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Found 16 results

  1. Hey need a little help or an answer. I done a 40% water change this morning and added Prime, Algae Fix and Malawi Buffer to the water. Now i have had 4 of my Cuckoo's die on me today since i have done the water change.. They are in with a variety of Africans and i have not lost any other fish apart from the Cuckoo's WHY ??? What have i done?? Water Ph 8 All other water parameters are fine..
  2. Well after paying my fishes more attention my cuckoos have spawned. I'm very new to these fish so learning as i go with them. I stripped 3 female crimson tide hosts. One had just crimson tide fry free swimming. (Cuckoos must of been distracted and missed the spawn.) Second one had a couple of crimson tide fry and 7 cuckoo cat fry. Third one had eggs. Normal african looking eggs then some were a yellow clear sort of colour. (I'm guessing maybe catfish eggs.) Free swimmers are now in a fry saver. The others are in seperate tumblers. I did leave a few fry in with the cuckoos. So now i need to know what i need to feed them on for the start of their life. Is brine shrimp ok or do they need something special. How many do people normally get per mouthful ?? The crimson are only around the 8 to 12 cm mark i spose. Would i expect more with bigger female hosts ?? Cheers JP =)
  3. Hi all, Wanting to add a few juvi cuckoos in with my breeding e yellows, will they mess with spawns before they are at breeding size? Or can I breed the yellows with the cuckoos in there no worrys, until they are large? Thanks!
  4. HEy all I have some synodontus, were sold to me as decorus, but they turned out to be the half cuckoo , half decorus things you see around, ( spots in tail rather than stripes)I have 1m 2 f would these breed, and if so how, host or scatter? they look like cuckoos, only bigger 8inches +~ 2 years old, and withe the darker decorus colours.
  5. hey guys, in my 6x2x2 I have 9 electric yellows (small - 3cm) 6 Blue Dolphins (small - 6cm) Cuckoo Catfish (1 at 6cm, although picking up another 4 at 6cm tonight) I plan to breed the cuckoo catfish, using either the electric yellows or blue dolphins as hosts when the become sexually mature. Do I just put them all in there together and let nature do it's thing? Are there any methods to get the most fry possible? What is the appropriate tank setup? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ollie
  6. After being showed how to tell the difference between male and female cuckoo's by DFishkeeper, I thought I would put up some photo's explaining the difference. First photo is of a female. ( No willy ) Second photo is of a male ( Willy ) Hope this is of help to someone. Thanks Scott.
  7. lookin for a fontosa and pleco around 10cm and a cuckoo catfish
  8. I would like to think it looks respectable lol hope you guys like it
  9. Decided to strip my blue dolphin girls this mornin. they been holding for 2 weeks and there say 8 cm. one girl shed 60 fry and the other to my suprise 7 suprisingly large cuckoo kittens. i guess this is not much of an acheivment for some but im stoked. ive got some really nice cukkoos i purchased from damo83 years ago(i think so anyway. he used to live in buderim and caloundra.) lucky me there 5f 1m. i put the kittens in with the blue dolphin fry, they are the most savagest little bastards. there mowing down the dolphin fry. at least i wont have to feed them for a while lol. i was gettin worried that the cukkoos wouldnt hold there own but luckily i was mistaken. is there anything special with raising these guys that i should now about? if anyone has any tips would be great to hear.
  10. hi guys, only new to breeding cuckoos first mouthfull was only 4 and they are all still kicking, second mouthfull was about 35 and the little buggers are eating each other and already lost at least 5, just wondering how other people overcome this problem??? cheers luke
  11. okay lets just say i had a colony of somehting and my cuckoo catfish did there thing and i had my female holding with catfish eggs .when she spits them would there spines cut up the females mouth or anything? and are they vemonous?
  12. i striped one of my electric blues 2 days ago ond FINALY found 5 or 6 tiny tadpole looking things with 5 or 6 eggs . i am tumbling them as usual and the eggs are disaperind and i need to know what i should be feeding the cuckoo fry any help so excited to get them this far
  13. hey wats breeding size for cuckoo cats and how do u sex them plz any help appreciated
  14. Cuckoo fry what am I looking for? Have had a pair of cuckoos in with a colony of electric blue. Have been stripping at 4 days, this is the third mouthfull and have all looked normal until today, there seems to be two different size eggs and a few empty shells but can’t see anything swimming around . What exactly am I looking for, can I see them
  15. hey all i am looking for some info on these. all info would be muchly appreciated. ok i know they need a host cichlid, but what would be good. hongi and yellows i have heard is this correct. how fast do they grow and what sex ratio should be kept anything else i need to know before trying these thanks.
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