest anem crabs likes to keep up high and be ready to raise its claws, plus it’s the apex crab in the tank, lol, its nearly 4 years old now, well in tank years that is. I think it stays there to be higher then the other two in the tank. The harl pair are just plan creatures of habit, sort of, they go out from behind the hammer coral and grab a sea star, drag it back and they stay there till either its soft tissue is completely consumed or the sea star as just an arm or two and escapes, then they track that down later on, then back to behind the hammer.
  2. This one is a whopper for this species, the ones I find are usually smaller and when they shed, someone eats them being so little and slow. I usually like to have at least one in one of my tanks being that they clean up and look pretty while they do it! Oswald got my last one! I got this one late last year and it lives under a large purple morph at the front so I can see it “sort of” all of the time and shows its face out feeding only when I feed the tank, which is a lot,lol. My fav cleaner shrimp, I put seven in my top tank last year and they have sorted them selves out down to 3 and that’s been the case for 6 or 7 months now and just two weeks ago one turned adult female, finaly! It took ages for my youngsters to get a dominant female up and running. In the bottom tank I put in18 the other day and the clowns killed two, including the dominant female that came with that community and I think I can see quite a few behind the rock moving about, so it should be interesting how many run that tank when they sort them selves out. Egg laden and she is a cutie!
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