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Found 12 results

  1. Now generally, getting rid of algae is a subject that we go into depth on. But sometimes, we just want a clear pond AND we wanted it yesterday! Enter the Serenity Green Water Destroyer block. 1) Break off the right amount. 2) Chuck it in. 3) Algae dies. 4) Pond water is clear. Now, we are treating the symptom. It is worth looking into why the pond had an algae bloom. Knowing that lets you prevent it in future. But there is no ignoring that these turn green ponds into clear ponds. Serenity Algae pond blocks, they are like chocolate for ponds..... or aquariums.
  2. Hey guys, I know there is CBS and CRS and SW all from the crystal species, but has anyone attempted to breed all Black crystals?
  3. OK so having not heard of this I had a quick look. Apparently its a type of bentonite clay known as montmorillonite. There are a few types of bentonite clay (aka fullers earth) used in aquariums E.G. koi clay aka easy life aka geo-liquid. Its a very interesting group of clays, and I say that with all honesty. Anyway have a look at this Mineral Location Search and then at this Redbank Plains, Ipswich City Shire, Queensland, Australia and then at this Montmorillonite: Montmorillonite mineral information and data. whose a clever boy?
  4. anyone know what's happening to Berried of the Shrimp ?
  5. TIGER CRYSTAL SHRIMP just wanna share with everyone the new shrimp selling in Hong Kong
  6. Hey! I've been keeping crystal shrimp for a while now (reds and blacks). But now I've found I have a few - 8 - brownish ones (some people call them light black ). I'm not sure if it's from the reds breeding with the blacks, but anyway - is it wrong to try sell the brown/light black ones? Would anyone even want them? or should I use them as feeders? I'm thinking about just keeping reds from now on anyway as I've only got a couple blacks left (have a lot more reds). All my shrimp would be A to S grade. Interested to hear your thoughts?
  7. I am thinking to get some Red Crystal Shirmps, but dont know their price. What's the common price of Red Crystal Shirmp in each grade? Like SSS, SS, S, A? Cheers.
  8. I'm on the lookout for a few new canisters, and these are stocked by an Aus online store (reefshop). Has anyone had any experience with these??
  9. hey everyone.. i was just looking at all the pictures of everyones tanks and i must say wow good work guys but i really want to know what the secret is to keeping it crystal clear.my tanks are pretty clear but not as clear as some i have seen. so if anyone could share the secret with me that would be fantastic... Thanks Leon
  10. Hey guys So who here is keeping these little gems? I keep and breed these little guys and am quite fond of them. Here are a few of my old photos of me candy canes enjoy!
  11. my pleco an bristlenose have got this glimmer on them looks like a crystal on in patches around there head does anyone kno what this might be an how to cure it. they seem healthy i tested the water it was perfect ph,amonia(none), nitrate & nitrite (none) i feed them lots of things but recently started to feed them an new algae waffer could it be this?
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