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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I have read a lot on how Axolotl's do not like fast moving or 'noisy' flow in regards to filter water. My axolotl Fred will purposely swim in between my hang on filters' flow. Just wondering if anyone else has observed this with their axolotl? And if so why does everyone recommend attaching a spray bar to disperse the flow if the axolotl doesn't mind? Most people say this stresses them out but Fred seems to enjoy swimming amongst the bubbles/ output. ??? Thoughts and comments appreciated- I am intrigued considering everyone says to avoid this situation but my Axolotl seems content.
  2. Does anyone know of a smaller fish that can handle a fast current in a small tank?
  3. Thought id do a BIG thread full of pics of my fish and tanks. Phone quality, I have 36 pics all up, please don't comment until I get them all up, have to add five or so at a time, so bear with me ENJOY! I have a 6x18x18 5x2x2 4x18x18 4x2footers and a 20 litre fighter tank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hi all just set up a fuelleborni colony. They are small 3-3.5cm 12 females 4 boys. What im concerned about is water flow I had a pump at 600 l/hr and a nautilus 2700 and also a sun sun 2000 l/hr on there. They look like they fight the current so I turned the pump off and put back my nautilus to half. I have read they like water flow but I dont want to stress them out as they are still yo7ng. What are your thoughts and ideas? Should I not worry and crank it or leave it as it is or even reduce flow? Oh btw I currently have them in a 4x2x2 with quartz rock , holds about 450 litres. Help me out here......
  5. Hi all, Just wondering what is the most effective setup for a 50 gallon tank. Without going into brand names, the tank has: (Aqua One 1000) External canister filter/spray bar spraying almost horizontally, an air pump with air stone/bar and a smallish, box, internal filter (Weak current at outlet). I have a large ship in the middle of the tank that I'm worried might be restricting flow. No sure on the brand of pump/internal filter. As they were second hand, I didn't trust them and got a canister. Which setup is superior: 1. Keep as is 2. External canister with aerator 3. External canister with a power head for current (create flow around ship in the middle) 4. External canister, power head, internal filter and aerator (seems overkill) 5. External canister, internal filter and power head (New current should remove the need for an aerator) Let me know what you guys think. I'm open to suggestions. For theoretical reasons, lets not bring type or amount of fish into it as I'm still learning. I just want a better understanding of the "most effective" tank setup as there's so much crap to filter on the web. Thank you Adam
  6. Just a quick little video of my current setup taken last week. It's a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with mostly American Cichlids.
  7. Hi i was wondering if l numbers prefer strong water current or slow water current?
  8. The maingano colony have moved into the 5ft. Its got my Ehiem canister (got replacement part) and 2 internals running on it. They are absolutely loving the extra room and zipping in and out the hardscape. Feedback welcome
  9. managuanease (jag) x 1 10cm barra x 1 5cm feeder gudgeons x 20 2-4cm blue claw cray x 1 15 cm there in my 4ft x17" x 18"high till i get a new 6 or get my 6 fixed! is it possible i could get a saratoga in there too? when they go into a 6x2x2? when barra hits about 20-30 cm hell be goneskiies possibly before if he tried to cause trouble with the jag
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I was wondering what treatment is currently used for Hexamita ? It used to be "Clout" or "Flagyl" . I managed to get some infected fish from one of the preferred LFS of the users here ( I know it came in with these fish as the 2 tanks involved have not previously had any fish in them - EVER - ) After a squash preparation slide was done of one of the fish - hexamita was found in large enough numbers to be of serious concern - I am at this stage seriously considering Nuking both tanks plants and all - before it spreads .
  12. First timer so hope the 2 pics are attached Cheers GG
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