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Found 40 results

  1. i cant decide what size cube to go. 2ft, 2.5ft or 3ft. love a 3ft but cleaning could be abit of a problem. 2ft is looking abit small. im thinking 2.5ft would be the best size. what is peoples ideas? the next problem would be stocking ideas, throw them in too.
  2. Imagine your only tank is a one foot cube. How would you make it the ultimate display. Stick to fish available in Australia. If you have the ultimate one foot display please post pictures.
  3. A little stand I've made for a cube tank I've ordered I almost forgot why I'm enclosing it looks pretty good open style, I've made it all square to give it that modern look.
  4. Any suggestions on a good unit? Wanting something that does not look ugly, and thinking self contained so steering away from a trusty sponge.
  5. Ok, I thought the time has come to post up pictures of my 2 foot cube aquarium for a critique, I would appreciate opinions from you guys, good or bad as this is my first attempt of keeping Africans, I have kept everything else from marine to goldfish to oscars and everything in between. Anyway, the tank is a 650s aqua one cube with black sand substrate and egg crate underneath, heaps of Texas holey rock for a reef look. It's being filtered with an FX5 canister filled with matrix, marine pure and macropore, also the top is being skimmed via a tunze comline filter filled with wool and macropore. A 150w jäger heater keeps the water at a constant 26 degrees and an aqualina led light replaces the 4 x 18 inch flouro lighting the tank originally came with. There's a fair mixture of cichlids in the tank, probably around 22, plus there's a pleco hiding in there aswell This tank has been running for 6 months like you see it with no problems[ATTACH=CONFIG]38910[/ATTACH] I think that pretty much sums up the tank, so any suggestions or opinions are appreciated Hopefully the photos work Thanks very much
  6. Hi All I'm currently working on a 40cm cube I want at least Medium lighting The 40cm depth with on 40cm of length has thrown me a little Does anyone have any lighting recommendations? Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a 30cm ultra clear cube tank, found some online but the shipping cost was so expensive. Does anyone happen to have a spare one?
  8. Introduction: Hey guys, this will be my first marine tank, was setting up my 6x2x2 but decided it would be too much hassle to move when we move house, im renting atm so i downsized lol. Got the tank 2nd hand off nick_s_h, thanks man lol. System Objectives: to have a good looking tank System Type: Mixed Reef Strike up Date: soon Display Tank: 2ft cube Display Lighting: 2FT 80 WATT MVAVA LED SUN SERIES 2 Stand: the one it came with, its black lol Hood: same as above Sump: 47x62x45 Refugium Lighting: not sure yet System Water: ASW Display Water circulation: 2xHydor Koralia's K Copy 5000L/H Power head 12 Watt Marine Return Pump: A devil 4000lph pump Skimmer: http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... _2047.html Evaporation Top Up: Auto top up Pics to come.
  9. Hi guys, you may remember I started up this tank a few months ago, well it didn’t go well lol. I think it was due to the brand of salt I used, but may have been due to a number of things. So, I restarted, with new coral sand, new live rock and new salt. Luckily I had no live stock in there so not much of a loss. Details about the tank- I got a aquaworld tl550 128L all in one tank. First think I did was rip out the T5s out of the hood. I wanted LEDs and I ordered a cheap one from an American website. It never arrived so I got my money back. I ended up getting a maxspect g2-400 160w unit. Fairly old but it hasn't been used much apparently. The LEDs are clip in so easy to replace as well. It has: 2x 30w whites 14x 3w Cree whites 14x 3w Cree blues 4x 3w violets Each of these is on a separate circuit and programmable timer for each one. At the moment the timer is on: Blues/violets- 7am-9pm 3w whites 9am-7pm 30w whites 11am-1pm salt is SPS reef salt from guppies-happy with it for now as it was cheap, water is crystal clear and the WP seem all good. Heater: Jagar 100w? Or should I got 150w? I got both spare here ready to go anyway... I use ro water from a PSI filters 4 stage RODI unit. I also picked up a refractometre and a lux metre The skimmer I also replaced with a much larger one, seems to be doing the job. I plan to just start off with some cheap softies and then if they thrive I'll try some hps and then sps. But that's only if everything goes well lol. Fish I plan on getting a goby and pistol shrimp 'pair' as watching a symbiotic relationship would be rather interesting and a bit different from the usual clowns. I picked up the new live rock from a masa member, came out of a stunning 5ft reef. Came with a number of hitchhikers and freebies which I am very pleased with! These include; a brittle star (maybe banded/harquian I'm not positive), another small star (apparently very prolific), heaps of turbo snails, eagle eye zoas, some soon of fluoro green zoas, and some brownish zoas. I also spotted 3 other small corals (4-8mm) that I think were acans or rics, I haven’t been able to get pictures. The live rock is positioned so it can’t fall over easily, but only has 3 relatively small contact points, and I left room for the magnet glass cleaner move. Any feedback would be wonderful, sorry about the bad pictures. I had to take them with the white on as well because the camera couldn’t focus without them. Does no justice to the corals...
  10. Hey All, Here are some updated pics from my Cube that i just snapped on my phone (Sorry........!) as I trashed my camera. Will try to work out how to upload a video that i just took on my phone......... (advise appreciate on how to upload?!?!) hope you like. Old Thread http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/45cm-cube-i-suppose-you-could-call-nanopond-s-90130/ No Co2 (sorry 'bout the sunlight hence the No Co2), Spotted Blue Eyes (Wild Caught thanks to Dave at Aquagreen), Halfbeak & two Otto's.
  11. Just wanted to quickly share my tank on here it's a 30cm cube planted almost got it the way I like it now just have to wait for it to grow out now, here's the start to now. Just starting again on the 20/06/13 (all my left over plants just surviving) a couple days later 10 days later also made a diy jiffy box for the lights and Today
  12. Hey All, Being that I have a 45cm cube at home doing absolutely nothing I have decided to do what I'd probably call a Nanopond, The location of this tank is in my entry way in the house, this spot gets a beautiful amount of sunlight for an hour or two in the morning then again from 1 pm till the sun goes down. So my idea is, putting a pond style plant from a Nursery in the tank which this will allow it to grow obviously out of the top of the tank. This will be potted in a terracotta pot with a sealed bottom. Then I plan to build up the substrate to the base of the plant in a slope style giving maximum are below the water surface for some Pacifc Blue Eyes (Or something else that's just as cool that will survive) or something. Was looking at those mini canisters that suit like 50-100ltr tanks and was also thinking (if need be) an inline heater to keep the temp around 24-26 degrees. With this tank I do not want to run any Co2 at all as I want to use our natural settings/light to give the plants the growth it needs, if need be I can use Florish (or something similar) to feed the plants. So if anyone has any ideas they can throw at me with help towards this, especially if you are a cabinet maker and can build me a cabinet, your help would be greatly appreciated. Here's a mock up sketch of what I am thinking. Thanks in Advance and will keep you updated on the build!!
  13. hi guys we are thinking about getting a wave maker for our cube tank just to help keep the excess food and waste of the ground not sure but would it help or not would love some advice from you guys we were thinking going a 600 to 900 lph wave maker cheers nev and paula
  14. Need ideas what plants would look good to go in this just set it up this arvo thinking of putting a few cherry shrimp in there too .
  15. Im wondering setting up my 2ft cube tank as marine With this size tank, whats the cons of changing it to marine. Plan to just put a lion fish or some nemo/clown fish. Tank is an aquaone. I also dont have a chiller/skimmer yet if i decide to change now, so i need to assess cost if it is worthwhile to change.
  16. Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set - On display in store. Incredibly attractive nano setup. Opti- clear glass, Cabinet, Protein skimmer, Bio Tower and Sunbright remote control led lighting. Complete package $1399.00 including free delivery to Metro Area's Australia wide. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set - White More Pics on Facebook - Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set | Facebook Ben
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. So im going up to darwin for a month in sept. So stripping down my tank before i go. And when i get back will be setting it up again. Its running an eheim 2217, with some jager heater. Was going to do a shrimp tank with c02 now but not so sure. So what would be a good idea for an 18inch cube? Ive never had a tank this small and shrimp was the only thing I could think of haha Cheers zac
  19. I set this tank up a few months ago, did a dry start with glosso but I added my frog for a few weeks as a temp home because dad broke his other one and he squashed it all and it melted. I let the tank sit empty but still set up. Filled it up a month or so ago, I had blyxa in there but decided to try syngonanthus sp. belem. It looks a lot better, fingers crossed it will thrive. I also bought some HC but it was absolutely infested with gibba, no way it was going within 10 feet of my tanks. I am not very happy about that, I guess I will tie some of the mini pelia to some slate and use that, it should look good. Will get updated pictures tomorrow. This is just the hard scape. Any thoughts? Would glosso look better than mini pelia?
  20. I'm looking at getting an AquaReef 275 Cube and finally dipping my toes into the salty side. The tank is sumped and comes with skimmer and heaters. Anyone have one?
  21. hey guys just thought i would share my turtle tank set up its a aqua one cube tank with 2 baby saw shelled hatchlings not really much else to say although would like to thank shanoz for all the help he gave us thanks mate
  22. I put this together on new Years day, I've got rununculus and glosso in there currently and when I flood it I will add blyxa to the background. Sorry for the terrible pictures, I was in a hurry and don't have a camera to retake them, I am getting good growth from the glosso 5 days in I will be stocking it with a trio of orange endlers and RCS. Not sure what I will dose the tank with, I'm wanting to go EI but I doubt it would work with DIY CO2, maybe I could link a few bottles up for consistancy and more supply? Love to hear your opionions.
  23. Hi guys, It was about time I posted this in the right section. This gives you a good guide of what can be done low tech low maintenance set up. It does not have to be the bees knees and go all out on high tech gear. This is running co2 however could be achieved with the same results without co2 (only running at 1 bubble per two seconds and getting hardcore pearling after two hours anyway). So for those who think it is too hard, too expensive, or cannot be done then you need to think that anything is possible. This tank runs mostly crypts, mosses, needle leaf java fern and anubias. It is the easiest tank to clean and take care of (apart from the huge ass BBA outbreak thanks to Zanes Needle leaf). It does not need weekly or twice weekly trimmings, does not need any care what so ever. Can neglect the ferts for a week or two if you forget or do not want to and the plants do not mind. I have stopped dosing EI and have only been dosing flourish and flourish iron just because I had them left over and they need using and have not noticed any different to the growth. You can keep shrimp, apistogramma pair, and small fish such as my green neons happily in the one small cube so stocking is not limited. Enjoy; Apistogramma munching on a big cherry (good food source haha) Green Neon Tetras and Sparkling Gourami; Thanks, Adam
  24. Hey guys just after some info on what sort of lighting could i use on a planted 2x2 cube. I wont be using co2. what would u reccomend without spending a heap of money?
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