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Found 10 results

  1. I got a free 2ft tank with a filter I bought and I would like to try a green water culture and then get some daphnia. Online there are so many instructions and each one seems different I was hoping to get some clarity here. Or would it be better to just buy a culture? Here are my questions: 1. To start the culture I read to blend some lettuce and leave it outside for 24hrs then put that into the water. Is this correct? 2. Do you need an air stone with green water? 3. Someone said to put some endlers in there? What is this for? 4. Outside in partial sun ok? 5. Will it need a heater? Any tips would be great if I can't get it to work I might turn it into a brine shrimp hatchery instead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. WTB Microworm and/or a Vinegar Eel Culture if anyone has any close to Brisbane City? Would love to pick up ASAP! Please text me on 0423384426 if anyone has any cultures they are willing to sell. Thanks, Anine
  3. Unfortunately none if the LFS seem to stock any and the add on Gumtree never answers his messages. I'm struggling to raise brine shrimp atm but it's getting messy. Help would be appreciated.
  4. Anyone near Ipswich got some Micro worm culture for sale. Looking for two starter cultures. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  5. Currently im running out of blackworms for my apisto pair, and was wondering what would be a source of food that would be easy to culture for these guys. From reading it seems that micro worms are really easy to culture but i'm assuming they'd be too small to feed adult apistos... what about white worms? can we get them here?
  6. this looked interesting for i thought i would post it for everyone http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Live-Microworm-C ... 20b08ed549
  7. Hey peeps, does anyone know where I can get a starter microworm culture in brisbane. I live in auchenflower if that helps, but will drive to anywhere 30 mins from the city. I have 9 day old betta fry, around 50 or so (its hard to count), and would like to supliment their diet, give em a bit more variety.
  8. quick help....anyone. i bought micro worm cultures off 'tutters' a seller on the forum. they forgot to include instructions...and i cant get hold of them,,,thier phone rings out. does anyone know what to do with them...help i am new to this cheers keith ps please excuse the lower case...one finger typing as holding baby...
  9. Hi all, anyone have microworm culture that can spare me some. Thanks
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