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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My Aqua One started leaking today. A least not my 8 foot I just put into the office wall... Got fish into another tank and have removed all the silicone to reseal. Found this crack. Arrows point left at it (reflection on left with arrows pointing right) The Glass looks kind of crushed and its all grey instead of clear, not just a single crack, yet the plastic on the outside of the tank is not damaged. Should I: 1) seal over it and hope it works 2) seal some glass over the crack and since this is a display tank, get a sheet of glass for the entire back of the tank and seal it into place? Should I silicone this one piece in place then seal the inside? or just get it up tight against the existing glass and then and then run a extra inside to seal it and hold it in place? Thanks Brooke
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, Just thought i'd post up a pic of my new setup and ask everyone where I could made improvements with my layout. Tank is a Cleair 3ft curved from corner tank, running a redsea CO2 system, substrate is a 1-2mm glass substrate, filter is a Fluval FX5 (i know it's massive for the tank but it's turned down to 2/3 to 1/2 flow as, like most of my stuff it was removed from my old tank with was 600ltr) the filter is running basic sponges alot of biological filtration and purigen. Lighting is 2 x 150w Metal halides. This photo is about 2 weeks old now and the aluminium in the right hand corner has been removed and replaced with clippings of my rotora plants.... oh all these plants are clippings not established plants.... Dosing Flourish excel every second day, flourish twice a week, plus tank has undergravel fertilizer. new pic will come up today of the progress so far....
  3. does anyone know any shops in and around brisbane that stock curved edge tanks mainly larger ones like a 6ft either sunsun or aquasun or something along those lines. cheers matt
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